BX NCAA Tournament Second Round Picks (Sunday, March 23rd

BX NCAA Tournament Second Round Picks (Sunday, March 23rd
Mar 23, 2008, 07:12 am
-#13. SIENA VS #12. VILLANOVA (pick – Siena). Considering who they played and how decisively they won, Siena was one of the more impressive teams in the first round. Villanova was solid as well in beating a very good Clemson team. Siena just looked better and has looked better in their past couple of games.

-#7. MIAMI FL VS #2. TEXAS (pick – Texas). The Longhorns just look like a better team in every aspect of the game. Miami has had a good season and may put up a strong fight, but I don’t see them pulling the upset.

-#7. BUTLER VS #2. TENNESSEE (pick – Butler). Butler is a much better shooting team, and although they aren’t anywhere near as athletic as Tennessee, they’re better at controlling the game. I believe the Bulldogs will be able to slow down the tempo and force Tennessee to play their type of game. Butler has also looked much better in their last two games than Tennessee has over the past couple of weeks.

-#10. DAVIDSON VS #2. GEORGETOWN (pick – Davidson). If Davidson wins it will be an upset, and they’ll have to play a better game than they did in the first round in order to win today, but I just have a feeling that they have it in them. Georgetown does have a few chinks in their armor. If they can defend against Steffan Curry then Davidson won’t have much of a chance, but that’s much easier said than done.

-#13. SAN DIEGO VS #12. WESTERN KENTUCKY (pick – Western Kentucky). If you had this match-up in your bracket, then you are either a genius or just very lucky. These two teams play contrasting styles, which should make for an entertaining game. WKU likes to run the floor and use their athleticism whereas San Diego plays more of a half court game. I could see this one going either way, but WKU appears to have more talent and I believe they’ll win and advance.

-#8. MISSISSIPPI STATE VS #1. MEMPHIS (pick – Memphis). Memphis just has too much talent and has looked much better throughout the season. I believe they’ll win this one rather decisively.

-#6. OKLAHOMA VS #3. LOUISVILLE (pick – Louisville). I think the Cardinals were one of the more impressive teams in the first round considering who they played, how prepared they were, and how well they executed their game plan. Oklahoma has been an inconsistent team all throughout the year and is capable of playing very well, but even on their best day they’d struggle against a Louisville team that’s playing as well as they are right now.

-#9. ARKANSAS VS #1. NORTH CAROLINA (pick – North Carolina). The Tarheels are close to home, they’ve looked fantastic over the past couple of weeks, and I don’t think Arkansas could beat them on their best day. The Razorbacks did recently upset Tennessee so have shown they can knock off a top notch team, but I don’t think they’ll be able to pull off that type of upset today.

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