Abbreviation: PAU
Country: France
Domestic League: France - Pro A
W-L: 9-11
02/10/2018 105 - 93 vs Chalon Chalon
02/03/2018 88 - 82 at Villeurbanne Villeurbanne
01/27/2018 72 - 78 vs Antibes Antibes
01/20/2018 88 - 89 at Strasbourg Strasbourg

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    Possesses good size for an NBA point guard (if he can make the transition), with a strong upper body. Has good enough quickness to get to where he wants to get to on the floor. Possesses a solid handle which is good enough to make him a capable ball-handler in the NCAA.

    Dean's biggest strength at the NBA level is that he's a great shooter with excellent range and a quick release. He
    s also a good free throw shooter. When his jumpshot is on he is easily one of the top five shooters in America. He gets good lift on his jumpshot which allows him to get his shot off against virtually any guard in the college game.

    Dean is a competitive player who understands the game, although his feel is not one of a true point guard, but rather understands how to come off screens and manipulate his defender to get open looks at the basket.

    He flashes the ability to break his man down off the dribble, although nowhere nearly consistent enough to project him at the PG or SG position in the NBA. Shows the athletic ability to defend point guards and has the size and strength to defend the position at the next level. Has improved as a shooter in every season. Shows tremendous heart and desire as evidenced by his play in the regional final battling injuries to his ankle and leg.
  • Alain Koffi NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Mar 30, 2005, 01:19 am
    Very good athlete who runs the court and gets off the floor quickly as well as anybody in Europe his size. He is not afraid of physical contact and uses his vertical leap and explosiveness to dunk or rebound in traffic. He is a very good transition player, knowing where to go to get easy buckets.

    Offensively, Koffi has improved his range on his jump shot this year; he’s become efficient out to 16 feet, especially on the baseline. When getting the ball in the low post he generally chooses between working for a hook shot (his go to move) and finishing strong at the basket.

    Defensively, his long arms and timing help him become consistent in terms of rebounding and shotblocking in the French league. His man to man defense is solid, he can also cover his guy on the perimeter because his lateral quickness is above average and he does not bite too much on pump fakes.

    He started playing basketball late, so he is not a finished product, but has become a productive player this year for one of the best teams in the French league. His work ethic is tremendous; he has a very good attitude towards the game and is always eager to learn.

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