Artur Urazmanov
Team: Ventspils
PhysicalsPositions SalaryMisc
H: 6' 1"
W: 163 lbs
Bday: 08/16/1987
(29 Years Old)
Current: PG
Possible: PG
Agent: Obrad Fimic
High School:
Hometown: Perm, Russia

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Roundup: The Rubio Show Marches On
March 6, 2008

Artur Urazmanov arrived to Latvia in November looking for playing time in a decent competition level with a mid-sized team such as Ventspils, but so far he has completely failed to achieve that goal. Heís yet to reach the 10-minute mark in the BBL, averaging an extremely poor 1.6 points and 0.2 assists. From the limited footage weíve been able to gather on him this season (not that thereís much to pick from), Artur doesnít look confident enough on the court to put in practice his game style, as heís not attacking his opponents at all, which is his best attribute. Of course, for a 6-1 guy itís not the same to operate in the lane against youth competition as it is against veterans, and already he had struggled in the U-20 category. Not a notable shooter or distributor, while showing his limitations with his left hand, not the smartest point guard around, and neither playing great defense, thereís not much he can offer for the moment if he doesnít try to be more aggressive (indeed, his sole assist after 24 minutes played in the whole BBL season came off a penetration).

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2007 RBK Eurocamp: Day Four
June 14, 2007

If we weren't deliberately scouting him during the game, we probably wouldn't have even felt his presence on the court. We ignore if he's coming of an injury or anything similar, as his athleticism didn't look as exuberant as in past occasions, but anyway he delivered an extremely poor performance, being consistently beaten on defense (both Mbemba and Ponkrashov were pretty tough match-ups for him, as he couldn't keep up with Rudy's quickness and Anton's size and strength), and was completely ineffective in the offensive end, over-dribbling the ball at times and not making his shots.

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2006 Nike Hoop Summit Game Recap
April 10, 2006

Urazmanov was impressive throughout the week with the he used his court vision to involve teammates. He continued this by making some very nice passes during the game. Artur is quicker than most European point guards, and can finish with his right hand near the rim, though he lacks the left hand at this point in time. Urazmanovís biggest downfall is his lack of consistent shooting, and his decision making. It seems that he tries to do too much at times, and his passes get too fancy, which causes some turnovers. If he is able to improve to the point where he is a consistent threat from the perimeter, and improve his left hand, Artur could find himself on the NBA radar someday.

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Nike Hoop Summit Preview: International Team
April 7, 2006

Here we have an interesting case, a player with the athleticism to keep up with his American counterparts. Gifted with explosive legs, Urazmanov is a point guard who likes to play off the dribble, taking advantage of his quickness. Not a great distributor in the set offense or a consistent shooter from beyond the arc, Artur looks to beat his matchup with his nice handles (although his left hand can still improve), in order to force defensive rotations and feed an open teammate, find space in the mid-range area to deliver a jumper, or attack the rim thanks to his excellent leaping ability. He also feels comfortable playing in the open court, while he shows all the tools to be effective on defense. All in all, most of his characteristics are closer to an American type of playmaker rather than a European one. His basketball IQ looks average at this point, as well as his leadership on the court. He needs to work on playmaking basics, focus on distributing the ball, make better decisions, improve his shooting and gain general consistency, but he has the potential to become a useful player. This season, Urazmanov has been loaned by CSKA Moscow to Samara, where he combines the SuperLeague and the Russian Second division. His stats in the top Russian league are nothing to talk about, while in the second division he averages around 10 points and 5 assists per game.

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The European Junior (U-18) Championships: The Point Guards
August 15, 2005

It wasnít a bad tournament for this very athletic point guard, as Urazmanov looked more under control than he did in LíHospitalet. Itís pretty logical, though. Heís a guy that loves to perform flashy moves and leave the audiences mouth open, and with CSKAís dictatorial domination in that tournament, it was just for what he devoted his game. But here was a totally different story, with very serious rivals, and Artur focused on doing the basics.

Itís pretty obvious that Urazmanov is not the best distributor around. On the contrary, his athleticism is what makes him special among the international playmaking crop. Urazmanov has explosive legs that he translates into very good quickness and an excellent vertical leap. Otherwise, we would be talking about a rather limited player, as his size isnít particularly remarkable.

Featuring nice handles, better with his right, a big chunk of his skills are delivered off the dribble, as itís quite difficult to contain him given his quickness. Itís in these situations when he feels more comfortable handing out a good pass, or delivering a mid-ranger with some accuracy. Further, from the perimeter, his jumper is still very inconsistent.

On defense, he shouldnít have problems given his athleticism, but he didnít always deliver his best effort in Belgrade, and was eventually beaten by some rivals.

Something you could miss in Arturís game is more leadership on the court, more ability to take his teamís offensive game on his shoulders when itís needed. Russia was a volatile team at times, and not being able to make the semifinals for a squad as talented as this one canít be considered anything but a failure. In these circumstances, when things got ugly, Urazmanov wasnít able to step up and assume more responsibilities to lead his team back to the games. Although inconsistently, his teammate Korolev was more successful here.

Being 6-1, Artur will clearly need more than athleticism to become a top player at his position.

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L'Hospitalet Tournament: Searching for New Talent
January 9, 2005

Artur Urazmanov has been one of the most spectacular players seen in L'Hospitalet, a 6-1 point guard with superb leaping ability who is fearless on the court. He's not the classical distributor at the point. While he has good court vision, and delivers some flashy passes, he doesn't always make the best decisions.

Urazmanov tried to take advantage of his superior athleticism attacking the rim and going for the block. He constantly looks for the penetration, just to finish himself or feed a mate. Every time a rival stole the ball in CSKA's backcourt, he preferred to closely follow him to go for the block rather than trying to stop him right away. Indeed I think he risks too much in many situations. His good legs are also a very good tool on defense, allowing Artur to effectively guard his matchups.

Urazmanov loves the transition game. He's very quick and has good handles (better with his right than with his left hand), so he constantly pushes the ball to accelerate the pace of the game. He's pretty good at distributing on the break, and can finish well himself thanks to his athleticism.

Perhaps the biggest concern about him is his shooting. A player of his size, not being a superb playmaker, and despite his athletic gifts, needs a very consistent perimeter shot to have a chance at the top level, and Artur doesn't look like a reliable shooter for the moment.

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