Yiannis Bouroussis

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Height: 6'11" (211 cm)
Weight: 247 lbs (112 kg)
Position: PF/C
Hometown: Karditsa, Greece
Current Team: Karditsa
Win - Loss: 6 - 12


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Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Dec 28, 2009, 01:14 am
Bouroussis topped our list last year, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. He’s clearly the cream of the crop amongst European big men, and is young enough to still think that he may not yet have reached his peak as a player when considering his late blooming background. Bouroussis reportedly had a number of NBA offers on the table this past summer, most notably from the San Antonio Spurs, but decided that he was not yet ready to make the leap over and instead inked a lucrative 3-year, 5 million Euro contract extension with Olympiacos instead. He left the window open with a comfortable NBA buyout and quotes stating as much, meaning he’s still very much a name that NBA teams need to continue to evaluate as a potential big-time roster addition for the future. Seeing the amazing success that Marc Gasol is having this season in Memphis, and comparing their resumes, it’s not a stretch to say that Bouroussis could be a very productive NBA player in his own right.

2009 Euroleague Final Four Preview (Part Two)

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
May 01, 2009, 08:18 am
Bouroussis remains one of the most productive big men in European basketball on a per-minute basis, he’s averaging 23 points and 13 rebounds per-40 pace adjusted on 59% shooting from the field. He’s not particularly athletic, but has a massive frame which he uses to draw fouls at a terrific rate, and is a threat to score with his back to the basket, shooting jumpers from outside, or finishing pick and roll plays in the lane thanks to his excellent hands. He’s also an excellent rebounder, particularly on the offensive end. Talk out of Greece is that he’s interested in exploring his NBA options this summer, and as we’ve written on a few occasions in the past, he could be a very interesting free agent target for certain teams. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at him this weekend, and may try to pick his brain as well.

The Top Overseas Free Agents on the 2007 Market (Part Three)

Luis Fernández
Luis Fernández
Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Jul 07, 2007, 05:06 am
A 23-year old center who only started playing organized basketball 5 years ago after giving up on his career as a swimmer, Yiannis Bouroussis made serious enough strides this past season to earn himself a rightful spot on this list—one that he probably won’t be relinquishing anytime soon until he makes his way over.

A legit 7-footer with a huge frame and a very nice wingspan, Bouroussis looks the part and then some. And while he is not a spectacular athlete by any stretch, particularly in the way he gets off the floor to finish around the basket, he moves well enough and is fluid and coordinated to the point that this won’t be what’s holding him back either.

Skill-wise, Bouroussis is intriguing as well. He has a beautiful looking flat-footed stroke with range that extends past the European 3-point line, and the touch to punish any rival that dares leave him open from there. His quick release combined with his size establish him as a fantastic option to space the floor for his team from the perimeter, and he’s talented enough to present himself as a pick and pop threat from mid-range as well.

Bouroussis’ bread and butter this year lied in his ability to play the pick and roll, though. Whether setting the pick himself and rolling to the hoop or coming off a secondary screen as the cutter following one of his guards forays into the paint, he established himself as an incredibly reliable presence in the paint thanks to his fantastic hands and very sure touch around the hoop. His strength helped him here as well, as he can take contact and finish around the hoop fairly well thanks to his great frame.

Leading the Euroleague in Field Goal Percentage (at a ridiculous 76.5%), shooting 41% from behind the arc, finishing fourth in the Greek league in rebounds and second in blocks, there is a lot to like about the way his season went. What might even be considered more frustrating is the fact that he often did not see as much playing time as you might have hoped considering his production—averaging just under 9 points and 6 rebounds in just 16 minutes per game. In fact, he only played a total of 6 minutes in Olimpiacos’ first five Euroleague games, immediately beginning to produce as soon as he was thrown on to the floor.

It’s with those numbers that we wonder just how much room he has left to grow when considering his learning curve—he could barely get off the bench for AEK Athens just two years ago, and is now one of the best centers in Europe. Bouroussis still hasn’t played for the Greek national team much either—its almost a give-in that he will surpass Sofoklis Schortsanitis on the team’s depth chart this summer at the European Championships in Spain. It’s there that his notoriety could grow amongst NBA personnel that somehow missed the terrific outbursts he had in the Euroleague (for example 16 points, 6 rebounds in 22 minutes at CSKA).

What that does for his ability to join the NBA is still a bit up in the air, though, even if he probably isn’t athletic enough to be considered more than just a nice backup in today’s NBA regardless. He just signed a four year contract with Olimpiacos last year according to his agent Costas Papadakis of First Class Management, and only has an NBA out clause in 2009. Papadakis says that as many as ten teams have regardless expressed interest, and that Bouroussis “does have a desire to play in the NBA, like all players.” In his opinion he will need at least one more year in Greece, since he still is very far from reaching his full potential as a player due to the fact that he started playing the game much later than most, at age 18. But, as Papadakis explained, “when the time is correct, he’ll surely be interested.”

Yiannis Bouroussis NBA Draft Scouting Report

Mar 13, 2005, 04:35 pm
Ultra talented big man, with big potential and unlimited strength. Long, lanky and athletic, Bouroussis is not your average European young big body. He's very well built, not soft at all. He plays with a strong and powerful game, and can cause many problems to any defender as he can score in many ways, both under the basket and the perimeter. He runs the floor well, is a very good rebounder, an exceptional athlete for a European his size, and a player with a good knowledge of basketball fundamentals. He can use his body well in defense and can post up successfully too, but only when he wants too. His slashing ability is quite good, which is especially rare for such a big player. He can pull out of the paint and shoot, or even fire from downtown, as he has worked on his shot with patience, improving his shooting touch significantly, to the point that he is now an above average three-point shooter. He is pretty confident on the perimeter. In a word, he is a great talent

He seriously lacks mental strength. Despite his energy and athleticism, most of the times he looks like a fish out of water. Despite his ability to get in and change a game, he rarely does it. His coach doesn't trust him with significant playing time, simply because he is not trustworthy. Bouroussis has many physical skills, but hardly a clue of how to take advantage of them. Even when he enters the court, he seems passive, raw, confused and not focused at all. He is scared to take many shots and thinks about it too long, looking soft and insecure, something that opponent centers feast on. His decision making ability is at best pathetic. As a result, despite almost three years of experience in the Euroleague, he doesn't seem to have gained many things, especially in regards to experience and competitiveness and that's sad. In other words, he seems to be a lost talent.

It's clear that when you have a very talented player like Bouroussis, you need to use him in order for him to develop. Bouroussis, however, never got that. He had to fight to earn his minutes and he was never a fighter.

Skill wise, he appears to be a bit uncomfortable with his back to the basket, at that's why I honestly believe that his game is closer to an NBA Power Forward. He can finish with the right hand and he can dunk impressively, although he usually is a lay-up finisher. He has many moves inside too, but he is always confused and many times he does not to know what to do with the ball in his hands. Despite being a good perimeter shooter, his free throw shooting isn't great. He shoots around 60-62% and needs to improve here.

Defensively, he hasn't shown much. He has a problem with stronger players, but I think that his biggest difficulty is to keep up with the tempo of the game. He needs the ball in his hands, so he can make baskets and then you can see him improving on defense too. So, he doesn't really lack the fundamentals. Simply, when he feels that the he is a part of the team and he stays for significant time in the court, he will try his best and soon he can contribute on both sides of the floor. However, when he gets in for 5 minutes or less at a time, he again looks like a fish out of water. Confused Especially when he knows that he'll go out after his first turnover.

He plays for AEK Athens, a top-16 Euroleague team, which is included in the elite Greek A1 teams too. In 16 Euroleague games up to now, he averages 3.4 ppg and 3.5 rpg in slightly less than 10 mpg. He had 9 points and 10 rebounds in a November loss versus Maccabi Tel Aviv. In the Greek A1, he goes for 4.0 ppg and 3.2 rpg in 10 mpg.

Bouroussis had a nice stretch of games in the Euroleague in the five weeks that starting big man Sandro Nicevic was injured. The youngster was averaging 16.4 mpg, 7.2 ppg, shooting 61% from the field and leading AEK in rebounding with 7.0 rpg (in just 16 mpg). However, this was a bad period for the team, which ended in a 1-4 record. After Nicevic's return, the kid stayed in the bench, as the Croat was unanimously one of the best big men in the 1st round of the Euroleague.

Automatically eligible as a 1983 prospect. Could be a good player to pick up in the 2nd round and let develop in Europe, hoping that his potential materializes. He plays for AEK, and has NBA scouts watching him in practice (he plays on the same team and Nikolas Zissis) on occasion, so people know who he is and what he is capable of, despite not getting much extended playing time this year.

Potentially, I think that Bouroussis is clearly NBA material (maybe a power forward there, but he could play both frontline positions), but only if he changes his mindset. His physical tools are rare to find. He is very talented, but he is now close to 22 and I don't remember many players changing character in that age. I think it might be too late for him now and I don't think that any scout will keep his eye on him for over a month without getting frustrated.

It's a shame because he has all the skills. His basketball IQ is good. He has a basketball mind in a basketball body. He is not soft, he has completely adopted basketball fundamentals. He can work, but only if he understands that he will earn something from that. I think that he likes the game, indeed, I think he loves it, but only when he scores 1-2 baskets and then stays on the court for 10-12 minutes or so. He really seems to want to be a contributor, but he gets discouraged. He wants to be a star, but he lacks character and he doesn't allow his coach to accept the risk of giving him a starting job. He is enthusiastic, but his psyche is affected by many things. I don't really think that he realizes where he is. He plays for a top-16 Euroleague team, he is a great talent, he has scouts coming for Zissis and opponent youngsters, so he technically is still in the game. Yet, he is still full of ups and downs. He is not trustworthy, but if given the choice, I'd take the risk

Bouroussis became known to the Greek basketball fans, after a positive game in the A1 Finals versus Panathinaikos in 2003. Star Power Forward Dimos Dikoudis was injured and the then unknown 19-year old Bouroussis scored 10 points to help AEK win the game but not the finals. The year after, he didn't get the playing time one would expect though. Not much progress in his game during the past months either.

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