Not in any ranking or draft
Height: 6'10" (208 cm)
Weight: 210 lbs (95 kg)
Position: PF
Hometown: Pau, France
Current Team: Orleans
Win - Loss: 0 - 1


U-18 European Championship: The Bigs

Luis Fernández
Luis Fernández
Sep 05, 2007, 12:57 am
Showing a pretty big contrast between potential and production, Louves displays some extremely intriguing characteristics that invite us to remain expectant of his development. Surprisingly fluid in some face-up moves, he’s a long forward who easily stands 6-10. He’s also pretty athletic, still rather skinny, but with a decent frame even for the power forward spot.

Considering his length, he’s a guy who stands out just by how easily he can put the ball on the floor and beat his opponents. He can go both ways using either hand with equal ease, always showing a nice first step, solid footwork and notable quickness approaching the basket, while he can finish with really stylish layups as he flies towards the basket. He can also shoot the ball out to the three point line, usually from static positions, with nice mechanics even if with inconsistent accuracy. It’s often the type small forward stuff that he can eventually deliver with surprising ease, although he wasn’t particularly prolific taking offensive initiatives. Anyway, Louves did emerge as a solid rebounder taking advantage of his length and leaping ability.

On the downside, he’s a pretty cold player when it comes to getting involved in the game, not being the most aggressive or tough guy on a basketball court. He’s not a constant guy, as he often floats around the court with no apparent purpose. Besides, his decision making and basketball IQ seem pretty average. In the end, he doesn’t consistently take advantage of his skills and physical gifts to become a productive player. Therefore, how he deals with these mental flaws will be crucial for him to fulfill some of his intriguing potential.

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