Quinton Ross

Not in any ranking or draft
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)
Age: 39
Position: SG/SF
Jerseys: #14, #13
High School: Justin F. Kimball High School (Texas)
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Agent: SELF
College: SMU
Current Team: SMU
Win - Loss: 2 - 0


NBA Scouting Reports, Pacific Division (Part One)

Matt Kamalsky
Matt Kamalsky
Jul 31, 2008, 06:33 pm
Overview: Role-playing small forward who has proven to be a decent asset off the bench. Has average size for his position, but doesn’t carry much weight on his frame. Not a great athlete either. Has very long arms. Displays a nice all-around game, which is key since he doesn’t excel offensively. Rebounds the ball fairly well for his position. Plays great defense, and isn’t a risk taker, something that makes him a valuable asset. Not a scorer and definitely not a long-range shooter, but has improved his range somewhat in recent seasons. Won’t contribute much from the perimeter in most scenarios. Won the WAC Player of the Year Award in 2003 as a senior at Southern Methodist University. Can’t put up the same numbers in the NBA that he did in college, but quickly found a niche as a complimentary player and a defensive specialist. May be inclined to stick with the Clippers as a free agent this summer should they show interest. Efficiency really abandoned him last season.

Offense: Gets most of his touches in spot up situations, but is much more effective at the rim than on the perimeter. Not a good shooter by any stretch. Doesn’t have bad mechanics, but simply isn’t effective. Will shoot a three if he’s open. Doesn’t do a whole lot of damage off the dribble either. A mediocre ball-handler. Loves to go left. Capable finisher at the rim. Will crash the glass and move without the ball to get open looks at the basket. Does a good job moving the ball on the perimeter. Won’t do a whole lot outside of his repertoire which in his case is one of his strong points. Almost never turns the ball over. Doesn’t shoot a great percentage from the field.

Defense: A tremendous defender who plays aggressively on the ball without fouling. Gets in a deep stance and moves his feet extremely well. Won’t use his hands unless he has to. Won’t go after bad passes or reach. Isn’t going to try and block many shots either. Will contest anything he can though. Plays with great discipline. The type of player that can make an impact with consistent defense.