Latest Additions/Features on DraftExpress

Latest Additions/Features on DraftExpress
Mar 06, 2007, 01:33 am
As we continuously add new features to enhance the viewing experience of users on DraftExpress, we’d like to familiarize you with them and encourage you to spend some time exploring them.

New Features

Player Scouting Reports/Blogs

-A fairly substantial upgrade would be adding the capability to present the various scouting reports we’ve written on players throughout the year directly in the player’s profile. Considering how much content we’ve been adding over the past few months, that virtually means that all players have extremely in-depth scouting reports written on them currently, with much more coming in the next few months. To see an example, check out Kevin Durant’s Player Profile, or Acie Law’s.

-You’ll notice that the entire format of the player profiles has been overhauled, so please familiarize yourself with the new categories, including stats, the player blog, related articles, and the ability to track your favorite players through MyDraftExpress. To keep tabs on your favorite prospects in this draft, as well as create and maintain your own mock draft, you must register for the site. This is 100% free.


-If you’re an RSS fan, you can now keep up to date with every article that is released on the site without leaving your desktop. Check out our RSS page to see the different feeds we have available.

Improvements to Advanced NCAA Statistics:

The main page of our NCAA statistics feature can be found here, or through our navigation bar underneath the site’s banner.
Starting today, you can filter through stats in a couple of additional ways to help you piece together more parts to the ultimate NBA draft puzzle. Through the pull-down menus on the top of the stats page, you can now sort specific statistical categories by draft class (e.g. freshman, sophomores, etc.), positions (PG, SG, SF, etc), or both at the same time.

For example, if you would like to know which senior point guard draft prospect has the best true shooting percentage (TS%) in the NCAA, you could do that.

Or, if you wanted to see how all the freshman in our database stack up next to each other statistically, that’s an option now too.

Sorting by position and class is only possible for the 500+ players in the DraftExpress database.

-Other minor changes include the ability to see the worst performers in various statistical categories, in addition to the best, via the “ascending/descending” sorting button. Ever wondered which NBA draft prospects do the worst job of getting to the free throw line?, now you can answer that. Another minor change would be allowing users to sift through the pages beyond the first if a query they bring up (e.g. points per game) has more than 50 players on it, and they are curious to see how the 2nd and 3rd pages (and beyond) of that list look. Use the PREV and NEXT buttons for that.

-Our advanced stats by team (e.g. UNC, Duke, etc) page is also slightly more comprehensive.

-In case anyone cares, yes, this is a new font we're experimenting with. Let us know what you think.

-Stay tuned for plenty more coming in the very near future. As always, any feedback is much appreciated and do let us know if you find any bugs or think of a new feature you'd like to see on DraftExpress.

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