Goodluck Okonoboh

RCSI: 34 (2014)
Height: 6'10" (208 cm)
Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)
Position: PF/C
High School: Tilton School (New Hampshire)
Hometown: Boston, MA
College: UNLV
Current Team: Raptors 905
Win - Loss: 15 - 17


2011 National Prep Showcase: Elite 2013/2014 Prospects

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Joseph Treutlein
Joseph Treutlein
Nov 29, 2011, 10:59 pm
Jonathan Givony

Somewhat stuck in the shadows of Nerlens Noel playing on the same high school and AAU teams and sharing similar strengths and weaknesses (and haircut), Goodluck Okonoboh (Unranked ESPN, #51 Scout, #92 Rivals) is very much an intriguing prospect in his own right.

The cousin of UConn junior Alex Oriakhi, Okonoboh has improved his frame considerably since we first saw him, and will surely continue to fill out as he matures physically. He's got long arms and very good athleticism, running the floor well and playing above the rim on a consistent basis.

Not afraid to do the dirty work, Okonoboh will have no problem being a role player at the college level, as that's exactly what he's been his entire career thus far. He shows a solid feel for the game, a good attitude and excellent fundamentals, leaving plenty of room for optimism regarding his future.

Okonoboh isn't particularly skilled or assertive offensively at this stage. His footwork is fairly limited inside the paint, and he shows very little overall polish, but he did drop some glimpses of being able to knock down a mid-range jumper or attack his man off the dribble. He's at his best finishing plays at the rim at the moment, and does so very efficiently, not straying outside his comfort level very often.

Defensively, Okonoboh is a major competitor, and shows good toughness and excellent timing as a shot-blocker. While not quite as explosive or prolific as his teammate Nerlens Noel, he is much more fundamentally sound, rarely biting on pump fakes and doing a terrific job cleaning up for the mistakes of his teammates. Like Noel, he moves his feet well on the perimeter and does a good job crashing the defensive glass.

Okonoboh is being recruited by most of the top programs in the Big East at the moment, including UConn, Syracuse, Louisville, Pitt, West Virginia, Providence and others. He's the type of player that every college coach covets. While he may not be a one and done type prospect, he's surely a player to keep an eye on.

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