Highlighted Games for Sunday, 12/10

Highlighted Games for Sunday, 12/10
Dec 10, 2006, 01:33 am
-MARYLAND AT BOSTON COLLEGE (ACC). BC has been inconstent this year, but has a ton of potential and it's only matter of time before they begin playing up to it on a regular basis. Maryland lost a big game to Notre Dame last week, but winning a conference road game against a quality opponent would more than offset that.

-LSU AT TEXAS. Texas doesn't have a big win yet, and winning this at home would go a long way as far as jumpstarting their season, especially considering how young the team is. LSU has looked good and just got a big win against Texas A&M, but this would be huge because it would be a big time quality win on the road.

-SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA AT FLORIDA STATE. A win improves Florida Stateto 8-2. They are off to a great start so far.

-BELLARMINE (div2) AT LOUISVILLE. Bellarmine is located about five miles from Louisville's campus, but the two are about a million miles apart when it comes to their two programs. Louisville absolutely roles in this one.

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