Pat Garrity

Drafted #19 in the 1998 NBA Draft by the Mavericks
Height: 6'9" (206 cm)
Weight: 237 lbs (108 kg)
Position: PF
High School: Lewis-Palmer High School (Colorado)
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
College: Notre Dame
Current Team: Notre Dame
Win - Loss: 13 - 20


NBA Scouting Reports, Southeastern Division (Part 2)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Eric Weiss
Eric Weiss
May 09, 2008, 09:13 am
Overview: A shooting specialist who has seen his role shrink after suffering through a series of injuries. Good height for a shooter. Lacks physical strength and athleticism. Has become even less mobile in recent seasons due to injuries. Needs to find the stroke that made him one of the League's best shooters early in his career. Doesn't bring a lot to the table outside of his shooting anymore. Showed quite a bit of versatility at Notre Dame. Can't do the things he did back then. Provides a nice presence in the locker room, but won't see much court time until he finds his stroke again.

Offense: Functions almost exclusive as a spot up jump shooter. Possesses a very sound shooting stroke, but hasn't shown the consistency he did early in his career. Not connecting from three point range at anywhere near the level he used to. Good spot up shooter when he can get significant reps. Won't put the ball on the floor to score. Not a capable finisher due to his lack of athleticism and strength. Needs to find his stroke in practice and translate that onto the floor to improve his current level of play offensive. Very one dimensional at his point. Won't turn the ball over, but won't grab any offensive rebounds either.

Defense: A defensive liability who lacks the foot speed to keep up with athletic players. Will get beaten off the dribble by most power forwards. Doesn't have the strength to defend traditional back to the basket players. Has a hard time keeping his man away from the rim. Can't rebound at a high rate since he has a hard time getting and maintaining position. Won't be in games to make defensive stops.