Matchup Video: Melo Trimble vs Jawun Evans

Matchup Video: Melo Trimble vs Jawun Evans
Dec 09, 2016, 03:06 pm
Julian Applebome analyzes the head to head point guard matchup between Maryland's Melo Trimble and Oklahoma State's Jawun Evans, from an NBA Draft perspective.

The two highly touted point guards did not see very many possessions matched up with each other unfortunately, as both coaches preferred to keep their star ball-handlers out of foul trouble and well-rested for their important playmaking responsibilities. Still, there were a couple of interesting things to take away from this matchup.

While Evans may have gotten the upper hand in the boxscore with 16 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 turnovers on 7/17 shooting from the floor, it was Trimble (13 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 turnovers, 4/12 FG) who came away with the win in the final seconds of the game.

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