BX Final Four Picks and Analysis
by: Drew Barnette - Staff Writer
April 5, 2008
-Iím 44-17 in my game-by-game picks so far, which is about what I was a year ago. I actually only went 2-2 in my Elite Eight picks. I had Davidson over Kansas, which was a heartbreaking loss for the Wildcats in what was probably the most exciting game of the Elite Eight this year. Steffan Curry has been my favorite player in the tournament to watch so far. I know all the #1 seeds advanced and a lot of people are very excited about that, but as a fan I would personally have more interest if a team like Davidson had made it. If you enjoyed the movie Hoosiers, then youíd understand. Itís nothing against Kansas because theyíre a great team that deserves to be here, but I think a lot of people were pulling for Davidson in that game.

-#1. MEMPHIS VS #1. UCLA (pick Ė Memphis). These two teams clearly looked the most impressive in the Elite Eight, especially Memphis, who blew out a very good Texas team in Houston. UCLA had no problems blowing past Xavier in their Elite Eight win to get here either. This is a great match-up when you consider how athletic Memphis is and how good UCLAís defense is. It really is a game that could go either way. Andre Allen of Memphis has been suspended for violating team rules, so one has to wonder what that will do to the teamís psyche, but theyíve still looked outstanding in their last two games, including a blowout win against Michigan State, who is also a very good defensive team.

-#1. KANSAS VS #1. NORTH CAROLINA (pick Ė North Carolina). This has been a match-up that the country has wanted to see for a long time. Roy Williams is taking on his old team for the first time since leaving it. It should be an outstanding game as well, but I just think North Carolina has a slight edge. Like the first game, this one could go either way. North Carolina probably had the toughest opponent in the Elite Eight considering how well Louisville was playing coming into that game. I said before that game that I thought the winner would win the national championship. Had Louisville won I would be picking them to win this game, and the next game, but since North Carolina won Iím picking them to win this game, and probably the next game as well.

-I wish I was in San Antonio this year. Iíve never been there, but from what I hear they do an excellent job with this event. Itís a beautiful city with a great setup for big events right around the dome. I have been to Memphis, and Iím sure Beale Street is an exciting place to be today as well. This is the first time that four #1 seeds have ever played in the Final Four. Hopefully the games will be exciting.

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