Antonio Anderson Entering the Draft

Antonio Anderson Entering the Draft
Apr 22, 2008, 01:46 am
Antonio Anderson filed paperwork making himself eligible for this year’s draft, the player informed DraftExpress’ Jonathan Givony today. “I sent my letter in today…I’ll be entering the draft without an agent,” Anderson told us. “I’ll be trying to learn as much as I can, and try to see where I’m at and what teams think of me.”

Anderson filed the paperwork with Memphis coach John Calipari’s blessing. “He knows that I’m entering, and supports me 100%,” Anderson said. “I would definitely like to go to the NBA pre-draft camp and see where this process takes me.” He said it’s too early to say where he would have to be drafted in order to keep his name in.

Anderson, an athletic 6-6 guard with strong playmaking skills and lock-down defensive ability, is currently projected as a mid-2nd round pick by two NBA teams we spoke to this evening. One scout likened him to a “poor man’s Andre Iguodala.” They like his versatility being able to guard and play multiple positions, as well as his excellent 2.62/1 assist to turnover ratio, but will scrutinize his jump-shot and overall scoring ability during workouts and the pre-draft camp. Anderson will turn 23 in June.

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