DraftExpress NCAA Rankings Poll, 12/19

DraftExpress NCAA Rankings Poll, 12/19
Dec 20, 2005, 12:38 am



Main Differences between DraftExpress, Coaches and AP Polls:

-Undefeated Florida (10-0) is ranked 4th ahead of #5 Memphis (8-1).
-Michigan State (9-2) is ranked 8th instead of 10th or 11th in the AP and Coaches Polls.
-Untested Louisville (6-1) is ranked 22nd instead of 11th and 10th.
-Wisconsin (9-1) is ranked 17th instead of unranked and 23rd.
-Tennessee (6-0) is ranked 21st instead of 23rd and unranked.
-North Carolina (6-1) is ranked 24th instead of 17th and 19th.

-Northern Iowa (7-1), Cincinnati (6-2) and Pittsburgh (8-0) are the top vote getters in the "also receiving votes" column, over Arizona (5-3), Wisconsin (9-1) and Pittsburgh in the AP, and Tennessee (6-0), Syracuse (8-2) and Arizona (5-3) in the Coaches Poll.

Our weekly poll is conducted regularly and can be found every Monday night at midnight by clicking on the "NCAA Rankings" on the left-hand column.

Contributors: Alex Ernst, (CrossCyed, Iowa State Blog), Jeremy DeGracia (Bruin Hoop Scoop), Ryan McNeil (

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