Bruce Bowen

Not in any ranking or draft
Height: 6'7" (201 cm)
Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
Position: SF
High School: Edison High School (California)
Hometown: Merced, CA
College: CS-Fullerton
Current Team:


NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division (Part Two)

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
May 27, 2008, 12:50 am
Overview:A self-made player who worked his way up the ladder starting from the very bottom. An average player at Cal-State Fullerton. Spent time in 2nd division France, not considered good enough for the first division, cut from there actually. Played in the CBA as well until he got his break. Below average athlete and all-around talent. Learned how to become a good enough spot-up shooter from the corners to not be a complete offensive liability. Arguably the best defensive wing player in the NBA for a long time now. Has been a key part of San Antonio’s identity, and a major part of the success they’ve enjoyed. Embodies the toughness and selflessness that characterizes the team. Has played 30+ minutes per game for the last six seasons now. 37 years old, but hasn’t lost much effectiveness yet. Played and started in an incredible 500 straight games from 2002 to 2008 until he finally missed one due to a suspension. Quiet guy who does his job, without making a fuss. Plays with the same intensity for every minute he’s on the floor. Work ethic, intangibles are off the charts.

Offense:A role player in every sense. Not a scoring threat at all considering the volume of minutes he plays. An incredible 75% of his offense comes on spot-up jumpers. The rest comes moving off screens or in transition. 50% of his attempts from the field come from beyond the arc. Excellent 3-point shooter at 42% in 07-08. Shoots a similar percentage from the field. Terrific on the catch and shoot, but struggles shooting off the dribble. An average ball-handler who lacks the first step or creativity to get to the basket, but doesn’t need to in San Antonio’s offense. Prefers to go left and is more likely to pull-up off the dribble than get all the way to the basket. Not an explosive leaper by any stretch. Barely gets to the free throw line, where he traditionally struggles, but has improved to a career high 65% in 07-08. Not much of a facilitator for others—again, not a surprise considering his role, but almost never turns the ball over either.

Defense: One of the grittiest perimeter defenders in the NBA. Always assigned to guard the opposing team’s best perimeter player. Has excellent size and length for the wing positions, but is effective primarily because of how hard he works to stick with his man. Does a fantastic job following his matchup without the ball. Fights through screens like his life depends on it, and doesn’t give his man an inch to breathe. Has outstanding footwork and anticipation skills. Even when he gets beat, has a unique gift of understanding angles and being able to recover to the spot his matchup will get to, before he gets there. Reads the scouting report and does a fantastic job executing it. Bumps his man viciously out of his comfort zone and does a great job denying space. Does not bite on jabs or fakes. Pesky defender who understands the nuances of effectively contesting shots. Has been accused of being dirty at times for his part in other players’ injuries. Certainly knows how to bend the rules, and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Does not gamble in the passing lanes at all, and doesn’t come up with many steals at all. Knows what he wants to give up and will bait his man intelligently into shooting what he wants him to.


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