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Davon Jefferson: An NBA Age Limit Case Study
by: Rodger Bohn - Director of Prep Scouting
September 29, 2005
Menzies, Marvin Menzies, he went to Louisville. I just wasnít really comfortable coming to Vegas no more. When he left, that was another big decision for me leaving. I just donít wanna go there no more.

DraftExpress: So what schools are you still looking at?

Jefferson: Louisville, UCLA, USC, Kansas, and Oklahoma State.

DraftExpress: So I take it that all of those schools have offered you?

Jefferson: No. I canít really talk to anyone right now because I still havenít been officially released from UNLV.

DraftExpress: A lot of people said that you were thinking of entering the NBA Draft last season, what made you decide against putting your name in?

Jefferson: I felt that I wasnít ready. I think if I play hard this year, gain some weight, work on my jumpshot, work on my dribbling, I think Iíll be better off coming out this year.

DraftExpress: What position do you envision yourself being in the NBA?

Jefferson: A 3 for sure.

DraftExpress: So youíve mentioned that you need to work on your shot to make the transition to the 3 at the next level, what are some other things that you think you need to work on to make that transition from more of a combo forward like you are now to a full time 3?

Jefferson: My defense. Iím going to have to guard on the wings. Iím going to have to work on that. Iím going to have to work on that a lot.

DraftExpress: Speaking of guarding wings, you had to guard a pretty tough one today in Bill Walker. Whatís it like having to guard him?

Jefferson: It was a good experience for me. I enjoyed it. It was a good game. Heís really good.

DraftExpress: Have you decided on a prep school yet?

Jefferson: I havenít decided on one yet. Itís between Mount Zion and Stoneridge Prep in California.

DraftExpress: Well what are some of the factors in your decision on a prep school?

Jefferson: As long as they can get me eligibleÖbecause Iím not worried about them working me out because Iím going to get better myself because I have people around me who are going to get me better. Iím just going to work hard. As long as I can get eligible and see what kind of schedule theyíre playing, who theyíre playing against, thatís going to be the decision I make.

DraftExpress: So are you still keeping the NBA as one of your options for 2006?

Jefferson: Oh yeah. Definitely.

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Bill Walker
Full Profile | Player Stats
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Birthday: 10/09/1987
26 Years Old
High School: North College Hill
Previous Team: Kansas State , PRO
Drafted: Rnd 2, Pick #17 in 2008 Draft
by the Wizards
Current: SF,
Possible: SF
Quick Stats:
14.5 Pts, 5.6 Rebs, 1.8 Asts

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