USA Basketball Junior NT Mini-Camp Scouting Reports: Point Guards

USA Basketball Junior NT Mini-Camp Scouting Reports: Point Guards
Oct 07, 2015, 01:26 pm
Scouting reports on eight of the top point guard prospects seen at the 2015 USA Basketball Junior National Team Mini-Camp in Colorado Springs, including De'Aaron Fox, Frank Jackson, Alterique Gilbert, Trevon Duval, Jalek Felton, David Sloan, Daejon Davis and Tre Jones.

Note: This is not a ranking or evaluation of the top prospects seen at USA Basketball, but rather an update of those players with outdated or no scouting report in their DX profile. Some of the players in Colorado Springs (such as Markelle Fultz, Jaylen Hands, Markus Howard, Javonte Smart, Troy Brown) have had very recent scouting reports published in their DX profiles, and those did not require an update. Other prospects were not deemed ready for an entry due to injury, their youth or otherwise.

De'Aaron Fox, 6-4, PG, Katy, TX, Class of 2016

Mike Schmitz

-Good size for a point guard at 6'3 or 6'4
-Elite defender. Tremendous lateral quickness and technique. Consistently stayed in front of some of the country's quickest guards.
-Gets skinny to fight over the top of screens. Doesn't allow himself to get hit.
-Impressive anticipation as an on ball defender. Able to read which way the ball handler is going to go.
-Lightning quick hands. 3.6 steals and 5.2 rebounds per-40 at Nike EYBL (21 games)
-Super quick first step. Able to get pieces of the paint without a ball screen. Slight changes of speed. Uses Eurosteps.
-Very good ball handler. Mixes in combo moves.
-Excellent distributor. Willing to make the simple play. Moves the ball ahead in transition. Nice touch on lobs. Can make all the necessary passes out of pick and roll. 7.2 assists per-40 at EYBL.
-Doesn't try and do too much or always go for the homerun pass.
-Willing to use either hand around the rim. Nice touch on his floater.
-Very capable pull up shooter, especially going to his left. Good footwork in mid-range spots.

-Struggles to make shots consistently, especially with his feet set. Much better in mid-range spots than from three. Career 75/266 (28%) for 3 in 76 games in DX database.
-Doesn't get great rotation. More comfortable pulling up going to his left than his right. Can improve his ability to create space.
-Fairly tall for a point guard but he's rail thin (170 pounds). Legs are twigs. No ankles. Elite defender due to his quickness but how will he handle defending stronger guards?
-Has only added four pounds to his frame in past two years according to his three separate USA Basketball measurements in that span. Will his body-type affect his durability long-term?
-Quick but isn't a freak leaper off of one foot. Doesn't get great extension around the rim (6' 6” wingspan).
-Can improve his ability to absorb contact around the rim
-Good feel but does have a tendency to pull up for quick, contested 2s. Still evolving as a facilitator in the half-court

Outlook Despite playing only one full day due to injury, Fox made a strong case for honors as the top point guard prospect at the Junior National Team Mini-Camp, regardless of class. Fox was far and away the best perimeter defender at the camp (and maybe in all of high school basketball) and he has the quickness, handle and vision to make his teammates better while scoring enough to keep the defense honest.

Frank Jackson, 6'3, PG/SG, Utah, Class of 2016

Jonathan Givony

-Has great size for a point guard at 6-3. Highly developed 199 pound frame that will fill out even more in time. Decent 6'5 ½ wingspan
-Terrific athlete. Can play above the rim with ease. Changes speeds and shows real power on his drives
-Excellent in transition
-Very good scoring instincts, including very nice touch around the basket and with his floater attempts
-Outstanding shot-creator in the half-court. Strong ball-handler. Explosive slasher, even if he can't always finish what he creates
-Shows great potential as a pick and roll threat as his understanding of the game continues to evolves
-Can find the open man in drive and dish situations
-Shows potential as a shooter. Can make an occasional jumper with feet set or off the dribble. Can throw the ball in the basket
-Great potential defensively with his combination of size, strength, athleticism and instincts. Has good lateral quickness and plays with strong intensity on this side of the floor. Displays nice urgency on his closeouts. Can defend either guard position at college and possibly even pro level
-Gets in passing lanes at a high rate and contributes as a defensive rebounder
-Reportedly has outstanding intangibles, which should help him continue to improve and reach his full potential

-Very single-minded looking for his own shot at times. Much more of a scorer than a facilitator right now
-Appears to have average court vision. Doesn't do a great job of reading the defense and making decisions with the ball. Has a tendency to pound the ball excessively
-Posted a negative assist to turnover ratio even in the adidas Gauntlet (which he dominated from a scoring standpoint)
-Takes a lot of difficult, low-percentage shots. Relies very heavily on floaters, and especially off the dribble jumpers. Seems to pull-up off the dribble at the first glimmer of day-light
-Tends to shoot on the way down.
-Shooting mechanics look decent, especially from waist up, but results aren't quite there. Has shot with poor percentages in almost every level he's played at, partially due to his shot-selection.
-Capable shooter with feet set, but tends to contort body sideways.
-Does not have great length relative to his height (+2 1/2)

Outlook Aggressive combo guard who shows great potential in a number of different areas. Still has a ways to go as a shooter and facilitator. Committed to Duke.

Alterique Gilbert, 5-11, PG, Norcross, GA, Class of 2016

Mike Schmitz

-Strong build (181 pounds) despite not possessing great size
-Very good athlete who can play above the rim at times despite his size
-Polished ball handler. Able to find a nice blend between scoring and playmaking.
-Good vision and creativity out of pick and roll. Able to hit the weak side shooter, hesitate and find the roll man in stride, or get into the teeth of the defense and drop it off to a big at the rim. Delivers passes from different angles.
-Streaky but is a shot maker with considerable range (2.2 made 3s per-40). Best pulling up off the bounce. Loves the quick jumper in transition. Gets great elevation.
-Uses his quickness, handle, and ability to play at different speeds to get in the lane. Nice touch on his floater. Doesn't shy away from contact in the lane. Gets to the free throw line at a tremendous rate (career 7.5 per-40 in 44 DX database games)
-Can be a very pesky defender when he wants to be thanks to his strength and quickness. Plays with toughness. 2.3 steals per-40.

-Really lacks great size or length at 5'10 1/2” in shoes, with a 6' 0.5” wingspan
-Very capable playmaker but doesn't always want to make the simple play.
-Size limits his vision at times. Has a tendency to kill his dribble too quickly versus pressure. Picks it up and waits a split second for something to develop.
-Good not great shooter. Holds onto the ball for too long at times. Career 33% 3-point shooter
-Made a conscious effort to get others involved but isn't afraid to start getting jumpers up if he sees one go down.
-Explosiveness and build help him around the rim but he still struggles versus length given his size. 46.5% career 2-point shooter already in high school

Outlook The UConn commit didn't quite fill it up like he did the last time we saw him at Nike Global Challenge (27.5 points per 40 pace), but he proved his merit as a distributor while still putting enough pressure on the defense as a scorer. Although undersized, Gilbert is a tough competitor who provides a nice balance between scoring and playmaking while harassing opposing point guards on the defensive end. Gilbert's upside is a bit limited at 5' 11” but he'll most certainly turn in a productive career as a Husky, especially playing next to 2015 guard Jalen Adams. He was lauded by USA Basketball staff members for his work ethic and insistence on getting in early every morning to get extra work in.

Trevon Duval, 6'2, Point Guard, Delaware, Class of 2017

Jonathan Givony

-Good size for a point guard standing 6-2+ in shoes with a 6-7+ wingspan and a 188 pound frame
-More advanced physically than most players his age
-Terrific scoring instincts
-Extremely aggressive in transition. Has good footwork as a slasher. Does a great job of changing speeds and keeping opponents off balance. Can play above the rim or finish with either hand
-Can drive and dish or makes the extra pass along the perimeter. Will facilitate in a pinch
-Elevates nicely on jump-shot. Creates separation. Shows potential as a shooter shooting off the dribble, more-so than with feet set at moment
-Shows good instincts jumping in the passing lanes. Big wingspan helps, as do his strong anticipation skills

-Very focused on his own scoring. Tends to freeze out teammates at times. Still learning how to balance the responsibilities of being a lead-guard in terms of getting others involved.
-Likes to play bully-ball at high school level. Won't work as well against better competition
-Struggles as a finisher around the basket at times. Tends to drive too deep into the paint. Settles for difficult floaters
-Decision making still a major work in progress. Overdribbles. Makes careless passes. Goes for homerun play. Somewhat turnover prone
-Not a consistent shooter at this point, particularly with feet set. Made just 23% of 3-point attempts at UAA on 53 attempts this summer.
-Tends to fling ball at the basket at times. Has some very bad misses left or right.

Outlook Aggressive combo guard with impressive scoring instincts. One of the more mature players in his class, likely done growing. Needs to continue to improve as a playmaker and outside shooter. Spectrum of opinions on him is extremely wide at the moment.

Jalek Felton, 6-4, PG, Mullins, SC, Class of 2017

Mike Schmitz

-Nice physical profile for a lead guard – 6'3” with a 6' 8” wingspan. Wiry build with wide shoulders. Has added nine pounds to his frame in the last year (185).
-Slick handle. Has the ball on a string. Really smooth. Changes direction with ease.
-Tremendous ability to stop and start on a dime. Freezes defenders with regularity. Has some juice off the dribble. Loves to hesitate and explode going to his left.
-Reliable floater game. Good touch.
-Not an elite leaper but he's able to get up enough to where he can finish above the rim in the open court given his size and length.
-Effortless, creative distributor who can make all of the necessary passes in the half court and transition. Outstanding basketball instincts.
-Nice touch on lob passes. Uses his size to distribute over the top of the defense. Uses both sides of the floor. Can hit the weak side wing shooter out of pick and roll.
-Excellent timing feeding bigs at the rim. Looks off defenders. Shows a willingness to pass with either hand. Uses different angles. Mixes in bounce passes regularly.
-Not a great shooter at this stage but shows potential. Gets decent rotation and has some natural touch. Is able to use his ball handling and change of speeds/direction to create space.
-Good anticipation in the passing lanes. Has potential defensively given his physical attributes and instincts.

-Not a great outside shooter at this stage. Capable and shows potential, but has room to grow. Fairly low release point. Poor shot preparation, takes too long to get it off. Doesn't get a ton of lift or finish high.
-Impressive basketball instincts but his decision making can improve. Takes tough, contested jumpers or will turn down open spot ups for floaters in traffic.
-Will try and make the flashy play rather than the simple play from time to time. Can be turnover prone.
-Doesn't always bring the effort. Too loose at times. Can improve his defensive intensity and discipline. Has looked extremely lackadaisical with his intensity level in certain settings (but not this weekend).
-Shies away from contact offensively. Nice touch on his floater but can do a better job of getting all the way to the rim and finishing when the opportunity presents itself. Doesn't handle contact all that well defensively either.
-More smooth than vertically explosive
-A year old for the 2017 class, should really be in 2016 (will turn 18 on May 1st)

Outlook Jalek Felton, a North Carolina commit, is one of the most talented ball handlers and passers in the 2017 high school class. His creativity, change of pace and basketball instincts stood out in a group full of highly-touted lead guards. Combine those playmaking skills with an above average physical profile and at least some glimmer of hope as a shooter and Felton has all of the tools to shine at the ACC level for the Tar Heels. Felton will have to play with more consistent effort, pick his spots better and adjust to physicality on both ends, but he most definitely has the talent to help lift UNC from its recent struggles and turn himself into a nice NBA prospect in the process.

David Sloan, 5-10, PG, Cambellsville, KY, Class of 2017

Mike Schmitz

-Floor general who plays with impressive poise for his age (turned 16 on May 26)
-Excels as a distributor in transition. Able to find rim runners/wings but also has the patience to hit the trail man or wait for the secondary break to develop.
-Displays good timing as a passer, making the help defender play him just enough before dropping it off to a teammate in stride. Above average court vision.
-Shows flashes of creativity as a passer.
-Smooth ball handler who mixes in combo moves and shows an ability to play at different speeds.
-Good first step and burst
-Isn't an elite athlete but did show some leaping ability as he almost threw down a pair of dunks in transition (missed one, fouled on the other)
-Capable spot up shooter with simple mechanics. Gets good rotation.
-Undersized at 5' 10” but has solid length for his height with a 6' 2.5” wingspan. Fairly wide shoulders for his size.

-Lacks ideal size for a point guard prospect. Added 17 pounds from 2014 to 2015 but hasn't grown and is still 5' 10” 167 pounds.
-Mostly a distributor and spot up shooter at this stage.
-Struggles to score in the paint versus length. Very reliant on his right hand around the rim. Average leaper off one foot. Would benefit from developing a consistent floater game.
-Can improve his pull up game. Not all that comfortable creating space to get to his jumper at this stage of his development. Shoots a set shot.
-Not the most vocal player. Laid-back demeanor. Isn't immune to making an occasional careless pass or conceding an open lane as an on ball defender.

Outlook In a world so often focused on early-entry draft prospects, David Sloan will be a breath of fresh air for any high-major program that snags him from Taylor Country High School in Kentucky. Much like a Parker Jackson-Cartwright at Arizona, Sloan projects as a four-year player who can handle, distribute effectively, make an open shot and provide point guard stability for high-major programs that so often experience a high rate of annual player turnover. Sloan showed signs of improvement from the last time we saw him (U16 Training Camp in June) and continues to trend upward as he matures physically and develops as a player.

Daejon Davis, 6'3, PG/SG, Washington, Class of 2017

Jonathan Givony

-Good size for a point guard, measured 6-3 in shoes. Wingspan between 6-5 and 6-6. Strong frame. 175 pounds right now, but should get significantly stronger as his body fills out
-Excellent athlete. Can play above the rim with ease. Has some real burst in a straight-line
-Extremely competitive player. Played outstanding defense on the older players at this camp. Rebounds. Gets in passing lanes. Fights over screens. Has excellent lateral quickness
-Not a total non-shooter. Will throw the ball in the basket at times
-Will make the extra pass unselfishly

-Understanding of how to run a team is still a work in progress.
-Ball-handling ability in half-court is not very polished. Struggles to change speeds or directions
-Very streaky outside shooter. Will have to improve his shooting mechanics as he tends to fling the ball at the basket from his fingertips with a low (and slow) release point.

Outlook Strong, explosive, physical and aggressive combo guard. Still figuring out how to maximize his tools offensively. Will he grow into the shooting guard position or improve his half-court polish and emerge as a full-time point guard? Strong intangibles, competitiveness leave a lot of room for optimism regarding his future development. Committed to Washington.

Tre Jones, 6'2 ½, Point Guard, Minnesota, Class of 2018

Jonathan Givony

-Has grown an inch and a half, both in terms of height and shoes, since last being measured in June. Also added five pounds.
-Looks to have improved athletically somewhat. Showed a quicker first step and added aggressiveness attacking opponents off the dribble in the half-court
-Pass-first point guard who is extremely unselfish
-Shows an advanced understanding of how to play pick and roll for a player his age (15)
-Savvy about drawing fouls
-Competitive on defense. Always hustling. Good instincts in passing lanes
-Scraps for rebounds impressively (11.1 per-40 at U16 FIBA Americas)
-Shows soft touch on his floater, and nice footwork stepping into his jumper
-Second youngest player in attendance

-Jump-shot is a major work in progress. Release is not particularly smooth or fluid. Tends to fling the ball at the basket
-Still has work to do on his ability to score inside the arc efficiently.
-Not a prolific scorer in general at this stage

Outlook Tyus' brother showed a great deal of improvement since the first time we evaluated him this past June, both physically and skill-wise. He's a legitimate prospect in his own right, and was one of the better point guards in the camp from the younger group of players.

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