Carlos Alocen

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Height: 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
Position: PG
Hometown: Zaragoza, Spain
Current Team: Real Madrid
Win - Loss: 2 - 0


2016 Jordan Brand Classic International Game: Top Prospects

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Apr 15, 2016, 07:19 pm
Carlos Alocen, 6-4, PG, CAI Zaragoza, Spain, 2000

-Solid size for a 15-year-old combo guard prospect at 6' 4”. May still be growing (just turned 15 on December 30.
-Fluid with fairly long strides.
-Very creative passer. Whips the ball around the floor with excellent timing. Moves it ahead in transition. Throws one-handed bullet passes. Impressive vision. Comfortable as a primary playmaker.
-Has some wiggle with the ball. Uses sweeping crossovers to beat his man. Not the tightest handle but is quite advanced for his age. Good timing attacking closeouts.
-Tries to mix in floaters around the rim.
-Can make a spot up three. Not the quickest release but fairly sound mechanically.

-Very thin. Doesn't have a great frame. Average length.
-More fluid than explosive. Not overly quick with the ball. Average vertical explosiveness.
-Can be a bit wild with the ball. More flash than substance at times.
-Inconsistent shooter at this stage. Doesn't always get great rotation. A bit slow getting into his jumper. Doesn't look to pull up off the bounce all that often.
-Has a tendency to shy away from contact around the rim. Thin frame limits his ability to finish through contact.
-Doesn't have a ton of potential on defense. Gets overpowered by stronger guards. A bit upright in his stance.

Outlook:Alocen isn't the most physically gifted prospect but he's creative with the ball, shows impressive vision on the move and has some potential as a shooter. He plays with flare and confidence, and it's easy to envision him developing into a facilitating lead guard in time. Continuing to work on his frame while becoming a better shooter and defender will help Alocen maximize his potential moving forward.

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