Alex Poythress Interview Transcript

Alex Poythress Interview Transcript
Jun 01, 2016, 12:53 pm
Alex Poythress sits down with Jonathan Givony to discuss what he's working on in anticipation of his private workouts, his daily schedule, the type of player he is, how he sees himself fitting onto an NBA roster, and much more.

Jonathan Givony: How long have you been out here in L.A. for?

Alex Poythress: I've been out here in L.A. since about the end of April. My teachers let me finish my classes early, so as soon as I got done with that I came out here and started working towards my goal.

Jonathan Givony: What's your daily schedule look like?

Alex Poythress: I wake up around 8 to 830, go to Pro Active, get a little mini workout in. I come to the court for about two hours, and then go back to Pro Active and get a lift in, and then just get some treatment and make sure I'm healthy for the next day.

Jonathan Givony: So Pro Active is a strength and conditioning place. A guy with your body, what strength and conditioning do you need?

Alex Poythress: Everything, I'm trying to be physical and use my physicality. I'm trying to maintain my strength, and add on to it while staying lean at the same time. I don't want to just bulk up, I'm trying to stay lean and agile. We do a lot of body weight stuff, the stuff they do over there is good.

Jonathan Givony: What about Basketball stuff, what are you working on out here?

Alex Poythress: I'm working on shots, ball handling, staying in shape, changing speeds. Don MacLean does a great job teaching us stuff like that.

Jonathan Givony: How is it different, these workouts, then what you saw the last four years at Kentucky?

Alex Poythress: These workouts are different, a little bit more freedom. The court is bigger, a little bit more about spacing, and changing speed. College is more of a team game trying to get everyone else involved, but with this you got to be able to play in 1 on 1 situations, you got to be able to hit the corner 3, stuff like that.

Jonathan Givony: What do you see your role being in the NBA?

Alex Poythress: I see my role being a guy that can guard multiple positions, 2 through 4 or even 2 through 5. I have a pretty long wingspan. Hitting corner 3's, spacing the floor out, because you know its all about floor spacing the way the game is going.

Jonathan Givony: How would you rate your shooting right now, and how big of a role is that going to play in your ability to carve out a niche?

Alex Poythress: It's gotten a lot better since I've been out here, way more consistent. I started shooting a lot better towards the end of the year, and I just kept building on that. So now I'm real confident with my shot. If I'm open I'm going to let it go, but I'm still working on it each and every day.

Jonathan Givony: How do you think the NBA 3-point line is going to change things? With the college game there isn't always a lot of spacing, is that extra spacing going to help a guy with your athleticism?

Alex Poythress: It helps a lot, you know you got an extra foot, or an extra couple feet. There is more room so the help side defense won't come as fast, so you can beat your man, and you got an open lane.

Jonathan Givony: How much room do you still have left for development?

Alex Poythress: A lot, I got a lot to develop. Everybody can develop their game, get better each and every day. I'm a sponge, I'm just taking it all in, trying to get better.

Jonathan Givony: Let's say five years from now, are you going to be more of a small forward or power forward?

Alex Poythress: Whatever the team needs me to be. I don't have a preference, to me it's basically the same thing. There are a lot of stretch 4's, 3's playing the 4, spacing the floor out. 4's playing 5, so whatever it needs to be.

Jonathan Givony: How in touch have you been with the folks at Kentucky since you've left?

Alex Poythress: All the time, I talk to Coach P [Kenny Payne] all the time. He texts me to make sure I'm doing ok. He told me to just keep on working, keep my head up, and be confident.

Jonathan Givony: Do you see yourself going back their as your career progresses?

Alex Poythress: Yeah, going back there, I love Lexington. I was there four years, going back there seeing coaches, and friends I met over the years. I'll go back there a lot.

Jonathan Givony: Thanks so much, great stuff man. I appreciate it.

Alex Poythress: No problem.

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