Sergi Martinez

Height: 6'9" (206 cm)
Weight: 218 lbs (99 kg)
Position: PF
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Current Team: Girona
Win - Loss: 13 - 21


Basketball Without Borders Global Camp Evaluations: Forwards/Big Men

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Feb 27, 2017, 04:13 pm
Sergi Martinez, 6'9, Barcelona, Spain, 1999

Jonathan Givony

-Measured out bigger than expected, at 6'8 without shoes, with a 6'11 wingspan. Big enough to play power forward
-Solid 218 pound frame that will continue to fill out
-Fluid athlete, can play above the rim in space
-Very good in the open floor. Likes to take rebounds off the defensive glass and go coast to coast
-Has a good feel for the game. Passes ahead. Finds the open man. Can drive and dish.
-Good ball-handler. Has a strong first step, crisp footwork and powerful spin moves
-Good scoring instincts overall. Knows how to put the ball in the basket, Should be able to figure out how to become more efficient in time
-Shot the ball better in-game here than he is in other settings
-Active defensively. Competitive. Has good feet. Has rebounded at a high rate everywhere he's played. Plays with energy

-Has average tools for the power forward position in terms of size and length
-Not freakishly athletic to compensate
-Shooting mechanics leave a lot to be desired. Tends to jump forward, shoot on the way down, or release the ball with side spin rotation
-Will struggle to translate his effectiveness as a scorer without a consistent jumper
-Has yet to demonstrate which position he will guard at the highest levels

Outlook: Martinez is the best player in Spain in his generation, and has been arguably the most productive '99-born player in Europe as a whole outside of a handful of players, which says something. We'll have to see about what the step up to the pro level with Barcelona does to his productivity, but he's someone to monitor at the very least, as he has some interesting characteristics he can build off.

2017 ANGT L'Hospitalet Scouting Reports

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Feb 03, 2017, 01:49 pm
Sergi Martinez, 6-8, Power Forward, Barcelona, 1999

-Solid frame. Decent length. Fluid athlete who can play above the rim in space on occasion. Opportunistic in transition.
–High IQ, plays an efficient game. Checks a lot of boxes. Active cutter. Nimble pick and roll dive man. Can straight line drive from the perimeter or the elbows as a face up four man. Fundamental passer with a decent feel.
-Capable scorer on the block versus like sized defenders. Good footwork. Has touch around the rim. Crafty.
-Can make an occasional three with time and space although it's not something you want to rely on.
-Good feet on the perimeter defensively. Will compete on the interior despite giving up size and length. Sharp instincts. Nice feel on the defensive end. s
-Competitive on the glass. Flies in on the O-Boards. Above average motor across the board.

-Severely undersized four at around 6' 7”. Doesn't make up for his lack of size with an elite frame, freaky athleticism or other-worldly length – good not great across the board. Limits him as an interior defender.
-Not a reliable outside shooter – 2-for-5 in H'Lospitalet but mechanics and touch leave much to be desired. Side spin. Turns down spot jumpers. Not going to pull up off the bounce.
-Shows very little to suggest that he'll develop into a three. Not going to play out of ball screens comfortably. Basic handle.
-Not a prolific playmaker although he shows flashes. Plays with his head down too often. Gets tunnel vision on the move.
-Good feet in spurts but doesn't quite have the twitch to defend threes consistently.
-What does he do at a high level? Solid across the board but upside is very limited.

The MVP of the tournament, Martinez is very productive at this level because of his strength, motor, smarts and touch inside of 10 feet – 21.1 points, 10.6 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 2.0 steals, and 2.0 turnovers per 40 on 58.1% from two and 40% from three. As the level of play, size and athleticism continues to increase, however, his production is likely to take a dip given his limitations both physically and skill wise. Martinez's production can't be ignored but he seems more likely to develop into a solid ACB player rather than a legitimate NBA prospect if his outside shooting doesn't improve considerably.

2016 FIBA U18 European Championship Scouting Reports: Forwards

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Jan 02, 2017, 05:26 pm
Sergi Martinez, 6'7", 17.5 years old, Power Forward ,Barcelona 2


-Solid frame
-Long arms.
-Fluid athlete. Has quick feet and a strong first step
-Likes to get out in transition, where he has very long strides
-Incisive attacking the rim in a straight line. Takes the ball strong into contact every time. Gets to the free throw line at a very good rate.
-Likes to operate with his back to the basket. Makes quick decisive moves. Does his work early flashing in for quick finishes. Likes to spin quickly out of the post to his right shoulder
-Active on the glass. Keeps balls alive with his instincts and length. Gravitates towards the ball.
-Gets in the passing lanes at a strong rate. 2.8 steals per-40 at the U18s. Career 2.7 steals per-40 with national team in 33 games
-Can make a spot 3. Stroke looks decent in warmups. Might have a chance to keep developing this part of his game.
-Can pass the ball really nicely when he wants to. Has some ability to find the open man. Not a clueless passer.
-Fairly competitive defensively. Makes an effort to slide his feet and stay in front. Has good fundamentals and timing. Doesn't get taken advantage of

-Plays mostly the 4 and the 5 at this level, despite only standing 6'7.
-Jumper has a long ways to go in game. Contorts his hips sideways and jumps way forward on his catch and shoot jumpers. Tons of side spin. Some bad airballs.
-Really struggles to make free throws, which isn't a good sign. Career 154/278 (55%) in 64 games in DX database
-Creates primarily for himself. Drives into brick walls at times.
-Somewhat of a tweener defensively. Too small to guard some 4s, especially in the post. Doesn't cover a ton of ground defensively.
-Not a high flyer. Fluid and mobile guy but not overly explosive. Struggles to finish around the basket against better competition. Career 46% 2P% in FIBA play.

Outlook: Martinez played up a year at this tournament, but was still the best player on a Spanish team that qualified for this summer's U19 World Championship by finishing in fifth place. Individually, Martinez finished 7th at the tournament in scoring and rebounding. There's a lot to like about what Martinez brings to the table in terms of his instincts, competitiveness and ability to take advantage of mismatches at this level, but there are also plenty of question marks about how his game might translate to the highest levels if he doesn't improve his perimeter shooting and possibly find a way to become more of a combo forward type as opposed to a straight 4-man (without an outside shot).

2016 FIBA U17 World Championship Scouting Reports: Wing Players

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Jul 09, 2016, 10:37 am
Sergi Martinez, 6'7, SF/PF, Barcelona, 1999

-Strong frame. Long arms. Big hands
-Aggressive scorer at youth levels. 22 points per-40 in FIBA play (27 games)
-Can create off the dribble using long strides and crafty footwork. Good body control knifing through traffic
-Can play with his back to the basket. Uses strong frame to overpower weaker players at this level, but also uses fakes and soft touch to his advantage
-Has a variety of moves and footwork he can use to get his shot off
-Loves to grab rebounds off the defensive glass and ignite the break. Has solid ball-handling skills in the open court
-Can also create in a straight line on short-isos
-Lives at the free throw line (9.6 attempts per-40 in FIBA)
-Great feel for coming up with rebounds, even in traffic. 12.8 per-40 career. Also gets in passing lanes (2.6 steals per-40).

-Has the height of a small forward, but the body and game of a power forward
-Fluid athlete, but not overwhelmingly explosive. Plays below the rim
-Not a 3-point shooter. Career 10/47 from beyond the arc in 43 games. Also struggles from the free throw line (56%). Will have a difficult time translating his effective at the junior level to the pros without an outside shot
-Not a great finisher around the basket. Lacks a degree of explosiveness and touch
-Somewhat predictable offensively. Wants to get to the rim driving in a straight line. No in between game. Prefers to avoid using his off hand. Relies heavily on his strength inside the post.
-Averages nearly twice as many turnovers as assists in FIBA play.

Outlook Go-to guy of Spanish national team at the U16 and U17 levels. Also had a strong Adidas Next Generation campaign with Barcelona. Has seen some minutes in the LEB Gold (2nd division) with Barcelona II. Aggressive scorer who is quite a mismatch at the junior level. Has some interesting things that could translate to the pro level, but will likely have to improve his outside shot to play at the highest levels.

The Top Ten Performers at the 2016 FIBA U17 World Championship

Julian Applebome
Julian Applebome
Jul 08, 2016, 05:49 pm
#5) Sergi Martinez, 6'8, Power Forward, 17.1 years old, Spain

EWA: 1.7
PER: 25.5
TS%: 49.8%
19.9 PTS, 12.9 REB, 2.3 AST, 1.9 STL, .4 BLK, 3.0 OREB, 2-12 3P, 41-72 FT

Sergi Martinez followed up an impressive 2015 U16 performance with another consistent showing at the U17's. He led a Spain team that finished 4th in both points and rebounds. Martinez demonstrated a solid feel for the game with his active off ball cutting and patience in the post. He has good speed in the open court, and although at this point in his career he is mainly a straight line driver he is very adept at creating contact going to the rim and showed the ability to take it coast to coast. Martinez looks very comfortable with the ball in his hands and flashed some point forward skills as he demonstrated good vision out of the pick and roll and passing out of the post. He is a good rebounder with solid hands who cleaned up on the glass with nearly 13 rebounds per game.

Martinez played with a sense of maturity and patience that were impressive for a 17-year-old. He plays as part of the FC Barcelona junior program and will definitely need to continue to develop certain aspects of his game, notably his outside shooting. The future is bright for Martinez, and he is likely a name we will see associated with the Spanish National Team for years to come.

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