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Jeff Schwartz
Works for: Excel Sports Management
Current and Future Known Guaranteed Salary Represented as Primary Agent: $291,933,928
Current and Future Known Non-Guaranteed Salary Represented: $61,188,600

Cole Aldrich - (Primary)Jerryd Bayless - (Primary)Marco Belinelli - (Secondary)
Anthony Bennett - (Secondary)Michael Carter-Williams - (Primary)Tyson Chandler - (Primary)
Ricky Davis - (Primary)Blake Griffin - (Secondary)Tyler Hansbrough - (Primary)
Devin Harris - (Primary)Jarrett Jack - (Primary)Al Jefferson - (Primary)
Brandon Jennings - (Primary)Jason Kidd - (Primary)Kyle Korver - (Primary)
Jeremy Lamb - (Primary)Sylven Landesberg - (Primary)Meyers Leonard - (Primary)
Kevin Love - (Primary)Khris Middleton - (Secondary)Lamar Odom - (Primary)
Emeka Okafor - (Primary)Paul Pierce - (Primary)A.J. Price - (Primary)
Jerry Stackhouse - (Primary)Charlie Villanueva - (Primary)Noah Vonleh - (Primary)
Kemba Walker - (Primary)Zhizhi Wang - (Primary)Chris Wilcox - (Primary)
Deron Williams - (Primary)Tyler Zeller - (Secondary)Tomislav Zubcic - (Primary)

Team Option | Player Option / ETO | Qualifying Offer | Partially Unguaranteed | Bought Out

A.J. Price (Primary Agent)$884,293$0$0$0$0$884,293
Al Jefferson (Primary Agent)$13,500,000$13,500,000$13,500,000$0$0$40,500,000
Brandon Jennings (Primary Agent)$7,655,503$8,000,000$8,344,497$0$0$24,000,000
Charlie Villanueva (Primary Agent)$8,580,000$0$0$0$0$8,580,000
Cole Aldrich (Primary Agent)$884,293$0$0$0$0$884,293
Deron Williams (Primary Agent)$18,466,130$19,754,465$21,042,800$22,331,135$0$81,594,530
Devin Harris (Primary Agent)$1,272,279$0$0$0$0$1,272,279
Emeka Okafor (Primary Agent)$14,487,500$0$0$0$0$14,487,500
Jarrett Jack (Primary Agent)$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000$0$25,200,000
Jeremy Lamb (Primary Agent)$2,111,160$2,202,000$3,034,356$4,175,274$0$2,111,160
Jerryd Bayless (Primary Agent)$3,135,000$0$0$0$0$3,135,000
Kemba Walker (Primary Agent)$2,568,360$3,272,091$4,433,683$0$0$2,568,360
Kevin Love (Primary Agent)$14,693,906$15,719,062$16,744,218$0$0$30,412,968
Kyle Korver (Primary Agent)$6,760,563$6,253,521$5,746,479$5,239,437$0$24,000,000
Meyers Leonard (Primary Agent)$2,222,160$2,317,920$3,075,880$3,075,880$0$2,222,160
Michael Carter-Williams (Primary Agent)$2,200,920$2,300,040$2,399,040$3,183,526$4,358,247$4,500,960
Paul Pierce (Primary Agent)$15,333,334$0$0$0$0$15,333,334
Tyler Hansbrough (Primary Agent)$3,183,000$3,326,235$0$0$0$6,509,235
Tyson Chandler (Primary Agent)$14,100,537$14,596,888$0$0$0$28,697,425
Anthony Bennett (Secondary Agent)$5,324,280$5,563,920$5,803,560$7,318,289$9,513,776$10,888,200
Blake Griffin (Secondary Agent)$13,668,750$14,693,906$15,719,063$16,744,219$17,769,374$78,595,312
Khris Middleton (Secondary Agent)$788,872$915,243$0$0$0$1,704,115
Marco Belinelli (Secondary Agent)$2,750,000$2,873,750$0$0$0$5,623,750
Tyler Zeller (Secondary Agent)$1,633,440$1,703,760$2,616,975$3,695,169$0$1,633,440

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