Drafted #17 in the 2004 NBA Draft by the Hawks
RCSI: 4 (2004)
Height: 6'8" (203 cm)
Weight: 221 lbs (100 kg)
Position: PF
High School: Oak Hill Academy (Virginia)
Hometown: College Park, GA
Current Team: Pelicans
Win - Loss: 1 - 3


NBA Scouting Reports, Southeastern Division (Part 1)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
May 06, 2008, 11:56 pm
Overview: An elite run-jump athlete who is still polishing his other skills. One of the League’s most explosive leapers, and his length and height make him one of the game’s most impressive highlight-reel dunkers. Possesses ideal size for a small forward, and has improved his strength during his time in the NBA. Very fast for a player his height. Extremely versatile triple-double threat who makes an impact all over the court. Declared for the draft out of acclaimed basketball prep school Oak Hill Academy. Has had some issues in the locker room accepting coaching and maintaining positive body language on the court. Is still relatively young and inexperienced which may have created some of the problems he had in the past; his maturation as both a person and a player in the future will be an important step in the development of the Atlanta franchise. His maturity will no doubt have an impact on how he is perceived in restricted free agency this offseason.

Offense: Improved on the offensive end during each of his first three seasons as a pro. Came into the League with a smooth albeit raw left-handed stroke, and has developed it into a somewhat consistent weapon, although he still has a tendency to fall in love too much with his outside shot, and display very questionable shot-selection. Has improved considerably from his first year in the League, but is still inefficient in Atlanta’s half-court offense. Is much better in one-on-one and transition situations. Gets roughly thirty-percent of his offense in spot-situations, where he tends to either shoot right away or take the ball to the basket driving in either direction. Utilizes his athleticism extremely well. Frequently elevates over taller defenders when attacking the rim. Aggressiveness gets him to the line at a very solid clip. Has a very nice hook shot he likes to go to around the paint. Could definitely stand to improve his free throw routine. Plays on the ball for the Hawks at times. Is an above average passer for his size. Tends to turn the ball over when he puts it on the floor against experienced defenders. Ball-handling skills and shot-creating tools definitely need work. Attacks the offensive glass. Still needs to mature in other areas such as reading defenses and moving off the ball.

Defense: Arguably the best young defender in the NBA. Shows the uncanny ability to translate his athleticism into big plays. Few players show as much dedication running down plays and preventing transition baskets as Smith. Has made a number of highlight reel blocks in his career in which he ran down a ball-handler to send what seemed like an easy layup attempt into the stands. Shows the ability to not only dart into passing lanes for deflections, but also to rotate from the weak-side to block shots in half-court settings. Impressive dedication to rebounding. Shows an acumen for crashing the boards that isn’t common amongst wing players. Doesn’t do the best job boxing out, but compensates with unreal length and jumping ability. Able to recover even when he over pursues his man when closing out due to his huge strides and explosive quickness. Commits quite a few fouls, but it comes as no surprise for a player as aggressive as he is.

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