Quentin Richardson

Drafted #18 in the 2000 NBA Draft by the Clippers
RCSI: 9 (1998)
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 236 lbs (107 kg)
Position: SF
High School: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School (Illinois)
Hometown: Chicago, IL
College: DePaul
Current Team: DePaul
Win - Loss: 3 - 29


NBA Scouting Reports, Atlantic Division (Part Two)

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Jan 27, 2009, 01:31 am
Overview: A one dimensional wing player who was once known as an electric player. Has good size and average athleticism for a small forward. Possesses great strength and once was known for his leaping ability. Relies very heavily on his 3-point shot as a source of production, but can also post up. Doesn’t score efficiently at all, but can get on impressive hot streaks from time to time. One of the best rebounding wings in the League, but has declined in that area. Not a great defender at all. Had an unbelievably productive two year career at DePaul. Averaged a double-double as a freshman. Was named the Conference USA Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year during that season. Saw his numbers decline slightly as a sophomore. Took his act to the NBA, landing in the middle of the first round. Teamed with fellow rookie Darius Miles to bring hope to a struggling Clippers franchise. Has been a decent fit for Mike D’Antoni’s offense, but has gradually declined athletically to the point that he’s almost strictly a spot-up shooter.

Offense: An extremely inefficient option on the perimeter. Gets about one half of his touches as a spot up shooter with another quarter coming from post ups and fast breaks. Has a very nice jump shot, and while he doesn’t have ideal form, he gets great arc and good rotation from the perimeter. Takes a ton of threes, and is a very streaky shooter from the outside. Will shoot with a hand in his face, but isn’t the type of player that can overcome good defense. Very good on the catch and shoot, but extremely poor off the dribble. Forces some shots when his teammates are open. More than 50% of his field goal attempts come from beyond the arc. Doesn’t have much of a first step, and isn’t effective at all when he puts the ball on the floor, and finishes at a very poor rate. Cannot go left, and almost never gets to the free throw line. Is pretty good at using his strength on the block. Will create some matchup problems with the way he can bully smaller players. Uses some strong drop step moves over his left shoulder to get the ball up on the rim. Scores more efficiently on the block than he does in almost any other facet of the game. Lacks the ball handling ability to compensate for the fact that defenders aren’t respecting his jump shot as much as they used to.

Defense: Not a great defender due to his average size and lateral quickness, but can be effective thanks to his smarts, strength and dedication to the scouting report. Doesn’t always show great intensity over the course of a game. Can be a solid one-on-one defender at times. Moves his feet well and stays in good position when his man attacks him off the dribble, but keeps his hands low and doesn’t do a great job contesting shots. Capable of keeping some players out of the lane, but is more prone to forcing them to the baseline after they get him on their shoulder. Will get taken to the rim by quicker players. Very good at denying penetration with his body when players can’t turn the corner on him. Physical strength makes him difficult to simply blow by for most players. Likes to sit in the paint and grab rebounds, something that he is tailor made for. Shows a willingness to box out, but is usually able to clean the glass by virtue of his physical strength and leaping ability. Shows absolutely no commitment when closing out shooters. Will often just sit in the lane rather than run out to contest a wide open look. When he does close out, it is often to try and block the shot by jumping late and taking himself completely out of the play. Usually gets a pretty easy defensive assignment, allowing him to hide some of his weaknesses.


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