Sunday, December 16th Highlighted match-ups

Sunday, December 16th Highlighted match-ups
Dec 16, 2007, 12:39 am

-FRESNO STATE AT ARIZONA. Fresno looks like they have some talent on their team, but they’re off to just a 4-4 start and could really end up getting beaten pretty badly against an Arizona team that is playing lights out. The Wildcats are a solid team and are very tough to beat at home.

-VIRGINIA TECH AT OLD DOMINION. As of now, neither team is really in the tournament picture, at least as far as my brackets are concerned, but both have been playing some pretty good basketball and have quite a bit of potential to improve between now and the end of the season. It looks like it should be an interesting in-state match-up.

-NORTH CAROLINA AT RUTGERS. Rutgers has racked up a respectable 7-3 record, but for the most part they’ve done it against unimpressive teams. They’re at home and the crowd should be psyched for this one. The longer they stay in it, the more the crowd will get behind them, but it would take a miracle to upset North Carolina, even if Rutgers is the home team.

-BUCKNELL AT WAKE FOREST. This game is part of a home-and-home. It’s an interesting match-up, but as of now both teams have a ton of work to do between now and the end if they want to impress the committee. The late Skip Prosser, who is Wake’s former coach, has a son that is an assistant at Bucknell, so it should be an emotional day for both teams.


-QUINNIPIAC AT CONNECTICUT. UConn struggled in their last against Northeastern more than most expected. Nevertheless, they are clearly the superior team in this one and shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to 7-2.

-ARKANSAS PINE BLUFF AT TEXAS A&M. This is a huge mismatch and TAMU should win big.

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