Abbreviation: CED
Country: Croatia
Domestic League: Croatia - A-1 Liga
W-L: 16-1
03/12/2018 85 - 68 vs Zabok Zabok
03/10/2018 85 - 75 vs Partizan Partizan
03/06/2018 94 - 81 at KK Zagreb KK Zagreb
03/03/2018 85 - 64 at Skopje Skopje

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    NBA teams not only look for draft prospects at the Spanish King?s Cup. There are many past draft investments, mostly second-round bets, still playing and developing in the ACB League, while it?s also one of the best international markets to acquire quality free-agent veterans to help a team out right away.
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    Balkan Scout Kristian Hohnjec provides us with a thorough update on what has traditionally been the most intriguing International league in the world for European draft prospects--the Goodyear Adriatic League.

    Hohnjec explains the struggles the league is going through at the moment and breaks down the top NBA draft prospects that are found here, including Ante Tomic, Goran Dragic, Uros Tripkovic, Yotam Halperin, Damir Markota and many others.
  • NCAA Tournament: Atlanta Bracket NBA Draft Prospects

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    This particular bracket has plenty of NBA draft caliber talent, with Duke and Texas both featuring numerous lottery and 1st round prospects for this year and the future. Tyrus Thomas will be drawing crowds wherever he goes, and other upperclassmen in this bracket have plenty to gain from the exposure they will be seeing here.
  • King's Cup: Drafted Players and Potential Over-22 Free Agents

    Feb 23, 2006, 02:46 am
    Like every year, the Spanish King?s Cup becomes one of the hottest spots in NBA international scouting, a perfect opportunity to watch the cream of the ACB League (probably the strongest in Europe) in a very competitive environment in one arena over a few days. Unlike what happens in other countries with monotonous cup competitions, the Cup in Spain is a very prestigious tournament that every team looks forward to participating in and winning. The fans love it as well, as they proved once again packing the Madrid Sports Palace last week for every single game.

    Previous editions of this same tournament saw the likes of Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernandez blossoming. From last year, three participants were selected in the 2005 draft (Fran Vazquez, Mickaël Gelabale and Axel Hervelle), while four more signed as free agents with an NBA team (Arvydas Macijauskas, Fabricio Oberto, José Manuel Calderón and Pat Burke). It wouldn?t be a stretch to say that because of the fact that every team in the NBA is represented here, including numerous GM?s and player personnel directors, these could be the most important games of the year as far as showing NBA potential is concerned.

    Part two of our two part series looks at the undrafted free agents in Spain as well as players that have already been drafted in the past few years and whose rights are still owned by NBA franchises.
  • Euroleague Regular Season’s Best of the Rest

    Feb 20, 2006, 01:47 am
    Continuing with our coverage of the top youngsters in the Euroleague Regular Season, it?s time to look at the best performers outside of our top-5. This bunch is basically made up of role-playing contributors; players with limited responsibilities and prominence on their teams.

    Starting with Damir Markota, who missed our top-5 by a hair, this young Croatian has enjoyed a breakthrough season. Coming off the bench, he established himself as the top frontcourt scorer for Cibona while decisively helping his team advance to the Top-16 stage. Olympiacos is another team still in the competition, with Panagiotis Vasilopoulos and Renaldas Seibutis, both newcomers in the Euroleague, certainly contributing to their team?s success with solid displays, providing excellent depth to the Greek roster. It was a different situation for Uros Tripkovic and Kosta Perovic. Both were meant to have a very significant role in Partizan (particularly Tripkovic) and they left a certain degree of disappointment, on par with the Serbian team, once again unable to escape from mediocrity. Finally, Marko Tomas and his inconsistent performances for Real Madrid puts an end to this coverage.
  • Damir Markota NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Feb 03, 2006, 10:39 pm
    Damir Markota is a perimeter oriented power forward with a good shooting touch and a decent physical set.

    At 6-11 Markota has excellent size for the power forward position. He’s very athletic for his size, being highly fluid running up and down the floor, extremely coordinated and showing a good motor to put those things to work. Markota has good speed getting up and down the floor. His vertical leap is one of his biggest assets as he can jump high and get off the floor quickly. His footwork is the paint is above average, but could stand some further improvement.

    Offensively, Markota’s only reliable tool and probably his best strength when discussing his NBA potential is his jumper. His mechanics are somewhat ugly, but he gets good enough elevation to get his shot off even with a defender in his face. Damir needs some time to settle his feet--think about Dirk Nowitzki’s odd stance at the free throw line--but has enough size and lift to get his shot off against anyone. He is an accurate shooter from beyond the arc with excellent range from behind the international three-point line.

    Inside the paint, Markota has a soft touch around the rim and is good finisher using both hands. Once he gets the ball close to the basket he can release an effective hook shot.

    His off the dribble play has been inconsistent, but he can put the ball on the floor just enough to create space to release his shot on the perimeter. He especially likes to use a series of fakes and jab-steps when is guarded closely on perimeter. He has shown potential at times to hit shots in difficult situations even without his feet set, being off-balance or fading away His first step is very good and that leaves the impression that he could be a dangerous slasher threat if he improves his ball-handling ability.

    On defense Markota has improved significantly over the past year and that is the main reason why he is getting consistent playing time now for a Euroleague team. He is a very active defender and plays hard despite his skinny body. Damir is already a good rebounder at the European level, with potential to become an excellent one due to his height and vertical leap.

    Markota is a gifted passer with court vision that is well above average for a big man, but he often risks too much which leads to an increased number of turnovers.

    When speaking of his intangibles, some time ago he was labeled as a problematic player with off the court issues, mainly surrounding his coachability and professional attitude or lack thereof. This seems to be behind him right now and he actually shows a very good demeanor on the court.
  • Euroleague Stock Watch Part 2 (Stock Up)

    Dec 23, 2005, 12:25 am
    Halfway through the group stage of the Euroleague we take a look at how some of the most talented young prospects in Europe have been faring in this tough and extremely demanding competition so far. Some prospects have received numerous opportunities to prove their worth to their teams, coaches and the omnipresent NBA scouts in attendance at each game, and have stepped up to the plate in a huge way with some magnificent performances. Others have either not received enough opportunities, not taken the ones they?ve been handed or have completely regressed compared with what was expected out of them.

    Part two of our Euroleague Stock focuses in on the prospects who seen their stock rise in the first seven games of the season so far. Andrea Bargnani headlines this pack, with fellow Italian Marco Belinelli not far behind.
  • Zagreb Prospects Old and New Make Early Impact

    Oct 11, 2005, 01:46 am
    Yesterday a very interesting game draft-wise was seen at Trnsko in Croatia as Cibona Zagreb easily beat KK Zagreb 87:73 in the first round of the Adriatic league. Damir Markota played perhaps his best game ever in a Cibona jersey and was the team?s best player on the floor along with former Ohio State star Scoonie Penn. Ante Tomic opened in the starting lineup for Zagreb?s senior team for the first time ever in his young career. Three new guys on the block also introduced themselves in Kruno Simon, Luksa Andric and Ivan Papac, all showing that they have a lot to improve on before they'll get serious consideration for a draft spot, but displayed some intriguing size and potential regardless. Aleksandar Ugrinoski didn?t get off Cibona?s bench.
  • Eurobasket (European Championships) Preview: Group B

    Sep 09, 2005, 05:18 am
    DraftExpress? European Championships coverage continues breaking down the top players participating at the upcoming Eurobasket tournament in Belgrade beginning September 16th. The teams are analyzed individually from a player perspective, exploring who the leaders and top stars are on each squad, and which intriguing players with NBA upside are lurking on every roster.

    Group B consists of Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey and Bulgaria, headlined by Utah Jazz big man Memo Okur, and former and future NBA draftees Roko Leni-Ukic, Cenk Akyol and Marko Tomas.
  • Breakout Candidate: Damir Markota

    Jul 27, 2005, 02:00 am
    Croatian scout Kristian Hohnjec takes a look at the opportunity that Damir Markota finds himself in this upcoming season on his way to potentially becoming a first round pick in next year's draft. Markota led the U-20 European Championship in scoring and rebounding and is in prime position to get substantial playing time for a Euroleague team next season. Quotes from an NBA scout are included, along with a complete breakdown of his game.
  • The Reebok Eurocamp in Treviso

    Jun 17, 2005, 12:30 am
    DraftExpress' Italian scout, Marco Fracasso, who was present at the Eurocamp in his hometown of Treviso for the 2nd straight year has the following report to present. It was a rather shallow camp as far as this year's draft is concerned, with only one real NBA prospect who is surely staying in, but with a few interesting International prospects who need to be followed for the future regardless.
  • An American Perspective on Europe...the Guards

    May 16, 2005, 02:49 pm
    's Director of Scouting Jonathan Givony spent the past few weeks pouring over dozens of tapes of all the European prospects in this draft. After evaluating the talent there and comparing that with what we know already about the NCAA and high school talent, we've decided to publish some of our thoughts. This first article will focus on the European guard prospects for this year's draft and beyond.
  • The Adriatic League's Final Eight

    May 03, 2005, 03:29 pm
    This weekend the Final 8 round of the Adriatic league took place in Belgrade, where the experienced but draft prospect-less team Hemofarm won its first trophy ever in their history. They beat Partizan in their own hall in front of many NBA scouts. This was probably the most interesting tournament outside the U.S. this year in terms of NBA prospects, and it would be very surprising if every NBA team wasn't represented in one way or another. All the NBA prospects in attendance got at least some playing time, and DraftExpress is here to tell you how they looked.
  • Roko-Leni Ukic NBA Draft Scouting Report

    May 01, 2005, 12:22 am
    Kristian Hohnjec (May 2005):

    Ukic is a talented player with all tools needed to become one of the best European point guards for years to come. He's one of the most attractive players in Europe in terms of his style of play and is always a pleasure to watch.

    Roko possesses good athleticism for the PG position. At 6-5 he has great size for the PG spot and he combines that with good quickness. Ukic has a very quick first step, which makes him one of the best slashers at this level. His wingspan (reportedly 6-9) is also above average and helps him a lot on the defensive end to get in the passing lanes and come up steals.

    Ukic is a very complete offensive player who can score in many different ways. As already mentioned, there are very few players in Europe who better than him when it comes to slashing to the hoop. He beats defenders off the dribble on a regular basis, because of his quick first step and excellent ball-handling. He handles the ball equally well with either hand and can go either left or right when driving to the basket. He has a very nice crossover in his arsenal, to go with all sorts of other flashy ball-handing moves which he developed while playing streetball in Croatia. Ukic is very unpredictable while driving to the basket. He can go all the way to the basket for a lay-up, pull up and hit the jumper, or pass the ball very well to the open man. He is skinny, but has no problem finishing with contact and is a master when is comes to drawing fouls. This season he has become more aggressive in taking his defender of the dribble then in previous seasons.

    Ukic has great range on his jumper and shouldn't have any problems adjusting to the NBA 3 point line. He has a high and quick release and has shown a good ability to catch and shoot on some occasions, but that is not his main role. He doesn't need much space to release his jumper and is capable of shooting with a defender's hand in his face; becoming a specialist this year at making extremely tough off-balance shots. Shooting off the dribble is where he particularly shines, and he is indeed an accurate shooter from mid-range. He gets to the foul line often and is an excellent shooter once he gets there; converting 86% of his FT's this season.

    While at 6-5 he has many characteristics that you would like to see from a good shooting guard, there is no doubt that he is a pure PG. Roko has good natural playmaking instincts and exceptional court vision, knowing how to create high-percentage shots for his teammates. Based on the flashy no-look and behind the back type passes he has in his repertoire you could say that he is pretty creative with the ball in his hands. He is also a good decision maker who excels in transition. In the half court set he has improved and now has become better at getting all of his teammates involved. Because of his size he can see over the top of most defenders and occasionally shows some post up skills against smaller guards.

    Defensively, he reads passing lanes very well and thanks to that skill and his wingspan he gets a few steals every game. He is capable of playing good defense like he showed last year, by giving Sebastian Telfair a hard time during the Nike Hoop Summit game. He also reportedly guarded Devin Harris very well during private workouts. Recently he is being used more often at home to guard SG's and is doing quite well, for example he guarded fellow highly-rated Croatian prospect Marko Tomas recently, holding him scoreless in the first 20 minutes of their battle. Even right now he shouldn't be a defensive liability in the NBA and could eventually become good a defender if and when he adds some bulk. Ukic is an above average rebounder for a point guard, especially on the offensive end, where he shows good anticipation skills.

    Ukic is a player who takes responsibility when the game is on the line and usually performs very well under pressure. He is a leader and has a good demeanor on the court. He is considered a mentally strong player and has plenty of confidence in his abilities even when he is having an off-night.

    Ukic is a very exciting player to watch and you don't have to be an expert to realize his special talent while watching him play. He possesses a high basketball IQ, a terrific work ethic and a great knowledge of the game. He works very hard on the small details, usually spending some hours in the gym even when practice is over. He lives for basketball, and is the biggest expert on everything related to the NBA amongst players in this area. He surely knows what it takes to succeed in the NBA.


    Luis Fernández (February 2004):

    Roko-Leni Ukic is a true talent. From the first time you see him you notice a special elegance in his game, in his movements, and the kind of excitement that only a 6-5 (perhaps still growing) highly skilled and fundamentally sound playmaker is able to produce.
    He combines a high level of offensive savvy with excellent distributing abilities. Being quite a fast player, knowing where to place his feet, and having great handles with both hands, he's able to penetrate easily even in traffic to finish himself, dish off to a teammate or get to the line.
    Ukic is a good shooter anywhere on the court. He can shoot it stationary, off the dribble, in motion from the mid-range area and even off-balance as well. He can create his own shot by faking a move and dribbling, and then using his quick release to get off his shot. He is really difficult to stop when hot, and never avoids responsabilities when the game is on the line.
    Ukic displays the court vision and passing abilities that a good point guard is supposed to possess. He fills the bill whether in a transition game or in the set offense, and he usually makes the right decisions. Besides, he doesn't abuse his ball-handling, and he understands the importance of moving the ball around and even enjoys doing so. He knows how to improvise and find a good option when he hits a dead end. He has a high basketball IQ and shows a lot of confidence.
    Defensively, he reads the passing lanes pretty well. He also has really quick hands which he often uses to steal the ball from his match-up, on help defense or just by anticipating a pass before his matchup makes it.
  • Top NBA Prospects in the Adriatic League

    Apr 11, 2005, 07:45 pm
    It's no secret that the Balkans is the most prolific basketball talent pool outside of the United States, and the Adriatic League (or Goodyear League) hosts almost every serious draft prospect in the area. With the regular season recently finished, Kristian Hohnjec takes a look at the most promising players seen this year.

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