Matchup Video: Justin Patton vs Villanova

Matchup Video: Justin Patton vs Villanova
Jan 05, 2017, 09:39 am
Julian Applebome takes a closer look at Justin Patton's 18-point, 8-rebound, 2-block performance against then-undefeated and #1 ranked Villanova.

The 19-year old redshirt freshman big man has been a revelation for top-ten ranked Creighton so far this season, averaging 20 points, 10 rebounds, 2.2 blocks and 1.5 steals per-40, in 25 minutes of action. He's shooting an outrageous 76% for 2 thus far, and is even 5/8 from beyond the arc.

While Patton was very much an under the radar prospect coming into Creighton, a product of his late-blooming status in high school and subsequent decision to redshirt his first year, his combination of size, athleticism, budding skill and upside is is extremely interesting in the long term. While his frame is still a ways away from being NBA ready, he is already starting to draw quite a few looks from NBA teams and will continue to do so if he keeps producing like this over the next few months.

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