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Height: 7'0" (213 cm)
Weight: 255 lbs (116 kg)
Age: 31
Position: C
High School: South Kent School (Connecticut)
Hometown: Enugu, Nigeria
College: Oklahoma Baptist
Current Team: DePaul
Win - Loss: 11 - 20


National Prep Showcase--Day Three

Rodger Bohn
Rodger Bohn
Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Nov 20, 2006, 02:41 am
Kene Obi is a name who has drawn some hype already over the past few years, despite the fact that he's basically making his first strides just now in the game of basketball. Chad Ford of ESPN Insider raved about his upside three years ago already at the Africa 100 camp already, but Obi has struggled to find a home for himself until he landed at South Kent just recently. He only played about 8 minutes in two games this weekend, and once he stepped on the floor, it was immediately evident why…

Obi is about as raw a big man as you'll find. Whether its getting rejected by the rim on a dunk attempt, not recognizing the 3 seconds in the paint rule or tripping all over himself in the layup line or while going after a rebound, everything looks completely new to him. He's got phenomenal size and an incredible wingspan, but his body is extremely unproportioned, with a fantastic upper body compared with two of the skinniest legs you'll find around. Until he finds his coordination and gains quite a bit of experience in actual game-time situations, Obi will remain a project of the highest order.

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02/27/2018 57 - 82 at Creighton Creighton
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