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Andy Shiffman
Works for: Priority Sports
Current and Future Known Guaranteed Salary Represented as Primary Agent: $525,093
Current and Future Known Non-Guaranteed Salary Represented: $874,636

Thomas Abercrombie - (Secondary)Louis Amundson - (Secondary)James Augustine - (Secondary)
Joel Bolomboy - (Primary)Matt Bouldin - (Secondary)Taylor Braun - (Secondary)
Jackie Carmichael - (Primary)DeMarre Carroll - (Secondary)Lee Cummard - (Secondary)
Jared Dudley - (Secondary)Alonzo Gee - (Secondary)Taj Gibson - (Secondary)
Damion James - (Secondary)Trey Johnson - (Primary)Delvon Johnson - (Primary)
Vincent Kesteloot - (Secondary)Darnell Lazare - (Primary)Mickey McConnell - (Secondary)
Philipp Neumann - (Secondary)Andrew Nicholson - (Secondary)Jeremy Pargo - (Secondary)
Trent Plaisted - (Secondary)Daniel Santiago - (Primary)Luke Schenscher - (Secondary)
Ramon Sessions - (Secondary)Jonathon Simmons - (Primary)James Southerland - (Primary)
Nik Stauskas - (Secondary)Ben Woodside - (Secondary) 

Team Option | Player Option / ETO | Qualifying Offer | Partially Unguaranteed | Bought Out

Jonathan Simmons (Primary Agent)$525,093$874,636$1,214,746$0$0$1,399,729
Alonzo Gee (Secondary Agent)$915,243$1,320,000$1,379,400$0$0$3,614,643
Andrew Nicholson (Secondary Agent)$1,545,840$2,380,593$3,394,726$0$0$3,926,433
DeMarre Carroll (Secondary Agent)$2,442,455$13,600,000$14,200,000$14,800,000$15,400,000$60,442,455
Jared Dudley (Secondary Agent)$4,250,000$4,375,000$0$0$0$8,625,000
Lou Amundson (Secondary Agent)$1,635,476$0$0$0$0$1,635,476
Louis Amundson (Secondary Agent)$915,243$0$0$0$0$915,243
Nik Stauskas (Secondary Agent)$2,745,840$2,869,440$2,993,040$3,807,147$5,132,034$8,608,320
Ramon Sessions (Secondary Agent)$2,077,000$2,170,465$0$0$0$4,247,465
Taj Gibson (Secondary Agent)$8,000,000$8,500,000$8,950,000$0$0$25,450,000

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