NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part Four)

NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part Four)
Sep 26, 2008, 02:37 am
Continuing our series of articles filling out our database with scouting reports of every single NBA player, we look at the next team in the Northwest division, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

As a reminder, we are not currently profiling rookies or sophomores, but you should be able to find in-depth scouting reports on every player of note by following the links on their profiles or using our search engine above.

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Minnesota Timberwolves

Calvin Booth

Overview:A career backup who has made a solid living without ever having to play more than 17-19 minutes per game at most. Smart, professional player who has carved out a niche for himself by working hard, being a positive locker room presence and getting the most out of his talent. Has good size and a nice wingspan, but is not very strong or athletic for an NBA center. Mostly known for his solid defense and shot-blocking skills. Very foul prone and not particularly productive offensively. Average rebounder. Hasn’t seen all that many minutes in the last five years, but always manages to get a contract because of how reliable a player he is.

Offense: A limited offensive player who likes to face the basket and is primarily a jump-shooter at this point. Like most left-handed players, doesn’t have the best shooting mechanics in the world, but is fairly consistent from 15-18 feet. Career 75% free throw shooter, which is indicative of his touch from mid-range. Understands his team’s offense and knows how to create spacing for his teammates to go to work. Solid passer who has no problem giving up the ball. Sets good screens and runs the floor hard. Limited inside due to his lack of quickness and post moves. Not very explosive getting up around the rim, although his excellent length helps. Strictly a stop-gap and cannot be relied upon for anything more than an occasional jump-shot and some garbage points.

Defense: Fairly limited by his poor combination of strength and athleticism. Does not have the lateral quickness to stay in front of mobile big man attacking him off the dribble from the mid or high post. Somewhat of a liability trying to defend to pick and roll. Has all kinds of veteran tricks in his arsenal, though, knows how to flop at the first sign of contact to draw an offensive foul. Size, length and excellent timing allows him to establish himself as a solid shot-blocking threat, mostly coming from the weak-side. Also very smart about contesting shots using his excellent wingspan. Not as good of a rebounder as he used to be. Very foul prone, but this isn’t much of an issue considering how little he plays.

Corey Brewer

Brian Cardinal

Cardinal was already profiled as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. Follow his profile link to read his scouting report.

Rodney Carney

Jason Collins

Collins was already profiled as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. Follow his profile link to read his scouting report.

Michael Doleac

Doleac is no longer a member of the Timberwolves

Overview: An aging post player who has been a backup on a number of good teams. Has adequate size for the center position. Not quick, mobile, or explosive. Uses his strength and experience to make an impact. Works hard offensively, and has great touch from the midrange, but isn’t efficient enough to make up for his shortcomings in other areas. Does all of the little things, but isn’t athletic enough to be an effective role player anymore. Shows heart defensively, but is a liability at this point in his career. Was drafted in the lottery after four years at Utah. Developed significantly as a collegiate player. Was never a dominate force, but was very efficient as a junior and senior. Never quite lived up to his draft slot. Has always been a serviceable backup. Backed up Shaquille O’Neal on the Heat team that won the NBA Championship in 2006. Offers tremendous intangibles and is an ideal veteran in terms of locker room presence. Something of an intellectual. One of the good guys in the League.

Offense: A veteran who won’t be much of a factor on the offensive end at this point in his career, and is not as efficient as he needs to be to see more extensive playing time. Gets most of his touches as a spot up shooter, but will also play pick and roll and work without the ball to get opportunities at the rim. Possesses a terrific jump shot with nice range. Doesn’t have a very high release point. Can knock down the midrange jumper and has the quick release to shoot over defenders. Not going to do much other than catch and shoot. Won’t put the ball on the floor to score. Not a great finisher at the rim. Will get some open looks at the rim by working on the offensive glass, cutting to the rim, and making himself available when his teammates drive to the rim. Lacks the athleticism to finish at a consistent clip. Very good career free throw shooter. Won’t turn the ball over or make many plays for his teammates. Plays under control. Won’t force anything. Knows his role. Sets great screens, works to get open, and makes hustle plays.

Defense: Plays with good intensity and fundamentals, but isn’t athletic enough to be a consistent factor. Proves capable of getting in his man’s head with his aggressive play. Fights extremely hard for position in the post, but is too easily beaten off the dribble when his man faces up. Doesn’t offer much when defending the pick and roll, but stays in position and doesn’t sell out on the hedge. Seldom gives up an easy look and commits fouls to take away easy baskets. Knows his limitations. Aggressively rebounds his area, but lacks the athleticism to be as productive here as he once was. Always gets a hand up on his man’s shot in the post. Not the best option as a defender off the bench anymore, but a workhorse who won’t ever be accused of not giving a great effort.

Randy Foye

Overview: A scoring combo guard who has yet to live up to the expectations that came with being drafted 7th overall and traded for Brandon Roy. Spends a lot of minutes at the point and acts as a shoot-first facilitator of Minnesota’s offense. Has good size and strength for the point guard position, and is probably more aptly described as ‘smooth’ than overly athletic. Excellent shooter from standstill positions or off the dribble. Relies very heavily on his jump-shot and thus has never been known as a particularly efficient offensive option. Has a big heart and likes to take responsibilities in the clutch. Came from a tough upbringing and has a swagger to his game similar to many NYC-area guards. Still trying to find his niche in the league. Must improve his defense, playmaking skills and ability to get the basket. Clearly not a great fit in the backcourt next to Rashad McCants, as both are much more comfortable as jump-shooters than they are as slashers. Can be very effective in the right system, but needs to find the right coach and teammates.

Offense: Primarily a jump-shooter, especially after coming back from a knee problem that sidelined him for over half of his sophomore campaign. Relies heavily on the pick and roll as a huge source of offensive production. Shifty player with strong hesitation moves. Capable of punishing players that go underneath the screen, and does a solid job finding the open man passing off the dribble. Doesn’t get to the basket at a good enough clip, does a poor job finishing once there and draws fouls at a fairly poor rate. More likely to pull up from mid-range than he is to go all the way to the basket. Ball-handling skills are good with his right hand, but defenders like to force him to his left, where he is noticeably slower and less effective. Not super explosive off the dribble, struggles to turn the corner at times and is not an incredible leaper finishing around the rim. Doesn’t take the ball strong enough. Like many young players still adapting to the length and athleticism of NBA big men, needs to do a better job seeking out contact and not getting cute with his finishes. Can play off the ball, but is more effective with it. Team’s half-court offense tends to lack some fluidity with him at the helm at times. Not a selfish player and is capable of finding the open man, but has a tendency to over-dribble at times.

Defense: An average defender at best, despite his superior size and strength at the point guard position. Not particularly intense or fundamentally sound. Has a laid back demeanor that serves him well offensively, but makes him look lackadaisical on the other end. Lateral quickness appears to be average when attempting to stay in front of very athletic slashing guards, uses his hands too much and often gets caught flat-footed on the perimeter. Struggles in particular on the pick and roll, showing just awareness and not being physical enough trying to fight through screens. Gets posted up when attempting to defend shooting guards in a small backcourt, and often lets players have his way with him down there. Like everyone on his team, needs to make significant improvements on this end of the floor, but definitely has the tools to do so if he puts his mind to it.

Ryan Gomes

Overview: A quality forward with the bulk to play the post and enough skill to step out and spend some time on the perimeter. Has great strength and a terrific wingspan for either forward spot. Undersized as a power forward, but has average size for a small forward. Not a fluid athlete, but has some explosive qualities to his game. Stuck in between positions, but gets by with his incredible smarts. Can be effective on the block, high post, or out on the perimeter. Has proven to be a very capable offensive player, as well as an excellent passer. Brings some things to the table defensively as well, and is a terrific rebounder. Was a tremendous college player, dominating three out of the four years he spent at Providence. Quite possibly the best player in the school’s history. Needed one season to adjust to the college game. Could have declared after a very impressive sophomore season, but opted to stay in school. Ultimately got selected late in the second round. Caught on with the Celtics and made a pretty significant contribution as a rookie considering where he was picked. Possesses a tremendous work ethic and very good intangibles. Doesn’t have a great deal of upside, but is constantly improving and seems capable of producing consistently on the NBA level, particularly on a winning team.

Offense: A versatile offensive player that can score from all over the place. Functions mostly as a spot up guy, but can score on the fast break, on the pick and roll, in the post, or by working off the ball. Has a nice shooting stroke. Doesn’t have great fluidity as a catch and shoot player, but is more than capable. Won’t make many shots with a hand in his face. Can hit the three, but is still improving his consistency in that area and expanding his range. Great midrange catch and shoot game. Can put the ball on the floor to score. Lacks the lateral quickness to effortlessly get separation for his midrange shot, but he gets by. His physical strength lets him get to the rim more easily. Prefers to go left. Solid ball handler. Not flashy, but always strong with the ball. Not a flashy finisher, but more than gets the job done. Capable of finishing with either hand. Great touch from in close. Will do whatever it takes to shield the ball and get an open look. Can spin off his defender off the dribble, use some up and unders, or go to his floater to get his shot off at the rim. Not going to finish above the rim in traffic, but will always initiate contact. Goes to the line at a good rate and shoots a great percentage. Runs the floor hard in transition, sets solid screens, and can score in the mold of a power forward as well. Decent back to the basket game. Pulls down offensive rebounds and works hard off the ball. Very smart on the offensive end. Won’t force things. Solid passer. Won’t turn the ball over at a high rate. A relatively efficient scorer that continues to improve his overall offensive versatility.

Defense: A quality defensive player due to his work ethic and strength. Does a solid job defending the ball, but will get beaten off the dribble by quicker players. Won’t give up when he’s beat, allowing him to force some tough short-range jumpers by staying with his man despite not being in ideal position. Gets a hand up whenever he can. Closes out shooters extremely hard, trying to contest their shots. Will get beaten off the dribble when he’s recovering from time to time. Will hedge screens when defending the roll man and fight through them when defending the ball handler. Shows a good commitment level on the defensive end, but isn’t a playmaker. Will play a position-based brand of defense and always get a hand up, but isn’t athletic enough to be effective in some matchups.

Al Jefferson

Overview: A developing franchise player who has become a force on the block. Has great size and strength for a power forward, but spends quite a few minutes at the center position due to defensive reasons. More explosive than fluid as an athlete. Tough to contain considering his blend of power and finesse. Has a tremendous wingspan. Seems to have lost weight since entering the League, but still has more room to improve his conditioning. An incredibly naturally skilled back to the basket player. Possesses awesome touch and footwork in the post. Face-up game and passing skills could still use work. Not quite an ideal go-to-guy yet, but is getting close. Still very much a mediocre defender, particularly at the power forward position. Rebounds at a high rate on both ends, thanks to his terrific hands and anticipation skills. Declared for the draft out of Prentiss HS (MS). Was unbelievably dominant as a prep. Took two seasons to get comfortable in the NBA. Has benefitted from a lot of touches and has seen his growth as a player accelerated significantly over the last two seasons. Still very young, but is extremely productive as a scorer and rebounder already. Will inevitably improve, but not by the leaps and bounds he did over the past three years. Clearly a franchise cornerstone, but needs to show that he can do more than just put up big numbers on bad teams. Has all the talent in the world, but will have to develop the passion and winning mentality that high school players at times lack after skipping over college. Must improve on the nuances of the game if he’s to reach his full potential and become an all-star big man.

Offense: An incredibly talented young big man, with a phenomenal feel for scoring in the post. Gets almost half of his offense off of post ups with another large portion originating from his effort off the ball. Has outstanding hands, footwork and touch inside. Gets almost three quarters of his touches on the left block. Very good right handed baby hook that he can utilize in the most difficult of angles, which he mixes in with a steady dose of drop-steps, step-throughs, shot-fakes and turn-around jumpers. Surprisingly explosive first step. Tough to stop him from getting where he wants to go. Has some nice counter moves. Shows off a great spin move off the dribble from time to time. Needs to finish more consistently with his left hand. Very good ball handler with his back to the basket. Doesn’t turn the ball over a high rate, which is something of a surprising considering the number of touches he gets and his experience level. Very strong with his moves and with the ball. Goes to the line at a good rate due to his willingness to throw his weight around. Can finish with contact, and will get above the rim in traffic. Has come a long way as a free throw shooter. Still developing his jumper. Lacks consistency and fluidity in his release, but it’s becoming a tool for him. Will benefit from defenses respecting his range. Not much of a catch and shoot guy right now, but can run the pick-and-pop to some extent. Shot-selection looks very poor at times. Tends to get flustered by defenders as a jump shooter—rushes his shots. Decision making and ability to read defenses aren’t where they need to be just yet. Spins into double teams and is a fairly poor passer considering the amount of touches he gets. Tremendous hands allow him to come down with a lot of offensive rebounds. Continues to get better in almost every facet of the game. May need some time to adjust when opponents begin to respect his team more and focus more heavily on trying to stop him. Already a feature offensive player and a highly productive threat, but has room to grow.

Defense: Has the length and strength to be effective on this end, but lacks the fundamentals and effort level to capitalize. Used to be extremely foul prone, but has learned to sacrifice points on the defensive end for the sole purpose of staying on the floor longer. Does a poor job defending the post, allowing defenders to back him down too often and outright giving up on plays. Will still fall for some fakes, but not as many as he used to. Fights for position, but not to the point that he could get called for a foul. Shows great timing and anticipation when contesting shots, but isn’t quite quick enough to be a major factor coming over from the weakside. Gets quite a few of his blocks on the ball. Very instinctive in that regard. A liability when attempting to defend power forwards, which forces his team to play him as an undersized center. Needs to lose weight and improve his conditioning level to help in this regard. Struggles to hedge screens on the perimeter--doesn’t recover to his man very quickly. Is limited by the same characteristic when closing out shooters. Takes up too much space down low not to be a solid rebounder. Tremendous wingspan, hands and reflexes make him extremely productive on the glass. Has some tools defensively, but is still working to put them together on a more consistent basis.

Kevin Love

Mark Madsen

Overview: A defensive role player who doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of skills, but is a notoriously hard working hustle guy. A bit undersized for a power forward. Very strong, but not quick, fast, or explosive. Used to be a rotational player back when he was in the Lakers, but racks up a lot of DNPs these days. Production has dropped to virtually nil over the past few years--.5 points per game, 16% from the field, 25% from the free throw line at last check. Won’t have any impact offensively, but can get an occasional garbage basket once every couple of weeks. Makes a living by going after every loose ball and being physical defensively. Always good for six fouls and a lot jockeying for position on the block. Has been a bruiser since his days at Stanford. Had a productive four year career for the Cardinals, rebounding at a high rate. Selected with the last pick in the first round. Was a very good role player early in his career. Works as hard as any player in the game when he’s on the floor. Will suffer a lot of minor injuries because of that. Brings a lot to the locker room; a great teammate. Has a fairly inflated contract relative to his production but could be used as a bargaining chip in a trade before it expires in 2010.

Offense: A veritable garbage man on the offensive end. Gets almost all of his touches by virtue of his work ethic. Anything he gets on the offensive end is great because he’s not expected to provide much production if any. Takes essentially no jump shots. Looks incredibly uncomfortable when he does. Lacks the fluidity to be a catch and shoot threat. Does all of his damage at the rim. Moves relentlessly without the ball. Sets more screens per minute than probably any player in the NBA. Constantly trying to help his teammates get open. Always cutting and being active. Will get some easy looks when he ducks in. Crashes the offensive glass with reckless abandon. Will get called for loose ball fouls and over the backs, but he provides energy. Loves to fight for position and initiate contact. Goes to the line at a good rate, but shoots an awful percentage. Won’t put the ball on the floor to score. Gets essentially no touches in the flow of the offense. Takes very few shots in general. Tries to do all the little things. Not much of an asset on any team that isn’t littered with scorers.

Defense: A defensive stalwart who leaves it all on the court. Commits a lot of fouls, but that is the result of the intensity and aggressiveness with which he plays. Fights for position as hard as any player in the game. Always trying to deny the ball. Does a decent job defending the post, and uses leverage extremely well to force his man off balance after making a move. Will get a hand up and swipe at the ball, but isn’t going to block many shots. Runs hard to get back on defense and shows some lateral quickness. Will hedge screens and work hard to close out shooters. Will get beaten off the dribble due to his lack of recovery speed. Gets minutes for his tireless work ethic and his ability to wear out opposing offensive players while the starters get a rest. Won’t force many turnovers or grab many rebounds due to his physical limitations. Not the most athletic defender by any means, but gets a lot out of what he has.

Rashad McCants

Overview: A talented shooting guard who is still trying to fulfill his potential after missing his second year as a pro with a knee injury. Is almost completely back to where he was physically. Not the biggest player around, but makes up for that with very nice athleticism and an extremely high skill level on the perimeter. Stronger than most guards, and has a tremendous 6-11 wingspan. Has a terrific stroke and is an extremely naturally talented scorer, but is a bit too one-dimensional considering the tools he has at his disposal. Looks too much for his own shot, very turnover prone, doesn’t get to the free throw line enough, and doesn’t contribute much beyond the scoring column. Had a tremendous three year career at UNC. Was a dominant offensive player in the ACC from day one. Was a key component of the Tar Heel squad that won the National Championship in 2005. Had a decent rookie season. Rebounded extremely well from his injury plagued sophomore campaign. Has somewhat of a reputation for being a malcontent, and has had problems with his coaches throughout his career. Body language, attitude can look questionable at times. Will field quite a bit of interest when his rookie deal expires at the end of the 2009 season. With some slight adjustments to his mentality and technique and better teammates around him, could really blossom and emerge as a terrific prospect at the 2-guard position.

Offense: Tremendously talented player who still needs to learn the nuances of playing efficient team basketball. A true gunner who fancies himself as somewhat of a go-to guy offensively. Amongst the league leaders in both field goal attempts and turnovers per minute. Gets about a third of his touches on the pick and roll with another fifth coming from each of spot ups and isolations. Doing a lot more ball handling now than he used to. Possesses a great jump shot. Not bothered by a hand in his face. Quite a catch and shoot option. Knocks down the three at a superb rate. Shows great perimeter footwork. Terrific shooter off the dribble when he’s making good decisions. Shoots the same shot every time. Will get a little aggressive with his shot selection. Settles for bad shots early in possessions and has a tendency to freeze out his teammates at times. Has the ability to make tough, off-balance shots, but relies too heavily on this part of his game. Scores effectively from all over the place, but isn’t a good finisher at the rim. Lack of size and toughness at the rim makes it difficult for him to finish in traffic. Tends to avoid contact at times and gets to the free throw line at a poor rate considering his usage. Has the length and athleticism to finish some impressive dunks over defenders, but is much more content pulling up off the dribble from mid-range. Shifty ball handler. Can break his man down one-on-one, but lacks the slashing mentality to be a great isolation threat. Is far too turnover prone considering how little he gets to the rim. Becoming an effective option in pick and roll situations. Sees the floor well and has a nice all-around feel for the game, but is too lackadaisical at times in his approach. Can create some matchup problems with his ability to post up smaller guards. Doesn’t get the chance to operate against shorter players all that often limiting his effectiveness. Gets too aggressive at times. Needs to improve his discipline in the flow of the offense to reach his potential.

Defense: Has the length, strength and athleticism to be extremely effective on the wing. Appears to put good effort into this end of the floor at times and possesses good smarts and fundamentals, making him fairly capable when he wants to be. Takes possessions off on the defensive end, like everyone on Minnesota, but is an asset when he comes to play. Closes out under control and does a good job contesting shots and denying penetration. Makes up for his lack of prototypical size with his excellent wingspan. Uses his body extremely well, and will force his man to change directions when he seems to be beat. Will show extremely active hands in bursts. Doesn’t come over to help out from the weakside. Caters his defense to his matchup, showing great intensity when he’s guarding an elite player, but relaxing when he’s posed with a player that won’t score much. Does a good job recognizing his matchup, playing off players who aren’t shooters and crowding those that are. Not going to force many turnovers. Won’t rebound the ball at a very good rate at all. A cerebral defender that maintains good position, and knows what it takes to get the job done. Needs to avoid taking nights off and letting lesser players score on him when he’s not focused. Would help him to have a shot-blocking presence behind him to help out when he gets beat.

Mike Miller

Miller was already profiled as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. Follow his profile link to read his scouting report.

Chris Richard

Craig Smith

Kirk Snyder

Snyder is currently a free agent

Overview: An athletic and physically developed wing who has had a hard time turning the corner in his development after bouncing around the League early in his career. Has great athleticism and explosiveness, as well as excellent strength. Has superb toughness and plays the game with a real chip on his shoulder. Has shown some decent offensive skills, but isn’t consistent from the perimeter. Can do a little bit of everything, which gives him some nice potential as a role player. Blocks shots and rebounds, which is a nice contribution to have from the wing. Was a star for Nevada throughout his career. Garnered the WAC Player of the Year Award as a junior. May be able to put things together if he has the chance to play consistent minutes. Has a reputation for being somewhat of a loose cannon on and off the court. Needs to cut down on the trash talking and learn to control his temper, although this is part of what makes him tick.

Offense: A versatile role player who can score fairly effectively when needed. Gets a quarter of his shots in spot up situations, but find opportunities in numerous other avenues. Doesn’t take a lot of jumpers. Shows a decent stroke, but shoots the ball from a little behind his head. Shot looks different every time coming off his hands. Below average catch and shoot player, which is one of the main things holding him back. Doesn’t do a whole lot from the midrange. If he puts the ball in the floor, he’s going to the rim. Great finisher due to his athleticism and strength. Draws fouls at a very nice rate, but could stand to improve his percentages from the stripe. Rather effective in the post. Displays a consistent turnaround jumper. Solid offensive rebounder. Decent ball handler.

Defense: Has great size at around 6-7, although an average wingspan at 6-9. Exerts enough effort on the defensive end to be a solid option off the bench. Doesn’t have the foot speed to keep up with the quicker shooting guards at times, but is big and strong enough to defend small forwards without too much of a problem. Does a good job of getting in a low stance and denying dribble penetration. Will contest most shots his man takes. Won’t take a lot of risks. Something of a workhorse on the defensive end due to his toughness. Great one-on-one defender due to his strength. Won’t provide a lot of help side defense. Could stand to try and become a defensive specialist. Already contributes as a rebounder and occasional shot-blocker. Needs to maintain his focus and learn to channel his emotions better on the court.

Sebastian Telfair

Overview: A young point guard who didn’t have the polish to live up to the lofty expectations people had for him coming out of high school, but may still develop into a solid backup. Doesn’t have ideal size or length for a starting point guard on the NBA level. Needs to pack on some muscle to compensate for his lack of size. Possesses good quickness and speed, but isn’t an explosive leaper. One of the flashiest ball handlers and passers around. Capable of setting up his teammates. Not much of a shooter or scorer, which greatly limits his effectiveness. Offers very little on the defensive end. A classic example of the dangers of the NYC hype machine. Led Lincoln High School (NY) to a state championship. Made a name for himself on the camp and AAU circuit at a very young age. Clearly could have benefitted from a few years of college basketball. Has gotten plenty of minutes to prove himself and thus has garnered an invaluable amount of experience at the NBA level. Constant changes of scenery may have hurt his development somewhat. Lack of physical tools, scoring ability and defensive potential makes him best suited to be a backup in all likelihood. Has had a few problems off the court. Cousin of fellow NBA point guard Stephon Marbury.

Offense: A very inefficient scorer that provides almost all of his value at this point as a distributor. Gets more than half of his offense running the pick and roll, but also gets some opportunities to spot up, push the break, and go one-on-one. Has a mediocre shooting stroke, lacking ideal form. Doesn’t get great elevation, making it extremely hard for him to shoot over defenders. Capable of hitting open jump shots, primarily from mid-range, but is extremely inconsistent. Isn’t yet capable of forcing defenses to respect his jump-shot, which hurts the flow of his team’s half-court offense badly. Not a very good shooter off the dribble either. Struggles to finish at the rim at a respectable clip. Lack of size hurts him. Has a nice floater, but will drive too far into the paint making it hard for him to use it. Does have the quickness to get some easy looks at the rim when he is able to blow by his man. Able to turn the corner with some regularity. Great ball handling ability with his right hand makes him tough to stay in front off. Defenses like to force him to use his left hand to finish and create, which is very underdeveloped compared to his right. Very good passer on the pick and roll. Nice drive and dish player. Won’t hesitate to make the fancy pass. Still improving his decision making. Not overly turnover prone, but will lose the ball when he gets too far into the paint. Needs to improve his shooting and scoring ability to prove that he can play starting caliber minutes on a winning team. Offers a lot as a distributor, but minimal value as a shooter and finisher.

Defense: Effort and physical tools limit his ability to be a factor on the defensive end. Lacks fundamentals, as well as strength, size and length, making him somewhat of a liability. Struggles to contain his matchup, as bigger players just push him around and shoot over the top of him with ease, and isn’t pesky enough to offer resistance. Has decent lateral quickness, but simply doesn’t use it often. Doesn’t get in a good stance, allowing himself to get beat off the dribble by much less athletic players. Shows a willingness to come over a help out when playing off the ball, but is too small to be a factor contesting shots when he has to recover. Lack of physical strength makes it very hard for him to run through screens. Not much of a rebounder either at his position. Will stay in front of his man in one-on-one situations when he’s playing hard, but will see a lot of shots made over his outstretched hands. Offers some value as a full court defender and shows active hands. Needs to realize that he must give 100% on the defensive end in every moment to make up for his lack of size. Hasn’t faced the type of competition needed at his position to do so.

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