National Championship Pick
by: Drew Barnette - Staff Writer
April 7, 2008
My final pick is in. I'm taking Memphis to win the national title. Truth be told a Kansas blowout wouldn't surprise me all that much. A Memphis blowout wouldn't surprise me all that much either. I really just hope we see a good game. There are 64 NCAA Tournament games every year, so the chances that the national title game will end up being the most exciting out of the 64 aren't all that good. We haven't seen an outstanding Final Four/Championship game in several years now, though. I'd say the last great one was 2005 when North Carolina knocked off Illinois.

I'll have a recap of the tournament and season posted later this week....possibly tomorrow. I'm 45-18 in my picks so far, but this is yet another game that appears that it could go either way.

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