Carlos Boozer

Drafted #34 in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Cavaliers
RCSI: 9 (1999)
Height: 6'9" (206 cm)
Weight: 258 lbs (117 kg)
Position: PF/C
High School: Juneau-Douglas High School (Alaska)
Hometown: Juneau, AK
College: Duke
Current Team: Guangdong
Win - Loss: 36 - 18


NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part Two)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 29, 2008, 10:02 pm
Overview:A burly power forward with great fundamentals and a mean streak. Not tall for the power forward position. Incredibly strong in both the upper and lower body. Not a great athlete, but knows how to overpower players and is explosive around the basket. Looks faster than he is due to his incredible post footwork. One of the most polished low post players in the League today. Has a very impressive offensive repertoire. A force on the glass as well. Not as assertive defensively as he is offensively. Had a tremendous three year career at Duke, but landed in Cleveland as a second-round pick, partially due to weight problems that never became an issue in the NBA. Was a member of the Blue Devils’ 2001 NCAA Championship team. Performed well past expectations as a rookie, but a contract blunder allowed him to move to Utah after two productive years. Continued adding consistency to his already potent offensive game. Basketball IQ and knowledge of the game lets him overcome any physical shortcomings he might have. Becoming one of the League’s most daunting post matchups. A two time All-Star with many more appearances on the horizon.

Offense: A tough, efficient post scorer who is a beast inside and can also make tough shots outside of the paint. Gets his touches from a balanced mix of pick and rolls, post ups, cuts, spot ups, and offensive rebounds. Understanding of the game and ability to make decisions on the fly makes him a great asset. Has one of the most consistent mid-range jump shots in the league amongst power forwards. Form isn’t that pretty, but his release point is very high, his touch is soft, and his follow-through is always the same. Doesn’t function all that well in catch and shoot situations, preferring to read the defense and create his own shot. Can shoot off the dribble, but simply doesn’t drive all that often. Will only attack off the dribble to get his man in foul trouble or if his defender bites on a jab when he faces up. Almost exclusively drives left. Won’t go to his crossover often, opting to spin off his man for lay ups or jumpers. Does a great job using his strength to establish position deep in the paint, and has excellent hands inside. Will get stripped when he puts his back to the basket from time to time. Very comfortable with his ability to hit a turnaround with a hand in his face. Will use all kind of little head and shoulder fakes to create space for his turnaround over his right shoulder. Will take some turnarounds over his left shoulder as well. Great fallaway shooter. Can finish equally well with either hand on counter moves, making him extremely difficult to guard once he catches the ball in position to score. Good face up shooter. Takes what the defense gives him going towards the rim. Uses a hook periodically, but it’s not a go-to-move for him. Likes to bully his way inside and finish. Really knows how to use his body to create space and give himself room to finish. Will crash the glass, roll hard off of screens, and duck in whenever he can to get an open look. Strength makes him a load to keep away from the rim. Uses his body very effectively to shield the ball. Goes to the line at a solid rate and shoots a decent percentage. Very efficient in general. Very smart finisher at the rim. Gets a lot of looks by using leverage and getting position at the rim. An efficient option who is too strong and grounded in his fundamentals to not be productive. A very good passer on top of that. Understands his team’s offense and executes it very well. Can be limited at times by referees who do not allow him to be as physical as he’d like to. Not incredibly big or athletic, he can struggle matching up with long and tall power forwards who don’t allow him the space he needs to finish in traffic.

Defense: A solid, but unspectacular defensive player. Has the strength to hold position on the block, but lacks the length and quickness to contest shots and effectively defend the high post. Is prone to stay on his feet defensively, a sign of good fundamentals, but also a characteristic that makes the fact he is a bit undersized that much more pronounced. Offers little as a shot blocker, but does a great job grabbing loose balls in the paint. Has great hands, strength, and anticipation making him one of the League’s best rebounders on the defensive end. Boxes his man out every play and can rebound a pretty big area. Will close out hard when he has to recover to the ball, and while he gets beat of the dribble sometimes, he won’t take himself out of the play very often. A decent option defensively because of his ability to rebound the ball and not take risks, but limited by his quickness and size.

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