adidas Nations Scouting Reports: Power Forward Prospects

adidas Nations Scouting Reports: Power Forward Prospects
Aug 12, 2015, 01:47 pm
Scouting reports on seven of the top power forward prospects seen at the 2015 adidas Global Nations, including Wenyen Gabriel, Sacha Killeya-Jones, Billy Preston, Ira Lee, Mamadi Diakite, Daniel Barbieri and Dewan Huell.
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Edrice Adebayo, 6'9, Northside NC, Class of 2016
A detailed report on Adebayo from earlier this summer can be found here

Wenyen Gabriel, 6'9, Wilbraham and Monson MA, Class of 2016
Jonathan Givony

-Decent size for a power forward at 6-9. Reportedly has a 7-1 wingspan, which is very solid.
-Good athlete. Runs the floor like a man possessed. Plays above the rim. Has a quick second jump
-Arguably the hardest working player in high school basketball. Has an incredible motor
-Tremendous offensive rebounder. Averaged 7.1 offensive rebounds per-40 minutes in the various adidas settings he competed in this summer (37 games in total)
-Also a solid defensive rebounder (6.8 per-40)
-Likes to play on the perimeter, even if his skill-level is still a work in progress. Attacks the rim aggressively with straight-line drives. Throws in some occasional spin moves
-Drives left and right with a quick first step. Relentless attacking the basket
-Finishes well around the basket. Not afraid of contact. Converted 129 of his 235 2-point attempts this summer (55%)
-Gets to the free throw line frequently (7.3 per-40). Converts 66% of his attempts once there
-Will make an occasional spot-up 3-pointer. Doesn't have a bad stroke. Good mechanics and smooth follow through.
-Constantly talking on defense. Very good as both a man to man and team defender
-Rotates impressively from the weak-side, either to take charges or block shots
-Averaged 3.3 blocks per-40 minutes this summer, to go along with 1.6 steals
-Very articulate and intelligent off the court. Reportedly an outstanding student

-Has a very narrow frame. How will it fill out long term? Lower body in particular is poor.
-What kind of defender will he be long-term? Lacks the strength to guard stronger power forwards on the interior. Doesn't have great balance or lateral quickness on the perimeter
-A bit of a black hole offensively. Looks to put the ball on the floor or shoot seemingly every time he touches it. Dished out 27 assists in 687 minutes this summer, compared with 47 turnovers
-Shoots a lot of jumpers, but doesn't convert very many at this stage. 14/59 (24%) from 3-point range this summer.
-Needs to improve his off hand

Outlook: One of the fastest rising prospects in high school basketball after a breakout summer on the AAU circuit. Went from virtual unknown to five star status according to most recruiting outlets. A native of Sudan, Gabriel moved to the US when he was three years old, together with his parents, brothers and sister Karima, who currently plays basketball at Boston College. He reportedly shot up around nine inches in the last four years, which helps partially explain his comfort level playing on the perimeter. Gabriel's AAU coach Vin Pastore says Gabriel has added 20 pounds to his frame in the last year, which tells you something about just how skinny he's been in the past.

Simi Shittu, 6'8, Corpus Christi Catolic TX, Class of 2018
A detailed report on Heron from earlier this summer can be found here

Sacha Killeya-Jones, 6'11, Chapel Hill, NC, 2016 High School Class

Mike Schmitz

-Great physical profile. Good frame that will continue to fill out in time. Long arms (7-2 wingspan, 9-1 standing reach). Big hands.
-Terrific size for a power forward at 6-9 ½ without shoes.
-Bouncy athlete. Can play above the rim with relative ease. Moves like a wing. Outstanding body control for his size.
-Versatile scorer – 25.2 points per 40 minutes pace adjusted. Natural touch. Very good in face up situations. Uses spin moves. Can make turnarounds from the mid post. Able to straight-line attack from the perimeter. Solid handle for his size.
-Nice touch from three. Made 4-of-8 3-pointers and 68% of his free throws. Good mechanically. Gets very good arc on his shot. Not a finished product as a shooter but shows potential.
-Has the tools to be a solid defender and rebounder.
-Just turned 17 years old two days ago.

-Doesn't have a great feel for the game. Can be a bit of a black hole. Had only six assists compared with 25 turnovers in 10 games on the adidas circuit. Spins into double teams. Poor understanding of where the help defense is.
-Disinterested on the defensive end. Has the tools and mobility but stands around a bit too often. Motor comes and goes on that end. Reaction time and awareness is average as well.
-Posted just .7 steals and 1.5 blocks per-40 minutes at adidas events this summer, which is very poor considering his physical tools and the level of competition. Partially a product of his lack of awareness, and partially due to lack of intensity?
-Not much of a rebounder at this stage – 8 boards per 40 minutes pace adjusted. Can be tougher on the defensive glass and show more fight on the offensive glass.
-Very good frame but still has some room to get stronger and tougher. Only 202 pounds at the moment

Sacha Killeya-Jones was one of the most intriguing power forward prospects at Adidas Nations given his fairly polished offensive skill set and remaining upside. With size, length, athleticism and offensive versatility, Killeya-Jones is a high-major player who fits the bill of the modern NBA face-up four. The North Carolina native has a ways to go in terms of his feel for the game, awareness, and defensive toughness/motor, but given his age and upside, the future is bright for Killeya-Jones. Initially committed to Virginia, but backed off and has recently received offers from all the top schools in college basketball, including Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida and others.


Billy Preston, 6'9, Prime Prep TX, Class of 2017
Jonathan Givony

-Good physical profile for a power forward. 6-9 without shoes. 7-1 wingspan. Strong 233 pound frame. Smooth athlete
-Extremely high skill-level for a big man. Terrific scoring instincts
-Can create his own shot from the perimeter with strong ball-handling skills and excellent footwork. Strong first step. Draws quite a few fouls
-Effective scorer out of isolation situations. Can even play some pick and roll as the ball-handler
-Has range out to 3-point line. Can make shots with feet set and off the dribble
-Career 31/78 (40%) 3P% in 40 games and 68% from the free throw line
-Has great touch around the basket. Throws in smooth floaters from different parts of the paint

-Wants to play strictly facing the basket. Has the ability to score in the post but doesn't show the inclination to do so
-Not an efficient offensive player. Career 132/275 (48%) from 2-point range.
-A ball-stopper offensively. Receives passes in the high post and then proceeds to dribble the air out of the ball, usually ending with a contested pull-up jumper (which sometimes goes in)
-Career 1/2 assist to turnover ratio.
-Shows very poor effort defensively. Operates at half speed. Doesn't box out for rebounds. Not a rim protector
-Doesn't have great lateral quickness defensively
-Very old for his class. Will be 20 by the time he plays his first college game

Outlook: Talented power forward who can do a little bit of everything offensively. Doesn't really know how to play and not someone that looks particularly enjoyable to play with. Team went 0-5 at Nations despite having a great deal of US talent on the roster. Preston got his (26 points per-40), but did so on abysmal shooting percentages (43% TS%) while playing little to no defense.


E.J. Montgomery, 6'9, Montverde FL, Class of 2018
A detailed report on Montgomery from earlier this summer can be found here

Ira Lee, 6'8, Chatsworth, CA, 2017 High School Class

Mike Schmitz

-Very good body for a PF. Well-conditioned athlete. Father played in the NFL and is a strength and conditioning coach. Strong legs. Developed upper body.
-Impressive athlete. Runs the floor. Really bouncy. Plays above the rim with ease.
-Very good in transition.
-Right handed shooter but almost exclusively uses his left hand around the rim. Solid touch on his left-handed jump hook.
-Can rip through and straight line drive from the elbows.
-Not much of a shooter or threat offensive but does get nice rotation on his free throw stroke.
-Plays with a high motor.
-Great offensive rebounder – 6.4 per 40 minutes pace adjusted. 15.3 rebounds per 40 minutes pace adjusted overall.-
-Solid basketball IQ. Knows who he is as a player.
-Fundamentally sound defender. Can really move his feet. Able to switch ball screens. Stays in a stance. Has the strength to battle on the block.

-Slightly undersized for a power forward at around 6-7 ½ - 6' 8” with a 6' 9” wingspan.
-Not a great finisher versus length despite his leaping ability.
-Plays mostly 15 feet and in. Doesn't have a consistent jumper or mid-range game.
-Does not possess 3-point range at this stage. Career 2/14 3P
-Career 21/41 (51%) from the free throw line
-Solid IQ but isn't going to be much of a distributor with the ball. Has dished out just 12 assists in 400 career minutes, compared with 40 turnovers.
-Decent touch on his jump hook but lacks polish on the interior. Not much of a post up threat.
-Doesn't block shots or get many steals due to lack of length.

Given his strength, conditioning, motor and leaping ability, Ira Lee has the tools to be a very good power forward at the college level. He'll finish above the rim, defend his position, rebound the ball, and more often than not make the right play. Lee doesn't have major upside given his height, limited length, and shortcomings as a scorer in the half court, but he'll be an important piece for whatever college program lands the 2017 power forward prospect.

Mamadi Diakite, 6'9, Blue Ridge VA, Class of 2016
Jonathan Givony

-Strong frame, particularly in upper body. Gigantic wingspan. Big hands
-Very good athlete. Runs floor well. Quick off feet. Can play above the rim with ease
-Plays with a huge motor. Extremely aggressive and competitive. Constantly trying to make things happen on both ends of the floor
-Solid shot-blocker. Has good timing. 3.2 blocks per-40
-Does not back down inside the post defensively
-Can put the ball on the floor and attack the rim with a strong first step. Throws in some spin moves at times. Attacks closeouts. Will handle ball in open court a bit
-Strong finisher around the basket. Does not have bad touch. Great target for lobs
-Shooting stroke is deliberate, but may have some potential down the road. Knocked down a couple of 3s at Nations. Throws ball in basket despite not having a very aesthetically pleasing shot.
-Career 37/59 (63%) from free throw line, but mechanics are not bad
-Intelligent and articulate off the court

-Somewhat stuck between the 4 and the 5, but only stands around 6-9. Wingspan helps make up for that somewhat
-Will need to improve his lower body significantly
-Very raw around the edges. Doesn't really know what his limitations are at this point. Tries to make something happen every time he touches the ball.
-Posted nearly twice as many turnovers as assists in summer competition thus far
-Has a long way to go as an outside shooter. Doesn't have great balance on his shot. Rushes at times.
-No real post game. Lacks the lower body strength, but also does not possess great footwork
- Awareness and feel for the game is still a work in progress. Started playing the game late, and that is evident at times, particularly with his decision making skills.
-Possesses very limited fundamentals on defense. Struggles to step outside of the paint and bend his knees. Very upright in stance

Outlook: Native of Guinea. Played his second adidas Nations tournament, and looked like a completely different player a year later, a credit to his work ethic and the coaching staff at Blue Ridge high school. Only playing basketball for five years. Recently committed to Virginia. Had a very strong summer, winning the adidas Summer Championship in Las Vegas with Team Loaded VA, before helping Team Africa finish in third place at adidas Nations.


Daniel Barbieri, 6'8, Toledo, Brazil, 1996 born

Mike Schmitz

-Strong, developed frame. Pretty wide shoulders.
-Very mobile for his size. Can run the floor. Dives to the rim in pick and roll.
-High motor. Moves bodies on the defensive and offensive glass.
-Fairly polished offensive skill set – 21.3 points per 40 minutes pace adjusted.
-Solid shooting stroke – 6-of-17 from three (35.3%) and 79% from the line. Projects as a stretch big.
-Dropped in a few jump hooks, even with his off hand.
-Doesn't shy away from contact. Gets to the line.
-Can put it on the deck a little bit. Mobility shows off the bounce.
-Can pass a little bit from the perimeter and the interior.

-Slightly undersized for a power forward at 6' 8”.
-Struggles to score efficiently – career 81/198 41% from two (39% at Nations). Took some wild shots in the post.
-Not a stiff but plays mostly below the rim. Has some troubles finishing versus length. Doesn't get to the free throw line very often
-Not much of a defensive force. Gets beat on the perimeter. Strong enough to battle on the block but not much of a shot blocker. A bit caught between the four and the five on defense.
-Below average rebounder on both ends of the floor for his position
-Has plenty of room to continue to work on his outside shot. Only hit 7/32 3-pointers (22%) in LEB Gold this past season, and 13/24 free throws (54%)
-Was the oldest player competing at the camp. Will be 20 years old next February

Daniel Barbieri (also goes by Daniel Bordignon Barbieri) was one of the most polished bigs at the camp as he showed an ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter, score on the block in a pinch, and distribute from time to time. Barbieri plays with toughness and a high motor, which showed on both ends of the floor. The Brazilian, whose rights are owned by Kutxa Laboral Vitoria, doesn't have a ton of upside given his size and average leaping ability, but he's worth tracking as he continues to progress through the Spanish pro ranks.

Dewan Huell, 6'10, Miami, FL, 2016 High School Class

Mike Schmitz

-Bouncy athlete. Quick second jump. Doesn't need much time or space to gather. Good finisher around the rim.
-Runs like a wing. Gets a lot of offense by simply beating opponents down the floor
-Moves well laterally. Can hedge and recover or switch ball screens at times.
-Nice size for a PF at 6' 10.5” in shoes. 7' 0” wingspan.
-Solid offensive rebounder (4 per-40).
-Plays with a solid motor. Active. Gets in passing lanes (1.6 per-40)
-Solid mechanics on his free throw stroke. Knocked down a mid-range jumper. Could be able to add a consistent mid-range game with added reps and experience.

-Very thin. Doesn't have the widest frame. Only 213 pounds. Didn't grow or fill out much in the last year
-Limited mostly to finishes around the rim. Doesn't have much of a post game. Struggles to establish position. Average footwork. Not a great finisher in the half-court
-Can improve as a defensive rebounder (6.6 per-40) and post defender. Should come with added bulk and toughness.
-Doesn't have much of a natural feel on offense. 26 assists in 918 minutes, compared with 64 turnovers.
-Just a 47% 2-point shooter in 39 career games. Very poor relative to his physical tools, the level of competition he's playing at, and his role
-Has a long ways to go as a shooter. Career 2/8 3P in 39 games, 68/121 (56%) from the free throw line.
-Awareness comes and goes on defense.
-Doesn't block shots (1.3 per-40)

Huell doesn't have a ton to him as a player but he's well worth tracking given his size and athletic ability. Huell will have to get bigger and contribute more as a defensive rebounder and post defender, but his ceiling is high as 6' 10” power forward who can move and jump the way he does don't grow on trees.

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