Robert Upshaw In Holding Pattern, Awaiting Further Medical Tests

Robert Upshaw In Holding Pattern, Awaiting Further Medical Tests
Jun 05, 2015, 05:41 pm
An issue with Robert Upshaw's heart was identified by doctors at the NBA Combine in Chicago last month, which has forced him to suspend training and postpone all workouts with NBA teams. At this point, no long term conclusions have been reached, and further blood testing has been requested by NBA doctors to pinpoint the exact nature of his medical condition.

We reached out to Upshaw's agent, Bill Duffy, for comment.

"Robert and his family have been fully aware of his medical history. Twice previously this was addressed by highly respected University Cardiologists and Robert was subsequently cleared for all basketball activities. The NBA Combine Doctors are now waiting for the results of a final test, which will be known in a week's time. For good reason, we take this very seriously and support the physicians doing their due diligence. Based on the outcome of previous evaluations, we expect his full clearance. Robert's health comes first and the progress he was making prior to this break in activity was exceptional. We are confident once his training is resumed he'll continue to be in a really good position going forward."

Editor's note: We will keep you posted further on Upshaw's condition as we learn more about it. For now, we have elected to hold off on making any changes in Upshaw's evaluation or ranking as a NBA prospect until more precise info is revealed. Should Upshaw not get medically cleared to work out for NBA teams in the near future, this will undoubtedly affect his draft stock.

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