Edgars Jeromanovs

Not in any ranking or draft
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight: 187 lbs (85 kg)
Position: PG
Hometown: Saldus, Latvia
Current Team: Jurmalas
Win - Loss: 13 - 11


Zaragoza, The Best of the Rest: Guards

Luis Fernández
Luis Fernández
Aug 20, 2004, 01:00 am
The absence of Andris Biedrins made Jeromanovs the lone leader of the decidedly weak Latvian squad.

Edgars is a very strong and fairly quick point guard. He takes advantage of his mature body, as evidenced by his average of a whopping 8 boards per game at Zaragoza, by far tops among guards. He loves to attack the rim. Such an adept penetrator is he, in fact, that there were games where this was the Baltic team's primary offense for virtually the entire 40 minutes. It is not only his strength and quickness that help him, as he also exhibits good ball-handling skills, including a nice reverse move.

As we have seen with most of the playmakers in Zaragoza, his passing skills are focused on the drive and dish play. He is not always smart on the court, sometimes making bad decisions with the ball. Nevertheless, he averaged 5.3 assists (second overall), and that is a credit to his fearless nature and his willingness to share the ball. With regard to scoring, Jeromanovs struggles with his shot. It is almost never the first option for him, which reflects that he is not comfortable enough shooting yet. On defense, he is rather reliable thanks to his quick feet.

All in all, he is an interesting player who stood out against the backdrop of the thin Latvian roster, but he is not an NBA level prospect. Despite his good athleticism, he is not a freak, and his talent is not enough.

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