Shai Alexander profile
RCSI: 33 (2017)
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 171 lbs (78 kg)
Age: 19.2
Position: PG/SG
High School: Hamilton Heights Christian Academy (Tennessee)
Hometown: Toronto, ON
College: Kentucky
Current Team: UPlay Canada
Win - Loss: 3 - 12
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Nike Hoop Summit Interview and Practice Highlights

PreDraft Measurements

Year Source Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Weight Wingspan Standing Reach No Step Vert Max Vert
2017 Hoop Summit - 6'6" 175 6'10 ½" 8'6" 27.5" -
2016 Biosteel All-Canadian Game - 6'5 ½" 171 6'9" 8'5" - -

Basic Per Game Stats

Season GP Min Pts 2pt 3pt FT Rebounds Ast Stl Blk TO PF
M A % M A % M A % Off Def Tot


Nike Hoop Summit Scouting Reports: Guards

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Apr 11, 2017, 05:52 pm
Shai Alexander, Canada, PG/SG, Class of 2017, Kentucky, 18.8
-Outstanding dimensions for a point guard at 6'6 in shoes with a 6'10 wingspan. Has the size and length to defend any of the three backcourt positions. Has big hands, and a frame that should be able to get stronger in time
-Can get in a low stance and be highly disruptive defensively with his size and length on the perimeter. Will heat up the ball and slide along the perimeter. Gives his team great versatility with his ability to defend multiple positions
-Fluid athlete who operates at different speeds. Has long strides getting to the rim out of the pick and roll
-Willing passer who shows flashes of vision and unselfishness, especially in transition or in drive and dish situations. Sees over the top of the defense
-Showed flashes of shot-making ability, indicating his jumper isn't a lost cause long-term
-Vocal in the practices. Shows some leadership skills
-Raw player, still at an early stage of development
-Smooth athlete, but not overly explosive
-Frame is still fairly weak, which prevents him from being overly physical on either end of the floor. May still have some upside he hasn't yet realized athletically, but hasn't gotten much stronger in the past year
-Struggles to create at a high-level in the half-court. Has a high, loose handle that slows him down off the bounce. Mostly a straight line driver at this stage. Needs to improve his off hand.
-Jump-shot is a major work in progress. Labored stroke with a bit of a hitch at the end. Needs time and space to get off. Struggles to make shots off the bounce
-Lacks high-level experience. Not a great decision maker at this stage. Often a split-second late with his reads. Telegraphs his passes
Outlook Alexander was up and down through the week of practices, showing flashes of impressive talent but also indicating that he's still a ways away from putting it altogether. Alexander's ideal position as a prospect is undoubtedly at point guard, but his skill-level isn't where it needs to be yet to man the position at the highest levels full-time. As a late bloomer, he has time on his side, and could emerge as a very interesting prospect down the line with added skill-development and experience over the next few years at Kentucky.

2017 Shai Alexander Nike Hoop Summit Interview and Practice Highlights

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac
Apr 08, 2017, 10:18 pm
An interview with Shai Alexander featuring highlights from the 2017 Nike Hoop Summit practices in Portland, Oregon.


2017 Nike Hoop Summit Shooting Drills: World Select Team

Richard Walker
Richard Walker
Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac
Apr 06, 2017, 07:32 pm

2017 Nike Hoop Summit: World Select Team Measurements

Apr 03, 2017, 02:11 am
 Fellow Kentucky commit Shai Alexander measured very well here standing 6'6 with a 6'10.5 wingspan, both small, but relevant, improvements from the marks he was credited with at last spring's Biosteel All-Canadian Game.  A tremendously talented, but somewhat raw guard with high upside, Alexander has tremendous size for either guard spot, but particularly the point guard position if John Calipari ultimately decides that's where the Toronto's native's future will be long-term.  From a physical perspective, he's similar to Shaun Livingston who measured 6'7 in shoes with a 6'11 wingspan and a 186 pound frame at the 2004 NBA Pre-Draft Camp. 

BioSteel All Canadian High School Basketball Game Scouting Reports

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Apr 13, 2016, 03:54 pm
Shai Alexander (Shai Gilgeous-Alexander), 6-6, PG/SG, Toronto, 1998

-Excellent size and length for a guard prospect – 6' 5.5” with a 6' 9” wingspan.
-Tremendous defensive potential. Quick feet, active hands, long arms. Has the tools to defend both guard positions if he's able to fill out.
-Quick first step. Doesn't need a ball screen to beat his man off the bounce. Shows an ability to play at different speeds.
-Able to drive both right and left. Will occasionally use his off hand to deliver passes.
-Length helps him finish around the rim despite his slight frame. Doesn't shy away from contact as much as you'd expect.
-20.8 points, 5.9 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.8 steals, 1.2 blocks, and 3.0 turnovers per 40 minutes on 73.3 2P% and 42.9 3P% in five 2015 Adidas Uprising games.
-Not a great shooter at this stage but his shot isn't broken. Gets solid rotation.

-Very thin at 171 pounds. Fairly narrow shoulders. Will most likely always be on the lighter side. Struggles to finish through contact. Gets overpowered on defense at times.
-Raw offensively. Lacks advanced combo moves at this stage.
-Not a great decision maker on the move. Can get tunnel vision. Still figuring out how to mix scoring and playmaking. Struggles with the simple play at times. A ways away from being able to run an offense with any consistency.
-Struggles to make shots from the perimeter. Very low release point. Misses left and right. Shot isn't broken but it isn't a weapon at this stage. Turns down jumpers. Not very comfortable pulling up off the dribble.
-Would benefit from adding a floater.

Outlook With his physical attributes, quickness and defensive versatility, Gilgeous-Alexander was one of the most intriguing long-term prospects on the BioSteel All-Canadian roster. The late bloomer is far from polished offensively, but Gilgeous-Alexander has enough potential on that end to eventually develop into a slashing guard who can find teammates on the move. The future Kentucky Wildcat isn't an instant-impact player, and he has to improve his shooting and decision making, but he has the tools to develop into an intriguing prospect after a few years in the SEC.

Latest results

05/28/2017 77 - 82 at E1T1 Elite E1T1 Elite
05/28/2017 57 - 68 vs CIA Bounce CIA Bounce
05/27/2017 62 - 61 at Nike South Beach Nike South Beach
05/14/2017 66 - 83 vs Team Penny Team Penny


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