Jackie Manuel NBA Draft Scouting Report

Jackie Manuel NBA Draft Scouting Report
Apr 11, 2005, 06:07 pm
An outstanding athlete who can jump with the best of them. Has great instincts on the defense end, terrific lateral movement and can guard the 1-3 positions. Has a good wingspan; blocks shots, gets in the passing lanes and can provide a good sparkplug off the bench if needed. High character player who will do whatever is asked of him. Has 4 years of experience playing at the highest level NCAA basketball has to offer. Has been asked to guard all the best perimeter players in the ACC over his collegiate career. Very competitive player, attacks the rim and does a great job on the glass because of his tenacity, wingspan and athletic ability. Not afraid to sacrafice his body to come up with the charge.

Probably a jump-shot away from being drafted. His shooting mechanics are very poor, he releases the ball from a different place every time he elevates for a shot. His free throw shooting is very poor as well. Ball-handling has improved, but could still use some work. More of a SF than a SG, but lacks size for the position at 6-5. A bit of a thin frame, but makes the most of it.

Played against the best players the NCAA has to offer night in, night out at UNC. Won a national championship in his senior year. Mostly a defensive specialist in college, started at the 3 spot over Marvin Williams and was usually in charge of guarding the opposing team's best offensive player.

Manuel wasn't considered a draft prospect by most until he put on a show for the scouts at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (see links, especially day two). He only played in two games in the tournament, but really boosted his stock by showing some sparks of having an offensive game. His ball-handling and slashing ability was the biggest surprise here, as well as reminding everyone what an incredible athlete he is. If he can work with a good trainer and make his shot somewhat respectable he might have a shot at getting drafted and/or sticking with a team as a defensive sparkplug off the bench. Otherwise he will get numerous looks in summer league. He would probably be better off playing in the minor leagues of the States rather then heading off to Europe, as American players are expected to score a lot more than he has shown to be capable of. His athletic ability will earn him a paycheck for years to come, though.

Highest scoring game of his career was 16 points against Penn in his sophomore season.

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