Highlighted Matchups for Monday, November 27

Highlighted Matchups for Monday, November 27
Nov 27, 2006, 11:14 am
-BUFFALO AT TEMPLE. Temple has played just one game so far this season, which turned out to be a loss. Buffalo is off to a pretty decent 4-2 start. This would be a big road win for them if they could pull it off.

-BOSTON UNIVERSITY AT SAINT JOSEPH’S. Saint Joseph’s had Penn State beaten, but then fell apart at the end for their first loss of the year. That is typical of a young team, though. They need to rebound from that and win this game today.

-MICHIGAN AT NORTH CAROLINA STATE. Both teams are unbeaten, but are also untested. Still, both have played well and both are potential NCAA Tournament teams, so this is a big game for them, as well as a chance for us to get to see whether they’re as good as their record or not.

-HOLY CROSS AT SYRACUSE. Believe it or not, Holy Cross is undefeated on the season so far and has a very good basketball team. Syracuse is much better than anyone they’ve faced, but someone from this conference always seems to pull a major upset at this juncture of the season. Syracuse is unbeaten as well, but they struggled in their last game against Canisius and need to play much better in order to pick up this win.

-BALL STATE AT GEORGETOWN. Georgetown shouldn’t have too much trouble improving to 4-1. Ball State is just 2-3 on the season so far.

-LEHIGH AT NOTRE DAME. Notre Dame’s loss to Butler isn’t looking so bad after all. They don’t have any statement wins yet, but they’ll certainly get their chances later on in the year. They just need to take care of business in games like this. A win gets them to 4-1.

-COPPIN STATE AT MISSOURI. Missouri has undergone a coaching change and although they are untested a win tonight can improve them to 7-0. That’s big for a team that is trying to rebuild. None of their wins will do much as far as getting the attention of the committee, but at least they’re getting used to winning again.

-ARKANSAS PINE BLUFF AT NEBRASKA. Nebraska has looked pretty good this season. A win gets them to 4-0 overall.

-ARKANSAS LITTLE ROCK AT TEXAS A&M. UALR has a pretty good team, but they are way overmatched by TAMU. A win for A&M keeps them unbeaten on the season. Their best win so far has been against Saint Louis, but they have some pretty tough OOC games coming up.

-MARQUETTE AT VALPARAISO. This is an odd road game for Marquette. Valpo is 3-1 on the year and it isn’t often a ranked opponent from a major conference comes to play them in their gym. Expect a very festive atmosphere for this one. Still, pulling the upset will not be easy. Marquette is unbeaten on the season and will likely stay that way. It isn’t as if they haven’t played in hostile road environments before.

-TENNESSEE AT LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE. Another case of a highly ranked team going on the road to play a team from a smaller conference. This I like. The results aren’t likely to be any different regardless of where the game is. ULL is just 1-3 and Tennessee could use a big road win after two straight losses in the NIT. They should be able to win this one.


-I will not be able to post the new bracket projections until late tomorrow night/early Wednesday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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