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Sam Goldfeder
Works for: Excel Sports Management
Current and Future Known Guaranteed Salary Represented as Primary Agent: $187,736,433
Current and Future Known Non-Guaranteed Salary Represented: $2,942,453

Arron Afflalo - (Primary)Hilton Armstrong - (Primary)Kelenna Azubuike - (Primary)
Ricardo Barbosa - (Primary)Marco Belinelli - (Primary)Anthony Brown - (Primary)
Greg Brunner - (Primary)Mario Chalmers - (Primary)Omar Cook - (Primary)
Allen Crabbe - (Primary)Jared Cunningham - (Primary)Spencer Dinwiddie - (Primary)
B.J. Elder - (Primary)Brannen Greene - (Primary)Taylor Griffin - (Primary)
Blake Griffin - (Primary)Adam Haluska - (Primary)Daniel Hamilton - (Primary)
Tyler Harvey - (Primary)Lazar Hayward - (Primary)Jarrett Jack - (Secondary)
Fred Jones - (Primary)Derrick Low - (Primary)Lorenzo Mata-Real - (Primary)
C.J. McCollum - (Primary)Jerome Moiso - (Primary)DeMarcus Nelson - (Primary)
Johan Petro - (Primary)Kevinn Pinkney - (Primary)Gabe Pruitt - (Primary)
Robert Rothbart - (Primary)Romain Sato - (Primary)D.J. Seeley - (Primary)
Marcus Slaughter - (Primary)Isaiah Thomas - (Primary)Dijon Thompson - (Primary)
Jeff Trepagnier - (Primary)Kendall Williams - (Primary)Marcus Williams (UConn) - (Primary)
Tyler Zeller - (Primary)Cody Zeller - (Primary)Luke Zeller - (Primary)

Team Option | Player Option / ETO | Qualifying Offer | Partially Unguaranteed | Bought Out

Allen Crabbe (Primary Agent)$862,000$947,276$1,215,696$0$0$1,809,276
Anthony Brown (Primary Agent)$700,000$874,636$1,014,746$1,288,038$0$2,589,382
Arron Afflalo (Primary Agent)$7,562,500$8,000,000$8,000,000$0$0$23,562,500
Blake Griffin (Primary Agent)$14,693,906$18,907,725$20,140,838$21,373,952$0$75,116,421
C.J. McCollum (Primary Agent)$2,421,000$2,525,160$3,219,579$4,385,067$0$8,165,739
Cody Zeller (Primary Agent)$4,030,560$4,204,200$5,318,313$7,014,855$0$13,553,073
Isaiah Thomas (Primary Agent)$7,238,606$6,912,869$6,587,132$6,261,395$0$27,000,002
Jared Cunningham (Primary Agent)$915,243$947,276$0$0$0$1,862,519
Marco Belinelli (Primary Agent)$2,873,750$6,060,606$6,333,333$6,606,060$0$21,873,749
Mario Chalmers (Primary Agent)$4,000,000$4,300,000$0$0$0$8,300,000
Spencer Dinwiddie (Primary Agent)$700,000$845,059$980,431$1,251,245$0$2,525,490
Tyler Zeller (Primary Agent)$1,703,760$2,616,975$3,695,169$0$0$4,320,735
Jarrett Jack (Secondary Agent)$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000$0$0$18,900,000
includes POs/ETOs

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