Samuel Dalembert

Drafted #26 in the 2001 NBA Draft by the 76ers
RCSI: 30 (1999)
Height: 6'11" (211 cm)
Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
Position: C
High School: St. Patrick High School (New Jersey)
Hometown: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
College: Seton Hall
Current Team: Shanxi
Win - Loss: 23 - 25


NBA Scouting Reports, Atlantic Division (Part Five)

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 18, 2009, 09:42 pm
Overview: An athletic center with rare physical tools. Great size and length for the center position. Has packed on some muscle since entering the League. Supremely mobile for his position. Very good leaper. Limited offensive player who took a big step backwards in 08-09. Does not always know his limitations on that end. Has always been able to make an impact as a defender. Blocks shots and rebounds at supremely high rates. Displayed tremendous defensive skills in his two seasons at Seton Hall. Showed only marginal offensive development in college, but exceeded expectations in a major way as a pro. Still raw in many ways, has some glaring weaknesses, including his post-game, shot-selection and passing ability. Does not possess a terribly high basketball IQ. Took himself off the floor last year by fouling excessively, and saw his overall role decrease significantly.

Offense: A highly inconsistent offensive big man who can regardless use his tremendous physical tools to his advantage. Size, length, athleticism allows him to emerge as a terrific finisher around the basket, but needs to have shots created for him by others. Gets almost half of his offense from hustle points, by running the floor, flashing to the rim and crashing the offensive glass. Has developed an ugly looking jumper that he can hit from time to time from the elbow. Won’t win an award for having a fundamentally sound jump shot, but it can work him at times. Not something his team can rely on though. Takes some questionable shots, and seems to fall in love with his short range jumper when its falling. Doesn’t display much back to the basket game. Very limited footwork and post moves. Likes to turn over his right shoulder and the fade away to create space for his jumper when his defender allows him to. Very predictable on the block due to his average skill-level. The definition of a black hole, and one of the worst passers in the NBA. Will rack up 1 assist for approximately every 7 turnovers he commits. Doesn’t know his limitations in the least bit, seems to fancy himself as somewhat of a go-to guy. Operates out on the perimeter to space the floor for his guards in Philly’s offensive sets, but will do most of his damage by being active and athletic when his teammates draw his defender when they go to the rim. Also an excellent offensive rebounder. Draws some fouls and shoots a below average clip from the line.

Defense: A talented post defender who uses his athleticism and size to make plays, even if he is not all that smart or fundamentally sound. Uses his combination of length and explosiveness to alter and block numerous shot attempts around the rim. Has the foot speed to step out and defend the high post against most fives in the League. Very good rebounder, at times can be considered elite. Has the strength to defend the post one-on-one against most players, but doesn’t always have that advantage. Will get pushed around by stronger centers. Tends to lose his focus quickly and will make his fair share of bone-headed plays, often by gambling excessively. Can be viewed as a very serviceable defensive player due to his ability to protect the rim, but takes himself out of games with incessant fouling. Seemed to have worked past that, but has fallen back on his old habits of hacking shooters, biting on pump-fakes and being too aggressive with his body.

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