D-League Showcase Interviews (Part One)

D-League Showcase Interviews (Part One)
Jan 13, 2011, 02:00 pm
Jamine Peterson, Orien Greene, Pape Sy, Scottie Reynolds, Marcus Cousin, and Chris Johnson share their experiences in the NBADL and a variety of other topics.

From France to the NBADL: Pape Sy

Pape Sy, the 2010 2nd Round pick of the Atlanta Hawks talks with our Jim Hlavac about working on his game with the Utah Flash of the NBA D-League, his injury, and how the draft process played out for him.

Aiming for the NBA: Marcus Cousin

Austin Toros player Marcus Cousin talks with our Jim Hlavac about working in the D-League on his road to the NBA.

Making the Transition from Big East Star to NBADL Rookie: Scottie Reynolds

Former Villanova All-American, and current Springfield Armor player, Scottie Reynolds talks with our Richard Walker about working on his passing and efficiency in the D-Legaue to get to the NBA.

Draft Eligible: Jamine Peterson

Former Providence forward, and current New Mexico player, Jamine Peterson talks with us about his experience overseas and what he's going through as one of the youngest players in the NBADL on one of its most physical teams.

From Baton Rouge to Bismarck: Chris Johnson

Former LSU player Chris Johnson talks with us about making the move from Baton Rouge to Bismarck, his experience with the Dakota Wizards, and what he's been up to in the past year.

The Road Back: Orien Greene

Former NBA player and current Utah Flash point-forward, Orien Greene takes some time to speak with us about his road back to the NBA.

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