Official DraftExpress Message Board Launches

Official DraftExpress Message Board Launches
Feb 07, 2006, 12:19 pm
As you may have noticed on our sidebar already, we’ve decided to launch an official message board as another tool for our users to interact with the main site.

This has been a long time in the making, and we are very excited about finally getting it off the ground. We've had many requests to implement an official discussion board and have toyed around with many ideas over the past few months about how to properly implement it.

You will notice that the main site of DraftExpress is fully integrated into our forums, allowing both the administrators and our users numerous options to automatically discuss content with each other, in addition to any other basketball related discussions we will have here.

Please note that your DraftExpress username will not be transferred over to the forums. You will need to register a new one as it was technically not possible to integrate the usernames into the software we are using. It also would not be right to automatically register people on a message board they never signed up for.

Please take a second to register and join in on the discussions. Start as many threads as you like on the various forums and help us make this community flourish as quickly as possible by being a part of it. We have many plans for the future to make our message boards one of a kind in cyberspace, including inviting players and experts over for official chats, and making some content unique only for our forum members.

We'll be looking to add moderators to each forum in the near future. They will be picked on a merit basis based on your conduct on this board. There are some definite perks to being a part of the DraftExpress team, and it’s something that hardcore NBA draft fans would surely like to be a part of.

Please do not spam our friends at RealGM and other message boards to encourage people to come sign up. We are not trying to compete with anyone; we're just looking to have our own little spot on the web for our staff and loyal visitors to interact with each other. If people are interested, they will make their way over here soon enough.

Any comments or suggestions can be sent either via email or by posting on the “site suggestions” forum.


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