Highlighted games for Wednesday, Dec 6th

Highlighted games for Wednesday, Dec 6th
Dec 06, 2006, 10:35 am

-VCU AT ALBANY. VCU can improve to 6-2 with a win, and this would be a good win for them considering that Albany will likely be one of the dominant teams in the America East. VCU has looked like one of the better teams in the Colonial so far.

-AKRON AT BINGHAMTON. A win gets Akron to 4-1, plus gives them a road win to help bolster their RPI.

-CREIGHTON AT DAYTON. This game is interesting. Creighton has big time talent, but they haven’t really looked good this season. Dayton started off sluggish. Even though they were winning they were struggling to win against poor caliber teams, but they have gotten better and better with each game and this is their chance to pick up a huge win against a team that will most likely end up being an NCAA Tournament team. It’s important for both teams, but especially for Dayton because it’s one of the best chances at getting a quality win that they have remaining this year. Creighton just needs to play a big game in order to prove to themselves that they can be a good team.

-HOLY CROSS AT DUKE. Holy Cross is 6-2 and appears to be the best team in the Patriot League so far, but they are way overmatched in this game. Duke is by no means unbeatable right now, but as far as Holy Cross is concerned they probably are, and they appear to be improving more and more each time they take the floor. A win will be a nice RPI boost for Duke, and improve them to 8-1 on the year.

-PROVIDENCE AT FLORIDA. Providence is 6-1 and has been playing much better since their surprising loss to Brown, but still has no statement wins to indicate that they are an NCAA Tournament caliber team yet. Winning at Florida would certainly qualify. Florida has played a lot of cupcakes, and lost to what appear to be their two toughest opponents so far in Kansas and Florida State. Still, they are extremely talented and have more than enough opportunities to win some big games, but at this point a win in this game would be the best they’ve had so far this season.

-FORDHAM AT MARYLAND. Fordham is 4-2, but has no wins against top notch opponents. Maryland is looking to rebound from a surprising loss to Notre Dame, and assuming they don’t overlook Fordham they should win this one rather easily.

-WISCONSIN MILWAUKEE AT MISSOURI STATE. This is the return game from last year’s Bracket Buster, but it isn’t nearly as intriguing as last year’s matchup was. Wisconsin Milwaukee is just 2-7 right now and will likely add another loss onto that. Missouri State has one big win already against Wisconsin and has looked like a very good team this year.

-VILLANOVA AT OKLAHOMA. Last year these two teams were in the top ten when they met. This year neither are ranked and Oklahoma really struggled out in Maui. Villanova has looked pretty so far and this would be their biggest win of the season up to this point if they can pull it off.

-MEMPHIS AT TENNESSEE. It’s always entertaining to watch when these two get together. Memphis is off to a better start so far, but still probably needs this game a little more given the fact that they won’t be facing too many quality opponents once conference play begins. Tennessee hasn’t really defeated a top notch opponent yet, so this is a chance for them to get their first statement win.

-FRESNO STATE AT UC SANTA BARBARA. UCSB has looked like one of the better teams out of the Big West Conference. Fresno State is unbeaten, but also untested. This appears to be their toughest game so far, and if UCSB has as big a year in conference play as they’ve had out of it, then this should end up being a very nice RPI game for Fresno, which is something they desperately need.

-UTAH AT UTAH STATE. This is always an interesting matchup. Utah State has just one loss, but no real quality wins yet. Utah isn’t exactly a high caliber team, but they’re better than anyone else they’ve beaten so far. It’s also a big rivalry, so it’s important off paper as well as on.

-OLD DOMINION AT VIRGINIA TECH. Old Dominion is 6-2 and could end up as an at-large caliber team so long as they don’t lose too many games between now and the end. Virginia Tech had high expectations, but really hasn’t looked like an NCAA Tournament team yet. If they want to make a statement that they belong, then this is the kind of game they must win, especially at home. Old Dominion could very easily end up being a bubble team, and if Virginia Tech can’t beat a bubble team it’s reason to think they don’t belong.

-NORTH CAROLINA STATE AT WEST VIRGINIA. Both teams have just one loss and are looking for a statement win. Both have been tested, but neither have any really big wins yet.


-TEXAS PAN AMERICAN AT AIR FORCE. Air Force struggled in their last game a little bit, but they shouldn’t have too much trouble improving to 9-1.

-FAIRFIELD AT BOSTON COLLEGE. BC is playing much better now, and a win will get them to 5-2 on the season.

-BALL STATE AT BUTLER. This is an in-state game, but Butler clearly appears to have the upper hand this year. A win gets them to 9-0.

-NORTHEASTERN AT CONNECTICUT. A win for UConn gets them to 8-0, but their next quality win will be their first.

-WESTERN ILLINOIS AT INDIANA. A win gets the Hoosiers to 5-2 this season.

-IUPUI AT ILLINOIS. IUPUI is just 2-4, but are one of the better teams in the MCC and could end up helping out Illinois’ RPI. The Illini will improve to 8-2 if they win this game.

-IPFW AT MICHIGAN STATE. A win gets the Spartans to 8-2.

-DUQUESNE AT PITTSBURGH. This is a matchup of intra city teams, but I don’t know if Duquesne is good enough to really call it a rivalry. A win gets Pitt to 9-0.

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