NBA Player Agent/Salary Tools Released

NBA Player Agent/Salary Tools Released
Apr 25, 2008, 01:23 am
We’ve finally released two tools we’ve been working on for some time now, a comprehensive listing of virtually every player agent in the world, and the client salaries they are responsible for, along with sortable tools allowing you to conduct research in a variety of ways. You can now find an incredible amount of previously unpublished data in different formats that are extremely easy to navigate through. Read on to learn about the many things you can find out from using these tools.

Player Agent Listings

A list of every player in the NBA, and every (known) signed prospect in this year’s draft, with the agent that represents them. Note: Sort by Agency, Agent, Player,

A listing of most agencies, sorted by name, and the agents that comprise them.

An alphabetical list of every player in the NBA, with their team, salaries, agent name, and agency.

Which agent represents the various prospects of this year's draft.

A list of the top NBA agents, ranked by total guaranteed salary, guaranteed salary this season, and number of NBA clients.

A list of the top NBA agencies, ranked by total guaranteed salary, guaranteed salary this season, and number of NBA clients amongst all certified agents in the agency.

Individual Agent Pages for every agent in our database, complete with the agency they work for, the names of all the players they represent (as the primary name on their contracts or the secondary), the amount of guaranteed and non-guaranteed salary that agent represents, and a detailed salary chart for every NBA player on their client list.

Individualed pages for NBA agencies, with the names of the agents that work there, and a listing of all the players they represent.

A listing of most of the non-NBA players in our database, complete with the name of their agent and agency.

-Make sure to browse through the various tabs on the top, and sort using the pull-down menus you’ll find, to get the most out of your experience.

NBA Team Salaries

Listings for this year and beyond, detailing the teams with the largest payrolls, the highest paid players in the league, and all the expiring contracts in the NBA, from highest to lowest.

Individual team pages, complete with cap-holds, buyout figures, team and player options, and qualifying offers for restricted free agents.


The agent page is still a work in progress, as this information is not made public and thus may not always be 100% up to date. Please cordially let us know of any errors or omissions we may have made, and keep us posted of any additions to client lists that may occur.

Primary vs. Secondary= The first and second (if applicable) names on the NBA player/agent contract, as submitted to the NBPA.

No Affiliated Agency= We are not familiar with the name of that agent’s agency at this time, or this agency only has one certified agent on file.

SELF= From the information at our disposal, this NBA player currently has no agent on file.

Non-NBA Clients- Only represents those players who once played in the NBA (regular season) OR were once deemed good enough draft prospects to be manually added to our database over the past five years—AND whom we have agent data on.

We are aware that many excellent overseas-based players are currently missing. Help us out by letting us know who represents the players in our database with no agent data.

Salary figures- Represent numbers from this year moving forward, and do not include past year’s salaries. The agent listed as currently representing a player may not necessarily always be the one who negotiated the contract (and thus, will receive the commission).

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