Drafted #29 in the 1998 NBA Draft by the 76ers
Height: 6'10" (208 cm)
Weight: 221 lbs (100 kg)
Position: C
High School: Kenwood Academy (Illinois)
Hometown: Chicago, IL
College: Kentucky
Current Team: Thunder
Win - Loss: 63 - 29


NBA Scouting Reports, Southeastern Division (Part 1)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
May 06, 2008, 11:56 pm
Overview: A veteran center who found new life in Charlotte. Possesses good size and length for the center position. Pretty physically strong, but can’t push around more compact players. Very good quickness and leaping ability for a player his size. Capable of making some plays on both ends to his combination of size and mobility. Put together only a decent career at Kentucky. Needed a few years in the NBA to figure things out. Has shown flashes of solid production in the past. Brings some nice things to the table in Charlotte that he couldn’t provide elsewhere. Still not overly skilled.

Offense: Gets a quarter of his shots off of post ups with another one fifth coming from each of cuts, offensive rebounds, and pick and rolls. Has a decent stroke for a player his size. It isn’t pretty but it seems to work. Almost brings the ball to his opposite shoulder before pushing it up and then out. Gets decent rotation despite some jerky mechanics. Tends to turn over his left shoulder when post up, and also tends to fade away when shooting close to the basket. Doesn’t show a lot of post skills in terms of fakes and pumps. Gets most of his points moving away from the rim when he has to create his own shot. Finishes a mediocre clip when not working one-on-one. A better midrange option than he used to be. Capable of putting the ball on the floor to move to the open spot in the high post. Makes some bad decisions when passing out of the post, but not too many for it to be a major issue. Needs to work on his free throw shooting.

Defense: A very solid defender who does a good job on the block. Will get a hand up on players driving to the basket. Still doesn’t display great fundamentals. Will reach in and commit some unnecessary fouls. Needs to learn to go straight up. Pretty good shot blocker and rebounder. More than capable of helping out on the defensive end with his athleticism and intensity.

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