Jaden Springer

Drafted #28 in the 2021 NBA Draft by the 76ers
RCSI: 18 (2020)
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
Weight: 202 lbs (92 kg)
Position: SG
High School: IMG Academy (Florida)
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
College: Tennessee
Current Team: Celtics
Win - Loss: 4 - 1


USA Basketball U16 Training Camp Measurements Released

Jun 04, 2017, 01:21 pm
14 year old Jaden Springer, the cousin of DeAndre Bembry (6'6), son of Iona standout Gary Springer (6'7), and younger brother of Gary Springer Jr. (6'9), measured 6'4 in shoes with a 6'7.5 wingspan, a big jump from last winter and an incremental improvement from the measurements taken by Under Armour at the UA Association only a few months ago.  Virtually unstoppable at the 15U level for Bobby Maze, Springer's continued growth both physically and as a shooter are worth monitoring in the coming seasons, especially if he winds up growing into an over-sized scoring guard.  The Rocky River (NC) standout is one of a number of second-generation talents in the class of 2020 along with Nico Mannion, Jabri Abdur-Rahim, and Lynn Green III whose father and grandfather both played at a high level. He did not make the initial cut of 16 players competing for the final 12 spots.

Under Armour Association Measurements Analysis

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
May 10, 2017, 01:46 am
Standing 6'3 in shoes with a 6'6 wingspan and a 180-some pound frame, 14 year old guard Jaden Springer has been well ahead of his peers at the 15U level despite his youth. It will be interesting to see how his frame compares to that of his cousin, DeAndre Bembry who measured 6'5.75 in shoes with a 6'9.25 wingspan at the 2016 NBA Draft Combine at age 21, down the road.

Under Armour Association Advanced Stats Analysis

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
May 09, 2017, 11:40 am
Another player who was invited to the USA Basketball Junior Minicamp last summer despite being a year younger than nearly all the other attendees, 14-year-old shooting guard Jaden Springer has been nothing short of dominant in the 15U Division posting the number above over that competitions shorter schedule.  A 2020 prospect whose cousin is NBA player DeAndre Bembry, Springer is a natural scorer whose size, length, aggressiveness and ability to create contact set him apart at this level.

Latest results

02/24/2024 116 - 102 at Knicks Knicks
02/22/2024 129 - 112 at Bulls Bulls
02/14/2024 136 - 86 vs Nets Nets
02/13/2024 118 - 110 at Nets Nets


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