Sunday, December 2nd Highlighted Match-ups

Sunday, December 2nd Highlighted Match-ups
Dec 02, 2007, 11:50 am

-TEXAS AT UCLA. Both teams are in the top ten and seem to be headed toward very good seeds in the NCAA Tournament. This is a big game for both teams if they want a #1 seed, which is important because there is a regional in Houston and another in Phoenix. That would give a geographic advantage to both of these teams if they could be seeded #1 and get that placement. UCLA’s defense has been shutting teams out this year and they already have a nice win against Michigan State. Texas was able to prove themselves in the Legends Classic, where they blew out Tennessee. These are two proven heavyweights and it should be a good game.


-TEXAS A&M AT ARIZONA. Texas A&M has some big statement wins already. Arizona really doesn’t yet, but they have looked very tough at home this year and nearly defeated Kansas on the road, so they’re a good team that’s still looking for it’s first quality win. It should be exciting. TAMU plays good defense whereas Arizona likes to push the pace. Both teams should be in the dance and with good seeds, so this will be a quality win for whoever pulls it off.

-STANFORD AT COLORADO. Stanford is 7-1, but has struggled on the road already this year. Colorado isn’t good at all, so this is a game where Stanford really needs to prove (mostly to themselves) that they can at least beat a sub-par team on the road.

-GEORGE MASON VS EAST CAROLINA. This game is part of the BB&T Classic, but based on how George Mason has been playing lately there may not be a whole lot that’s classic about it. East Carolina is terrible, and although Mason isn’t at home, they’re not far from home. It should end up being a blowout.

-AUBURN VS GEORGE WASHINGTON. This game is part of the BB&T Classic. Auburn has just one loss on the year, but appears to be getting better and developing some consistency. GW hasn’t looked like a tournament team yet, so this should be a road game that Auburn is able to win IF they want to make a statement early on that they belong in the discussion.

-VCU VS MARYLAND. This game is part of the BB&T Classic. Maryland has looked good this year, but doesn’t have any notable wins. VCU missed their chance to pick up some statement wins in the Puerto Rico Invitational, and from what I’ve seen has struggled shooting the basketball. They’re a very tough defensive team, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they defeated the Terps in this one.

-SAINT JOHN’S AT MIAMI, FL. Both teams are unbeaten coming into this one. Saint John’s hasn’t really played anyone all that noteworthy, but Miami won the Puerto Rico Invitational and looks to have a strong, tournament caliber team this year. It would be a big statement win for Saint John’s if they pull it off because it would prove that their record is not a mirage, but I don’t see it happening.

-ARIZONA STATE AT NEBRASKA. Both teams are 4-1, but neither team has beaten anyone all that notable yet. It doesn’t look like either team will contend for the NCAA Tournament, but at this point in time both have decent records, and if they keep it up they can play their way into the mix.

-OKLAHOMA AT TCU. Both teams have good records, but neither have any outstanding wins. Oklahoma looked good in their games against Memphis and USC, but didn’t win either won and is still looking for their first road win this year. TCU hasn’t beaten anyone all that notable, but that would change today if they pull this one off.

-KANSAS AT USC. Kansas is unbeaten and USC hasn’t lost since their season opener. The Trojans have been getting better and better with every game they play and they have a chance to make a big time statement today. Kansas looks to be a team that can contend for a #1 seed, and a road win like this one would help make their case.


-SAMFORD AT FLORIDA STATE. Florida State has looked really good since their two losses in the Glen Wilkes Classic. They should win today rather easily.

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