Misko Raznatovic: Dario Saric Will Declare for the 2014 NBA Draft

Misko Raznatovic: Dario Saric Will Declare for the 2014 NBA Draft
Apr 16, 2014, 08:30 am
An exclusive wide-ranging interview with Dario Saric's new agent Misko Raznatovic of Beobasket declaring his intentions to enter the 2014 NBA Draft and laying out the plan for his new client for this summer and beyond.

DraftExpress: Will Dario Saric be entering the 2014 NBA Draft?

Misko Raznatovic: Dario will declare for the 2014 draft in the next seven days for sure, what's a logical step after the best season in his career. He was voted the best young player in Europe by FIBA, as well as MVP of the Adriatic League.

DraftExpress: Will Saric keep his name in the draft at the withdrawal deadline?

Misko Raznatovic: It is very difficult to say at this moment. His target is to be in the top 10 picks of the draft this year, maybe it would be acceptable to be a lottery pick. If we have a clear situation for getting where we would like him to be drafted, then for sure he will keep his name in.

DraftExpress: What will need to happen for Saric to join a NBA team immediately next season?

Misko Raznatovic: It's very difficult to predict now. Dario's ultimate dream is to be a NBA All-Star and he absolutely does not accept anything less than that. At this moment he believes that is better to stay in Europe for a season or two, to get a taste of the Euroleague, and then to enter the NBA when he has more experience. He believes that it will be a shortcut for making his dream. But he did not make a final decision about that, and I will not absolutely exclude that option as well. He just wants to make a proper step and be in a place where he will be able to develop and play.

DraftExpress: How can a NBA team be confident that we aren't talking about another Fran Vazquez situation, where the player gets picked in the lottery and decides not to ever sign a NBA contract, which makes the team that drafted him look incredibly foolish and maybe costs a GM his job?

Misko Raznatovic: I really believe that after talking for five minutes with Dario, that doubt will be gone. He cannot wait to become a NBA player, and this is his ultimate goal. He will be in the league no later than 2016, and with good chances to start earlier.

DraftExpress: Why is Dario's father so anti-NBA?

Misko Raznatovic: He is absolutely not anti-NBA. He is just against him coming to the league this summer, because he believes it's too early for him. He was teammates with Drazen Petrovic, along with other Croatian former NBA players from that period, and he strongly believes that they (Kukoc, Radja, Petrovic) had success in the NBA due to coming later in their career (after a couple of serious seasons in the Euroleague).

DraftExpress: Will Dario's father continue to give interviews about his future constantly while he is in the draft and ultimately joins the NBA?

Misko Raznatovic: When you talk with him, it's always interesting and fun. He is open to talking, and journalists used it to get some sensational interviews. There's nothing especially wrong there, and every day it will be better and better. He worries about the future of his son, and nothing more than that.

DraftExpress: ‎What communication has Anadolu Efes had or attempted to have with Dario about signing a contract next season?

Misko Raznatovic: There's been practically no communication until now. As you know European teams do not build their teams in April, especially not when you're talking about a huge buyout, like in Dario's case.

DraftExpress: ESPN reported that he already‎ signed a three year contract with Efes. How true is that?

Misko Raznatovic: That's absolutely false information. As I clearly stated Dario did not decide anything about his summer direction (NBA or Europe). People believe this due to my link with Mr. Dusan Ivkovic (a client of mine, rumored to be their next coach). If you follow European basketball sites, Micic, Krstic and Doelmann (all clients of mine) are also linked with Efes.

DraftExpress: Why has Dario's situation the last few years always seemed so unstable?

Misko Raznatovic: I really don't want to comment about the past, but I am sure that this instability is over. We talked a lot, and agreed about everything. We have our plan now and I believe that in the future everything will go accordingly. He's a special person, and I really enjoy talking with him and representing him.

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