2012 Nike Hoop Summit: USA Team Measurements

2012 Nike Hoop Summit: USA Team Measurements
Apr 07, 2012, 06:03 pm
The official measurements of the USA team, taken in Portland at the Nike Hoop Summit. Courtesy of USA Basketball.

Nike Hoop Summit International Measurements

Kyle Anderson
Height without shoes: 6'7.5
Height with shoes: 6'8.5
Weight: 233
Wingspan: 7'2.5
Standing Reach: 9'0

Archie Goodwin
Height without shoes: 6'3.5
Height with shoes: 6'5
Weight: 195
Wingspan: 6'10
Standing Reach: 8'4.5

Gary Harris
Height without shoes: 6'3
Height with shoes: 6'4
Weight: 210
Wingspan: 6'6.5
Standing Reach: 8'3.5

Mitch McGary
Height without shoes: 6'9
Height with shoes: 6'9.75
Weight: 263
Wingspan: 7-0
Standing Reach: 8'11.5

Shabazz Muhammad
Height without shoes: 6'4.5
Height with shoes: 6'5.75
Weight: 222.5
Wingspan: 6'11.25
Standing Reach: 8'8

Nerlens Noel
Height without shoes: 6'10
Height with shoes: 6'11
Weight: 216
Wingspan: 7-4
Standing Reach: 9'1.5

Interview and Highlights:

Marcus Paige
Height with shoes: 6'1 (in walking boot)
Weight: 165
Wingspan: 6'5.5
Standing Reach: 8'2

Tony Parker (GA)
Height without shoes: 6'7
Height with shoes: 6'9
Weight: 273
Wingspan: 7-1
Standing Reach: 9-0

James Robinson
Height without shoes: 6'1.5
Height with shoes: 6'3
Weight: 201
Wingspan: 6'2.5
Standing Reach: 8'2

Rasheed Sulaimon
Height without shoes: 6'3
Height with shoes: 6'4.25
Weight: 186
Wingspan: 6-8
Standing Reach: 8-5

Kaleb Tarczewski
Height without shoes: 6-10.25
Height with shoes: 6'11.75
Weight: 243
Wingspan: 6-11
Standing Reach: 9'0.5

Interview and Highlights:

Note: Standing reach was measured in shoes


-Kyle Anderson's measurements are as unique as his style of play. Nearly 6-9 in shoes with a tremendous 7-2 ½ wingspan, he is easily big enough to play power forward in the NBA, even if his skill-set is more reminiscent of a point guard.

-Archie Goodwin has more than ample physical attributes to play the shooting guard position in the NBA, particularly with his 6-10 wingspan. The last measurement we have for him from 2010 indicate he's grown an inch, added an inch and a half to his wingspan and is 10 pounds heavier.

-These are the first measurements we have on Shabazz Muhammad, and if they are accurate, they are extremely impressive. His size and wingspan surely won't be what holds him back from his reaching his potential as an elite talent. Ironically, his measurements are nearly identical to those of James Harden, the player he is most often compared to.

-The same can be said about Nerlens Noel, who at 6-11 in shoes with a 7-4 wingspan is in elite company amongst NBA big men prospects. He's added 15 pounds to his frame since the last measurement we have on him from the summer of 2011, even if he can clearly still comfortably add another 20-30 pounds as his body fills out over the next few years.

-Tony Parker has solid size and length, and appears to have lost 12 pounds since his last measurement in our database nearly a year ago.

-James Robinson has very good size for a point guard, but also an average wingspan.

-These are the first measurements we've seen from Kaleb Tarczewski. While his wingspan is a bit disappointing, his solid 9-0 ½ standing reach makes up for that somewhat.

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