NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part Three)

NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part Three)
Sep 16, 2008, 05:14 pm
Continuing our series of articles filling out our database with scouting reports of every single NBA player, we look at the next team in the Northwest division, the Portland Trailblazers.

As a reminder, we are not currently profiling rookies or sophomores, but you should be able to find in-depth scouting reports on every player of note by following the links on their profiles or using our search engine above.

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Portland Trailblazers

LaMarcus Aldridge

Nicolas Batum

Jerryd Bayless

Steve Blake

Overview:A steady distributing point guard that is limited in certain respects, but can be an asset to some teams with his ability to make shots and create opportunities for his teammates. Has good size, but is not a tremendous athlete. Possesses middle-of-the-road size, quickness, and explosiveness for an NBA point guard. Lacks the strength to be a great finisher or defender. Can make an impact with his passing. Capable of doing some scoring, but that isn’t really his forte. Will make an effort defensively, but his lack of athleticism hurts him more than it did on the college level. Won a state championship an Miami Senior HS (FL) before playing at the storied Oak Hill Academy (VA). Had a productive four year career at Maryland. Won an NCAA Championship with the Terapins in 2002. Bounced around the League after being picked in the second round. A complementary player that can be a nice asset for a team with the right players around him.

Offense: Offers most of his value as a passer and shooter, but brings some things to the table as a scorer as well. Gets about half of his touches in pick and roll situations with another quarter coming from spot up opportunities. Relies very heavily on his jump-shot for production and rarely gets to the basket or free throw line. Displays a smooth shooting stroke, but doesn’t get great elevation or have a high release point. Takes quite a few threes each game, shooting a very respectable percentage. 3-point attempts make up between 40-50% of his total shots, but he is a good enough shooter to make that work. Attractive to some coaches because he can function as a catch and shoot guy without playing on the ball. Shot-selection is excellent. Not all that effective when pulling up off the dribble due to the fact that he can’t create separation against many defenders. Will turn the corner on the pick and roll, but isn’t quick enough to get to the rim without some help. Isn’t going to finish at a high rate around the rim due to his lack of athleticism. Doesn’t go to the foul line at all for that reason. Something of a streak shooter at the charity stripe. Won’t score terribly efficiently, but will set up his teammates at a high rate. Shows very good court vision, always looking for an open teammate. Ideally suited for pick and roll situations since he struggles to get by defenders himself and proves to be a very crafty passer in traffic. Would rather drive and dish than drive and score. Limited as a starting point guard at the end of shot-clocks and game-situations for that reason. Needs to have a great shot-creator next to him. Capable of running the break effectively. A good facilitator across the board. Has cut down on his turnovers as he’s gotten older, and is now regularly amongst the league leaders in assist to turnover ratio for that reason. Mistake-free player with a high basketball IQ. Not an ideal option due to his lack of athleticism and slashing potential, but more than capable of running a team and has the added versatility of being able to see minutes at the 2 as a spot-up shooter. In a good situation playing next a big combo guard in Brandon Roy.

Defense: A passable defender that will give an effort, but lacks the athleticism or strength to make a big impact. Applies solid ball pressure in half-court settings. Has the size to contest the shots of most point guards, but isn’t strong enough to defend other positions or more powerful players. Doesn’t a good job closing out shooters and getting a hand up, but lacks the quickness to stay with most of the elite point guards in the game. Won’t shy away when forced to fight over a screen, but doesn’t have the recovery speed to keep up with his man when he gets caught up. Shows good footwork and fundamentals when his man tries to get separation with hesitation and crossovers. Has a lot of good qualities on the defensive end, but often isn’t explosive enough to stay with players who are overwhelmingly more physically gifted than him.

Ike Diogu (follow link to read scouting report)

Rudy Fernandez

Channing Frye

Overview:A long, athletic power forward who provides very nice depth and is an asset thanks to his combination of physical tools and high skill-level. Possesses a big wingspan and adequate size for both post positions. Could stand to get stronger to improve his ability to hold position on the block. Has added weight since entering the League, but more certainly wouldn’t hurt. Offers some versatility offensively with his ability to play high or low in the paint. An average defender who struggles to stay out of foul trouble. Had an extremely efficient four year career at Arizona, but wasn’t a dominant force by any means. Played his way into the lottery with by using his size and touch to shoot a very impressive percentage from the field. Had a great rookie season being named to the All-Rookie first team, but has seen his numbers decline in each season since, partially due to injuries. Has been criticized at times for a certain lack of toughness. Will show signs of potential, but needs to have a consistent role. Brings a lot to the table off the floor. One of the good guys in the League.

Offense: A quality offensive big man who hasn’t put up the same numbers since his outstanding rookie season. Gets about half of his touches from a combination of pick and rolls and spot up opportunities. Will also get some opportunities to post up and makes some scoring chances for himself by working on the offensive glass and moving without the ball. A classic modern day power forward due to his ability to space the floor from the outside, but still make plays around the hoop thanks to his length and athleticism. Has extremely soft touch from the perimeter for a player his size, but tends to fall in love with his jumper at times. Possesses textbook form. Has range out to college three point range, and sometimes beyond. Surprisingly capable shooter off the dribble. Tends to float when he pulls up going left. Capable of putting the ball on the floor one or two times to score, but isn’t going to break anyone down with a crossover anytime soon. Pretty perimeter oriented for a big man, but shoots a solid percentage from the field regardless. Has good hands and the athleticism needed to finish plays effectively at the rim, but usually not with authority. Doesn’t take contact very well, and goes to the line at just a decent rate. Struggles to get good position on the block and doesn’t have a great deal of moves in the paint. Has a well developed face up game, and loves to drive to his right and use a smooth running hook when he can get his man off balance. Works well off the ball and gives and effort on the offensive glass. Moves the ball well, but isn’t a flashy passer. Doesn’t turn the ball over as often as most big men who like to play outside. Generally has a good feel for the game and a nice skill-level. Brings a lot to the table on the offensive end in that he is big enough to play center and make plays around the rim, but can also stretch the floor as a PF for a low-post big man like Greg Oden or LaMarcus Aldridge. Would likely be able to put up very good numbers on a team without as much talent in the frontcourt.

Defense: Has the size, length and athleticism to be effective at times, but lacks the strength or toughness to live up to his potential on this end. Will get pushed around by bigger players on a regular basis and usually doesn’t offer much resistance. Has a hard time holding position. Capable of defending some power forwards, but has just average fundamentals and awareness out on the perimeter. Not able to come over from the weakside to block shots like he used to. Can’t hedge pick and rolls to the same extent either. Rebounds the ball at a respectable clip. Is extremely foul prone on a per-minute basis. Has a lot of room for improvement on this end of the floor, and will have to do so if he wants to see playing time under Nate McMillan.

Steven Hill

Luke Jackson

James Jones

Jones signed with Miami this summer, but that team’s scouting reports have already been posted.

Overview:Late-blooming combo forward who has established himself as one of the top 3-point shooters in the NBA, but can offer more than just shooting. Long, tall, skinny perimeter player who is limited in certain regards, but is a valuable asset to have in a rotation as a solid perimeter defender and shooter. Average athlete who lacks the quickness to get by his man and the explosiveness to finish around the rim. Can play both the 3 and the 4, but is more effective at the 3 due to his strength limitations defensively. Makes some little plays that pure shooting specialists usually won’t. Excellent defender and above average rebounder. Smart, team player who knows his limitations and brings a high character to the locker room. Possesses strong leadership skills. Academic all-American throughout college. Knee problems may have scared off some teams this summer, but still managed to land a long-term deal with Miami which included team and player options.

Offense: A role-player who is at his best spacing the floor and knocking down shots with his feet set. Highly efficient player relative to the amount of possessions he uses. Gets the majority of his shots in spot-up situations, waiting for kickouts within the flow of his team’s offense. Has an acute understanding of how to move off the ball and creating spacing in his team’s half-court offense. One of the best in the NBA with his feet set, and can get his shot off with relative ease thanks to his superior size. Not as accurate if forced to pull-up off the dribble. Unselfish team player who knows his limitations and is highly efficient thanks to his excellent shot-selection. Over 60% of his field goal attempts come from beyond the arc. Does not finish very well around the basket due to his lack of strength and explosiveness. Gets to the free throw line at an average rate, but shoots a superb percentage once there, close to 90%. Has no post up game to take advantage of mismatches at the 3. Does not turn the ball over at all, but also doesn’t garner a great deal of assists.

Defense: Size, length and smarts help him out tremendously on this end. Puts a good effort in and has strong fundamentals to boot. Not particularly strong or athletic, but has the timing to make plays. Comes up with a decent amount of steals and blocks thanks to his excellent 7-2 wingspan. Really knows the nuances of contesting shots. Reads the scouting report and knows how to get his matchup to settle for low-percentage looks. Can get beat from time to time by athletic shot-creating slashers due to his just average lateral quickness. Susceptible to being posted up due to his weak frame, and struggles at times fighting through screens on the pick and roll. Good enough one on one defender to spend some minutes on the opposing team’s best perimeter players.

Raef LaFrentz

Overview:A veteran center who is playing under a huge deal. Has had a history of knee injuries, largely eliminating any advantage he used to be able to act on athletically. Does have good size and strength for a center. Was once a very capable outside shooter, but doesn’t get the reps to retain his consistency. No longer the help-side defender he once was. Has become a very different player than the one he was in college. Was very much a low-post player for the Kansas Jayhawks. Developed in each of the four years in spent in school, but was already productive as a freshman. Two time unanimous First Team All-American and Big 12 Conference Player of the Year. Garnered a very high selection in the draft due to his size, scoring, and rebounding. Developed his shooting range before his first season with the Nuggets. Had his rookie season cut short and his upside diminished by a torn ACL. Put up very solid numbers in the beginning of his career despite that setback. Saw his production decline over time. No longer the shot blocker he used to be. Provides nice intangibles. Can be a nice end of the bench player, but not under his current deal. Likely will miss most of this current season with a shoulder injury.

Offense: Gets most of his touches at this point in his career on hustle players, but will still get some opportunities on the perimeter. More than capable of knocking down shots from the outside. Used to be a legitimate three point threat with a consistent left-handed stroke. No longer ventures to the outside to look for catch and shoot opportunities. Won’t look to put the ball on the floor to score either. Seldom turns the ball over, but won’t set up teammates either. Shows a willingness to crash the offensive glass and work off of his teammates. Has good touch at the rim, but lacks the athleticism to make any dynamic plays. Relies on his turnaround jumper when he’s posted up. Not quick enough to create the space to utilize it effectively anymore. Used to be able to score more effectively at the basket with power moves. Injuries have significantly diminished his offensive skills. Can still function as a pick and pop player.

Defense: A decent defender that used to be very productive. Has the physical strength to hold position on the block, but injuries have limited his quickness to the point that he has a lot of trouble keeping his man from keeping an open look. Plays a very aggressive brand of defense, giving his man no room to operate. Used to be one of the game’s best weakside shot blockers, but his lateral quickness prevents him from being a factor anymore. Still gets some blocks by virtue of his effort, size, and awareness in the post. Will contest every shot that he can. Gets called for a ton of fouls for that reason. Shows great footwork and fundamentals. Lacks the acceleration to close out shooters with any effectiveness. Tries to close out and get a hand up, but often winds up out of position due to his inability to recover. Has a hard time getting back when the ball is pushed in transition. Will fight for rebounds underneath. Was a very good defender before his knees went bad.

Greg Oden

Travis Outlaw

Overview:A long athletic combo forward that took a while to come around after being drafted straight out of high school, but has become a very nice role playing scorer. Has tremendous size and a great wingspan for a small forward, but sees quite a few minutes at the 4 as well. An elite run and jump athlete. Not very strong physically, but has added some muscle to his frame over time. Can make an impact with his mid-range jumper. Has all the assets you look for in a big time defensive player, but hasn’t put them together yet. Still has quite a bit of potential in that area, and is extremely young despite going into his sixth season in the NBA. Was simply too athletic to be stopped during his career at Starkville HS (MS). Was picked in the first round based solely on his long-term potential. Took a few years to acclimate to the NBA level. Needed to hone all of his skills and had a hard time making an impact early in his career. Hasn’t made a big stride in one particular area but has simply improved every year. Not the smartest player in the world, but is a hard worker and has a very easy going personality. Could grow into a very valuable niche player if he manages to keep his ego in check.

Offense: An athlete that is capable of scoring in a number of ways. Gets about one-third of his offense in spot up situations, with another large portion coming in one-on-one opportunities and moving without the ball. Displays a semi-consistent jump shot that he’s honed significantly over the course of his career. Used to shoot a ton of off balance shots, but has refined his form in recent seasons. Gets great elevation when he pulls up off the dribble. Can score driving in either direction, but still shows some questionable shot selection on his pull ups. Get separation easily due to his length and athleticism. Capable catch and shoot player. Has slowly extended his range out to the NBA line, but doesn’t take many attempts from that far out. Much more of a mid-range player. Sees a good amount of isolation plays from the high post. Not a great ball-handler, struggles to change directions and speeds when he attacks the rim. Could stand to improve in that area. Usually just tries to blow by his man. Will force some shots going away from the rim when he can’t get all the way to the rim. Not a great finisher for an athlete of his caliber, despite his terrific extension around the rim. Has a hard time dealing with contact. Goes to the line at a very good rate, and shoots a decent percentage. Will make some highlight reel plays in transition. Gets some chances in the post, showing a nice turnaround jumper. Doesn’t set up teammates or turn the ball over often. Will grab an offensive rebound from time to time. Can create his own shot due to his athleticism, but still needs to learn how to pick and choose his spots. Shot-selection is questionable at times. Top-20 in the league in field goal attempts per-minute, but isn’t efficient enough to really warrant that.

Defense: A solid defender who needs to recognize that he has all of the physical tools to be an elite defender. Has the length and lateral quickness to be a menace on the perimeter, but has only been to take advantage of that in small doses. Is largely inconsistent with the things he shows on the defensive end. Follows up one great play up with a terrible one, blocking shots and getting steals, but also falling for fakes and taking some possessions off. Isn’t always very aggressive when defending the perimeter. Doesn’t get low in his stance will let slower players beat him off the dribble periodically. Won’t give up a lot of penetration when he’s giving a good effort. Has the length to contest shots and the quickness to close out shooters effectively. Can be a force when he’s fully tuned in thanks to his awesome physical tools. Will get an occasional steal or block. Tends to largely let the game come to him, not always following the scouting report or displaying good fundamentals. Rebounds at a solid rate by virtue of his athleticism. Has all kinds of potential as a defender. Needs to recognize what an added measure of defensive intensity and awareness could do for his value as a role player.

Joel Przybilla

Overview:A big, strong, defensive-minded center that doesn’t much to the table offensively. Has great size and strength for a center, even in NBA terms. Not an elite level athlete by any means, but shows good athleticism for a player his size. Was never that productive on the offensive end. Shows some tools, but has never been able to develop a consistent repertoire. Plays within himself more so than he used to. Makes a living with his defense. Blocks shots and especially grabs rebounds at a superb rate. Filled essentially the same role in his two years at Minnesota. Got drafted in the top-ten by virtue of his defensive abilities, size, and potential. Never developed the offensive game to be a more complete player. Bounced around the League before finding a home in Portland. Can be a great asset off the bench due to his size and aggressive mentality.

Offense: A pure role-playing offensive player that scores fairly efficiently without having any plays called for him. Does most of his damage by working on the glass and moving without the ball. Has essentially no jump shot. Shoots the ball from his chest without a lot of touch. Does all of his damage within a couple feet of the rim. Shows the ability to read his teammates and get into position to receive the ball for easy baskets. Offers a huge target when he flashes to the middle. Fights for position on the block and always goes after offensive rebounds. Size, strength, and aggressiveness make him one of the game’s top rebounders. Never shy about initiating contact. Goes to the line at a solid rate relative to his minimal touches. Has improved his free throw shooting over time. Turns the ball over at an alarming rate relative to the amount of touches he receives, amongst the worst in the NBA. Doesn’t have a very good left hand, but can finish over his left shoulder on the block. A true banger that sets good (sometimes moving) screens, works hard, but isn’t going to do much damage when he has to create his own shot. Not a glamorous option offensively, and is far from a feature talent, but can be a decent complementary player in the post.

Defense: A solid defender that is good for a few blocks, a ton of rebounds, and a handful of fouls every game. Doesn’t do a great job using his strength defensively. Will allow his man to get position on the block by sagging too far into help side. Will fight for position when he knows the ball is about to be entered. Won’t give up an inch as soon as his man has the ball. Will force his man to miss some easy shots by being physical and not falling for a lot of fakes. Gets most of his fouls by reaching over the top of shooters when he’s beat. Does a good job going straight up with he maintains position. Won’t hedge many screens. Very aggressive when going after rebounds. Outstanding at cleaning up the defensive glass. Will block some shots on and off the ball. Very nice option defensively due to his ability to contest shots and rebound, but needs to do a better job keeping the ball out of his man’s hands.

Sergio Rodriguez

Brandon Roy

Overview:One of the most versatile and talented young players in the NBA these days, and clearly a cornerstone of Portland’s franchise. Has good size for the shooting guard position, and an average wingspan, but often acts as a de facto point guard thanks to his ball-handling skills and outstanding court vision. Extremely smooth player who can get up around the basket, but isn’t an athletic freak like some of his all-star counterparts. Can do it all pretty much offensively, and is extremely efficient to boot. Strong rebounder for a guard and a terrific decision maker. Fills up the stat-sheet on a nightly basis. Very difficult to take off the court. Possesses fantastic intangibles both on and off the court. Has had a variety of injury problems throughout his career, which is the only thing that might hamper him from developing into one of the NBA’s marquee guards.

Offense: Scores in a variety of ways and is highly adept at creating for himself and others off the dribble. Smooth, skilled, fundamentally sound, and effortless in everything he does. Plays shooting guard for Portland but acts as their primary ball-handler in the half-court. Terrific pick and roll player with impeccable timing, ball-handling skills and patience. Sees the entire floor and has a knack for making the best decision possible. Highly unselfish and extremely creative. Possesses a very smooth shooting stroke with range that extends out to the NBA arc, but is clearly at his best in the mid-range area, where he’s extremely effective pulling up off the dribble. Still working on the consistency of his 3-point shot, but appears to be capable of making shots with his feet set. Can also create his own shot extremely well. Uses his excellent timing, ability to change gears and strong hesitation moves (rather than an incredible first step) to get by his defender at will, and gets to the free throw line at a very nice rate. Drives left or right equally well, and does an outstanding job of limiting his turnovers relative to the amount of possessions he uses. Also has a bit of a post-up game—very crafty here and knows how to use his body effectively. About as versatile as they come, and exactly the type of player you want with the ball in his hands making decisions.

Defense: A bit lackadaisical at times defensively, possibly due to the amount of responsibility he’s forced to shoulder on the other end, as well as the heavy amount of minutes he plays. Has great size at close to 6-7 in shoes, albeit an average wingspan (6-8), and is smart and athletic enough to make a solid impact here when he puts his mind to it. Knows how to get down in a fundamental stance and contain his matchup, but doesn’t always have the length to contest every shot. Adding a bit of strength could help him, as he’s susceptible to being bumped off his spot and isn’t quite always physical enough to fight back when being posted up. Has really nice timing, knows the scouting report and can make things difficult when it’s time to buck down and get a stop. Contributes on the glass as well.

Jamaal Tatum

Von Wafer

Note: Wafer is no longer with the Blazers

Overview:An offensive-minded shooting guard who has had a hard time finding a long-term home. Possesses solid size and strength for an NBA shooting guard. Brings a lot to the table as an athlete. Has terrific leaping ability and foot speed. Can put points on the board, but is too one dimensional. Has a very nice jumper and can make plays at the rim. Not going to bring much intensity to the defensive end. Was a highly touted prep player than burst onto the national scene late in his high school career, but failed to make a major impact at Florida State. Was supposedly encouraged to leave for the NBA following his sophomore season. Put up decent numbers in his two years as a Seminole, but obviously had a lot of work to do on and off the court to become an NBA player. Managed to earn a spot in the early second-round. Has bounced around the League, but put up huge numbers during his season in the NBADL. Has some nice tools, but needs to bring more to the table than scoring to stick in the NBA.

Offense: A very aggressive scorer who asserts himself in any game he plays in on the offensive end, for better or worse. Does most of his damage in catch and shoot situations or one-on-one. Has a very nice jump shot with great range. Gets a ton of arc on his jumper. Can go on impressive hot streaks from the outside. Capable of hitting shots of the dribble. Prefers to pull up when driving left, but doesn’t have much of an mid-range game. Can turn the corner and get to the rim. Loves isolation opportunities. Will try to break his man down off the dribble if he can’t blow by him. Shows average ball handling ability, something he must improve on. Has a quick first step, but isn’t capable of taking advantage of it enough. Will get a little too fancy with the way he finishes. Tends to be rather selfish. Forces things on a regular basis. Turns the ball over at a high rate. Capable of scoring, but needs to show a lot more versatility.

Defense: An undistinguished defender due to his lack of intensity. Will make an effort from time to time, but will make some mistakes. Doesn’t always get in a low stance, allowing his man to beat him off the dribble. Closes out with a sense of urgency on the shot, but too often gets out of position. Likes to watch the ball when in help side, making it tough for him to recover when the ball is moved around the perimeter. Shows flashes of ability. Has the size to contest the shots of most guards, but will let himself get too far out of position to be a factor. Doesn’t contribute much on the glass. Possesses the athleticism to be a capable defender, but needs to improve his fundamentals and intensity on that end to have any chance to stick in the NBA.

Martell Webster

Overview:A quality swingman who is still young enough to make some significant strides. Has had a strong frame since his days in high school. Possesses very good size and strength for an NBA wing. Not a great athlete, but not a slouch either. Enjoys nice straight line speed, good leaping ability, and a deceptive first step. Has learned to better utilize his athleticism as he’s gained experience, but still lacks the ball-handling skills to take full advantage. Was always known for his shooting stroke, but is still improving his consistency. Takes a ton of threes. Becoming more versatile as he gets older. Has a lot of things he still could improve on. Shows some signs defensively, and could become an even better role player if he puts in more effort on that end. Garnered attention very early in his high school career at Seattle Prep (WA). Was ranked among the top players in his class by his senior year. Committed to Washington, but solidified his spot in the middle of the lottery with some great workouts and All-Star game performances. Spent some time in the NBADL as a rookie. Began to show signs of significant improvement as a third year player, although he’ll probably never live up to his lofty draft status. May still get better and develop into a very effective role player, especially with a dominant big man like Greg Oden drawing double teams inside. Very mature and intelligent off the court.

Offense: A quality shooter who is still developing his offensive game. Gets most of his touches in spot up situations, but also earns from chances by running the floor hard in transition. Has a pretty right handed stroke that he gets off very quickly. Has the size and high release point needed to get his shot off in the blink of an eye, making him a very dangerous threat from beyond the arc. Learning how to run off of screens more effectively to get open. Has always been a great catch and shoot player. Half of his attempts from the field come from beyond the arc. Only a decent shooter off the dribble, largely due to the fact that he struggles to create separation. Not going to turn the corner off the dribble. Needs to continue developing his ball-handling skills, which are currently very weak. Doesn’t finish at a high rate at the rim, as he’s often out of control with his dribble by the time he gets there. Lack of blow by speed hurts him when the defense is able to collapse around him. Extremely explosive at the rim in the open floor though. Goes to the line at an average rate and shoots a decent percentage. Doesn’t make plays for his teammates, but doesn’t turn the ball over either. Runs the floor extremely hard. Beginning to show a better feel for the game on the offensive end, which will only come with experience. Shot-selection still questionable at times. Needs to become more efficient as he gets older, and round out his game to be more than just a one-dimensional three point shooter. Shows some flashes of a post game thanks to his superior size, strength and length, and should continue to develop this part of his game to take advantage of mismatches.

Defense: Shows some signs on the defensive end, but not consistently. Not a bad one-on-one defender, but lacks the lateral quickness to consistently defend more athletic players. Will get beat off the dribble from time to time. Reaches a little bit too frequently. Doesn’t come up with many steals or blocks regardless. Has the size to contest shots and does a decent job getting a hand up when his man pulls up. Lacks some experience and savvy on this end. Will try and close out shooters and block their shots, leaving himself out of position for long rebounds. Cleans the glass at a solid rate for a wing. Makes a nice effort defensively, but still needs to develop better anticipation and fundamentals, and just learn the small tricks of the trade. Lacks the foot quickness to be a lockdown defender, and is somewhat stuck between the 2 and the 3, but has the strength, size and length to be a capable one with experience.

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