NBA Scouting Reports, Atlantic Division (Part Five)

NBA Scouting Reports, Atlantic Division (Part Five)
Aug 18, 2009, 09:42 pm
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Continuing our series of articles filling out our database with scouting reports of every single NBA player, we look at the fourth team in the Atlantic division, the Philadelphia 76ers.

As a reminder, we are not currently profiling rookies, sophomores, or prospects we already evaluated throughout the draft process, but you should be able to find in-depth scouting reports on every player of note by following the links on their profiles or using our search engine above.

Due to the timing of the release of these articles (dating back well over a year now), many of the players that were on Philadelphia's roster at the time are no longer around. We still preferred to add their scouting reports to the database regardless.

Philadelphia 76ers

Elton Brand

Overview: An elite post player who was one the game’s best before severe injuries caused him to miss 127 games in two seasons. Has average height for a power forward at 6-8 without shoes, but owns a mammoth 7-5 ½ inch wingspan which compensates and then some. Possesses great physical strength and is one of the smartest power forwards you’ll find in the NBA. Moved and jumped well for his size, but may not be the same specimen when he returns from his injuries. Will still have one thing going for him for sure –he uses his body as well as anyone by using leverage and some little tricks to be a bigger presence on both ends. Very tough, but has broken down physically in recent seasons. One of the best rebounders in the NBA. Developed into a very good shot blocker. Can score from the midrange. Has a very advanced post game. Pegged as an impact player during his days as a Duke Blue Devil. Won the Wooden Award and was named the National Player of the Year as a sophomore before declaring for the draft. Put up better numbers as a rookie than he did during his last collegiate season as a sophomore. Won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2000. Two time NBA All-Star. Signed with the 76ers as a free agent. Didn’t really get much of a chance to mesh with his teammates before injuries sidelined him. Production, efficiency has fallen sharply over the past two seasons.

Offense: Gets most of his offense off of post ups, but is also a capable offensive rebounder, pick and pop man, and one-on-one player. Displays tremendous touch out to the free throw line. Quality catch and shoot player inside the arc. Possesses an especially effective turnaround jump shot when he has his back to the basket. Doesn’t let good defense change his stroke at all. Takes and makes a lot of contested midrange shots. Shows an effective hook shot when he goes away from his turnaround, allowing him to score over either shoulder. Knows how to use fakes to create openings. Very fundamentally sound down low. Incredibly effective in half court settings, which made him very attractive in free agency. Finishes at the rim effectively with both hands. Will dunk the ball when he can. Doesn’t get as many finishing opportunities as he used to. Has the strength to muscle his way inside, get and maintain position, and fight for offensive boards. Extremely good ball handler for his size. Can take his man off the dribble consistently due to his quickness advantage. Good passer out of double teams. Will turn the ball over strictly because of his usage, not his decision-making. Goes to the line at a decent clip and is a solid foul shooter. Will need some time to shake off the rust when he returns from his injury, but his skills will no doubt still be there. If his mobility isn’t what it once was, he’ll still be able to fall back on his solid catch and shoot game like he did after his first comeback last season.

Defense: Was one of the League’s most talented post defenders before he got hurt. Showed uncanny development as a shot blocker. Few players are as adept as he is at blocking shots one-on-one in the paint. Used to have the lateral quickness to surprise some offensive players on the weak side as well. Wouldn’t get pushed around by almost anyone on the block. Didn’t mind fighting for position and can bang on the inside without tiring. Displayed the footspeed to keep up with most post players when defending the high post. May be a completely different defender post-injury. Has all sorts of skills defensively, but his body may not let him use them as effectively as he once did. Boxes out on every play. Great rebounder. Can go out of his area to recover misses due to his anticipation and length. Great motor. Still a bit foul prone, but that’s largely due to his effort level.

Primoz Brezec

Brezec was already profiled as a member of the Detroit Pistons. Follow his profile link to read his scouting report.

Samuel Dalembert

Overview: An athletic center with rare physical tools. Great size and length for the center position. Has packed on some muscle since entering the League. Supremely mobile for his position. Very good leaper. Limited offensive player who took a big step backwards in 08-09. Does not always know his limitations on that end. Has always been able to make an impact as a defender. Blocks shots and rebounds at supremely high rates. Displayed tremendous defensive skills in his two seasons at Seton Hall. Showed only marginal offensive development in college, but exceeded expectations in a major way as a pro. Still raw in many ways, has some glaring weaknesses, including his post-game, shot-selection and passing ability. Does not possess a terribly high basketball IQ. Took himself off the floor last year by fouling excessively, and saw his overall role decrease significantly.

Offense: A highly inconsistent offensive big man who can regardless use his tremendous physical tools to his advantage. Size, length, athleticism allows him to emerge as a terrific finisher around the basket, but needs to have shots created for him by others. Gets almost half of his offense from hustle points, by running the floor, flashing to the rim and crashing the offensive glass. Has developed an ugly looking jumper that he can hit from time to time from the elbow. Won’t win an award for having a fundamentally sound jump shot, but it can work him at times. Not something his team can rely on though. Takes some questionable shots, and seems to fall in love with his short range jumper when its falling. Doesn’t display much back to the basket game. Very limited footwork and post moves. Likes to turn over his right shoulder and the fade away to create space for his jumper when his defender allows him to. Very predictable on the block due to his average skill-level. The definition of a black hole, and one of the worst passers in the NBA. Will rack up 1 assist for approximately every 7 turnovers he commits. Doesn’t know his limitations in the least bit, seems to fancy himself as somewhat of a go-to guy. Operates out on the perimeter to space the floor for his guards in Philly’s offensive sets, but will do most of his damage by being active and athletic when his teammates draw his defender when they go to the rim. Also an excellent offensive rebounder. Draws some fouls and shoots a below average clip from the line.

Defense: A talented post defender who uses his athleticism and size to make plays, even if he is not all that smart or fundamentally sound. Uses his combination of length and explosiveness to alter and block numerous shot attempts around the rim. Has the foot speed to step out and defend the high post against most fives in the League. Very good rebounder, at times can be considered elite. Has the strength to defend the post one-on-one against most players, but doesn’t always have that advantage. Will get pushed around by stronger centers. Tends to lose his focus quickly and will make his fair share of bone-headed plays, often by gambling excessively. Can be viewed as a very serviceable defensive player due to his ability to protect the rim, but takes himself out of games with incessant fouling. Seemed to have worked past that, but has fallen back on his old habits of hacking shooters, biting on pump-fakes and being too aggressive with his body.

Reggie Evans

Overview: A hustle player who can defend the power forward spot well and grab rebounds at an elite clip. Slightly undersized for the power forward spot at 6-7 ½ without shoes, but has an excellent 7-2 ½ wingspan to compensate. Extremely strong and physical. Not super mobile or explosive. Decent leaper. Doesn’t make any kind of impact on the offensive end outside of crashing the glass. One of the best rebounders around, even if he’s fallen off in that category over the last two seasons. Very tough and rugged on the defensive end. Was actually a decent scorer during his time at Coffeyville Junior College and Iowa, mostly thanks to his brute strength. Can’t bully his way to point like he did during his college days. Brings some things to the table as a roleplayer with his rebounding and toughness, but may be on the downside of his career at this point.

Offense: A hustle player who’s best offensive skill is his relentlessness on the glass. Gets more of his offense by working hard, but isn’t all that efficient unfortunately. About as limited as you’ll find in the NBA. Incredibly turnover prone relative to his usage rate. Shouldn’t take jump shots, won’t make them with any consistency. Displays an underdeveloped back to the basket game. Likes to try and force offense over his left shoulder, but will turn back right if he meets any resistance. Doesn’t have the touch to convert in most situations. Will finish with contact when he can get position, but still isn’t very efficient. Teammates know not to feed him the ball unless he’s right underneath the rim, which puts him in great position to get fouled. Goes to the free throw line at a high rate per-possession, but has traditionally shot a very poor percentage. Around 50% for most of his career. Sets great screens and diligently cleans the offensive glass.

Defense: A very good post defender who is as scrappy and physical as they come. Won’t let anyone push him around on the block. Refuses to give up easy baskets and will commit fouls if he can’t do anything else. Not a shot blocker. Will get some strips and create some turnovers. Traditionally one of the best per-minute rebounders in the NBA, although has fallen off in that category over the past two seasons. Moves his feet pretty well on defense, but only because he tries so hard, not because he’s quick. Very aggressive. Rather foul prone, but considering how aggressive and physical he is, he probably should post even higher foul total than he does. Will go straight up more often than not, but loves to push back with his body.

Willie Green

Overview: An undersized shooting guard with average length and solid athleticism. Compact build. Between positions in terms of physical stature. Not overwhelmingly explosive, but very smooth. Solid offensive player who can put points on the board in bunches, but does so in streaky fashion. Brings solid skills to the defensive end as well, but isn’t always as versatile as you might hope. Developed significantly during his four seasons at Detroit Mercy. Really came on as a senior. Won the Horizon League Player of the Year Award that season. Has played a substantial amount of minutes since making the NBA as a second round pick, and has really found a niche for himself. Posted a sparkling assist to turnover ratio in 08/09, highlighting how well he’s fit into his role in the NBA. Earned a long-term contract for his efforts a few years back.

Offense: A smooth scorer who is not terribly efficient, but can regardless be a solid weapon to bring off the bench. Can score in half court sets as a spot up shooter, act as the primary ball handler in transition and pick and roll situations, and make an impact in one-on-one settings. Displays a very nice mid-range jump shot, but lacks range and consistency from 3-point territory. Doesn’t rely very heavily on his 3-point shot. Does an excellent job coming off shot curls in the mid-range area, and has an advanced understanding of how to create space to get his shot off. Knows how to use fakes and bumps to gain an advantage over his defender, which he needs since he often lacks the size to get his shot off. Isn’t a very effective shooter off the dribble, and tends to overestimate himself on occasion. Shoots a lot of long jumpers from 17-20 feet, which makes him a very streaky offensive player depending on how well his shot is falling on any given night. Does not get to the rim all that well, and once there will struggle to finish on occasion. Does not get to the free throw line much either, and shoots a fairly pedestrian percentage when he does. Creative player with nice scoring instincts. Doesn’t look to create for his teammates very often. Not turnover prone at all either. Brings a nice scoring punch to the table, in a perfect world, preferably off the bench.

Defense: A decent defender who has the quickness to defend the ball effectively. Isn’t tall or long enough to contest many shots, which hurts his overall ability to keep his man from scoring. Will get his hands on the ball when ball handlers get careless on their drives to the rim. Doesn’t offer much in the ways of rebounding. Isn’t a great defender, but is good enough to get by in a limited role. Brings the intensity necessary to compensate for his lack of size, but has some shortcomings.

Jrue Holiday

Rookie. See NBA draft scouting report.

Andre Iguodala

Overview: Versatile swingman who is quickly became one the more productive all-around players at his position in the game. Great size and strength for the shooting guard position, to go along with an excellent 6-11 wingspan. Possesses tremendous athleticism. Great speed in the open floor. Good first step. Elite explosiveness and leaping ability. Becoming a very dynamic offensive player. Very talented defensively as well. Fills up the stat-sheet in every way possible. An iron man who never comes off the floor. Plays 40 minutes per game, and never gets hurt. Missed just six total games in his first five NBA seasons. Showed his versatility during his two seasons at Arizona. Has developed substantially since then. Locked in as Philadelphia’s franchise player for the foreseeable future, although he may be better suited playing second fiddle considering his skill-set. Still has room to continue to develop.

Offense: An extremely productive player who has developed considerably, but still has some holes to his game. Gets the chance to showcase himself as the centerpiece of Philadelphia’s offense, but doesn’t always show the skill-set to carry such a heavy load. Outstanding in transition first and foremost, is absolutely deadly in the open floor thanks to his strength and athleticism. Not quite as effective in the half-court, but still manages to produce in a major way. Lacks consistency on his 3-point shot, which may be the biggest part of his game holding him back. Makes his 2-pointers fairly efficiently. First step allows him to get to free throw line at a very good rate. Tough to stop once he has a head of steam. Finishes with authority. Can jump over defenders if he has to. Not all that effective in pure one on one situation, lacks some advanced ball-handling skills and tends to settle quite a bit for tough pull-up jumpers. Would be best suited trying to use his athleticism to get to the rim more effectively, but must become more fluid with the ball to do so. Has most of his problems when he’s forced to pull up off the dribble. Very good passer. Can drive and dish. Will generally make good decisions with the ball, and has adjusted to being a primary offensive threat. Was a versatile offensive player as a rookie, but has blossomed as a scorer as well.

Defense: A tremendous defender who is arguably the most dynamic player maker on Philadelphia’s roster. Does a very good job reading the eyes of ball handlers and intercepting passes to create transition opportunities. Has the quickness and length to effectively deny penetration. Will make some plays blocking shots as well. Gives more effort than almost every elite scorer the League has to offer. Very good rebounder as well. The type of player that coaches love.

Royal Ivey

Ivey was already profiled as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Follow his profile link to read his scouting report.

Jason Kapono

Kapono was already profiled as a member of the Toronto Raptors. Follow his profile link to read his scouting report.

Donyell Marshall

Overview: A veteran big-man who has had some problems with his consistency in recent seasons. Not as quick or as explosive as he used to be. Was once an incredibly versatile and skilled power forward. Has transitioned into something of a shooting specialist. Shares the record for most three-point field goals made in a single game. Suffered through a number of injuries after leaving UCONN, but has put together a nice career nonetheless. Wrist injuries slowed him down a season ago, but he rebounded with a good shooting stint with Philadelphia. A free agent this summer, and may be forced to finally hang them up.

Offense: Gets most of his touches off of spot ups. Has an extremely consistent stroke. Can get his shot off with little trouble due to his height. Can’t put the ball on the floor effectively anymore. Is a charge waiting to happen when he decides to take his man off the dribble. Can finish at the rim, but needs to have an angle. Isn’t athletic at all at this point. No longer nearly as efficient as he was earlier in his career. Doesn’t shoot a good percentage from the line. Is a decent offensive rebounder, and does an above average job of getting position underneath on the shot. Good passer for his size. Rarely turns the ball over, which is a nice luxury for a role player. Can put the ball on the floor, but not to get into position to score.

Defense: Doesn’t have the quickness to guard most forwards. Uses his long arms to grab rebounds and loose balls. Will block a shot from in close every now and again. Has a hard time denying dribble penetration. Can guard undersized centers. Does an adequate job of making his man work to get open shots underneath. Is essentially an offensive specialist off the bench who gives some nice residual value on the defensive end due to his experience, but not in many matchups.

Andre Miller

Overview: A veteran point guard who is one of the League’s better assistmen despite his lack of elite athleticism. Solid size for a point guard, but has struggled with weight problems at various points in his career. Strength helps him get in the lane. Has a deceptive first step, but isn’t very fast or vertically explosive. Makes a living as a distributor. Can score, but is known as one of the League’s top assist men. Was one of the top players in college basketball as a senior at Utah in 1999. Won the WAC Player of the Year Award during that season. Can be a major asset on a team with talented or developing perimeter scorers. Has clearly augmented the development of Andre Iguodala, which is all Philadelphia could have asked him for.

Offense: A talented offensive point guard who makes a living as a distributor. Gets most of his offense by turning the corner on the pick and roll and pushing the ball in transition. One of the best distributors the game has to offer. Will set his teammates up at an impressive rate. Not a super creative passer, but a very smart one. Very good ball handler. Displays a quick crossover that helps him compensate for his lack of footspeed. Possesses a consistent jumper, but doesn’t have three point range. Will knock down midrange jumpers at a solid rate. Does the vast majority of his damage off the dribble. Can pull up over most point guards due to his size. Very good touch from the midrange in. Does a good job getting to the rim despite his lack of speed. Finishes at the rim at a good clip despite the fact that he isn’t very explosive. Great touch on almost every shot he takes from the free throw line in. Solid foul shooter. Very effective post game since he has a size advantage over most point guards. Will turn over his left shoulder and get the ball up on the rim. Deals very well with physical contact. Strong with the basketball. Will score when he has to, but would rather act as a facilitator.

Defense: A solid defender who has the awareness to make some plays. Does a good job defending the ball despite lacking ideal quickness. Will get beaten off the dribble from time to time. Has the size and strength to deny shots and body his man to prevent penetration. Rebounds the ball at a good rate for his position. Uses his size advantage to contest shots. Plays with good intensity and gets in a good stance. Sets a good example for the younger players on Philadelphia’s roster.

Kevin Ollie

Overview: A veteran guard who has seen his consistency on the offensive end diminish over time. Decent size for the point guard position. More tenacious than strong. Shows passable foot speed, but isn’t explosive enough to do much around the rim. Makes a living with steady point guard play. Has never been a dynamic player on either end, but could provide steady minutes when asked to. Plays smart, and is a tremendous presence in the locker room, which has allowed him to maximize the limited skills that he does possess. Had a largely undistinguished career at UCONN. Deferred to the players around him throughout his career. Brings a nice veteran presence to as a spot player and off the court.

Offense: Gets most of his offense as a spot up shooter, but doesn’t have the skill to be featured in most sets. Not a very effective offensive player. Displays a mediocre jumper, and lacks range and the ability to create space. Doesn’t have the size to attack off the dribble and pull up since he doesn’t get much separation with his first step. Not a good finisher at the rim due to his lack of athleticism and strength. Functional as a point guard. Not a creator, but seldom turns the ball over. Average ball handler and passer. Plays smart, which is all that can be asked of a player with his skills.

Defense: A very sound defender who lacks the athleticism to be a difference maker. Isn’t quick enough to always stay in front of drivers. Not tall enough to contest shots out on the perimeter with any sort of effectiveness. Never gets caught out of position on his rotations. Very smart and experienced. Isn’t going to bring much to the table in term of rebounding. Plays with great intensity and effort. Not a game changer, but the type of player that gives his all despite his lack of great assets.

Jason Smith

See NBA draft scouting report.

Marreese Speights

See NBA draft scouting report.

Louis Williams

Overview: A prolific scoring guard who displays unquestionable talent, but is still very raw in many facets of the game. Very undersized for a shooting guard, which has forced him to learn how to run the point on the NBA level. Has a very narrow frame that he will have to maximize if he’s to reach his full potential. Super athlete. Great first step and devastating speed in the open floor. Jumps out of the gym. Has developed the skills necessary to make an impact offensively on the NBA level, although not in an efficient manner by any stretch. Needs to continue to improve his ability to run the point as well. Will always be a shoot-first type most likely, which is why playing next to a big point guard who can defend shooting guards may benefit him. Looked to be on the verge of a breakout season after signing a large contract extension, but took somewhat of a step backwards in 08-09, shooting less than 40% from the field. Declared for the draft straight out of South Gwinnett HS, but slid all the way to the 2nd round. Won the Naismith Player of the Year Award as a senior. Spent some time polishing his game in the NBADL. Still has considerable potential to improve at just 22, and is playing under a fairly affordable deal considering his upside. Will have to show that he can run the point effectively now that Andre Miller is gone.

Offense: A very talented scorer who excels in the open floor. Loves to push the ball up the floor in transition, and can beat everyone down the floor with his terrific speed. Can turn the corner routinely on the pick and roll due to his first step and tremendous ball handling ability. Very fluid, explosive slasher who can drive in either direction, and does an outstanding job of drawing fouls. Displays a great crossover and is often able to take his man one-on-one. Struggles to finish at the rim due to his lack of size and strength. Excellent at creating contact and drawing fouls, but has problems if he can’t get the refs to make a call. 2-point percentages are underwhelming, largely due to his poor shot-selection. Not a good decision maker, and really struggles with his perimeter jumper at times. Way too trigger happy for his own good. Shoots a flat-footed knuckleball type jumper that doesn’t go in often enough. Much better off the dribble actually than in catch and shoot situations. Has a solid midrange game, even if his poor shot-selection hurts his efficiency. Uses shot-fakes effectively and really displays a knack for making tough shots. Doesn’t make a major impact as a point guard, but has improved. Still learning how to run a half court offense and control tempo. Needs to continue to work on cutting down on his turnovers, an area he’s made big strides in. Starting to figure things out, but hasn’t gotten a chance to control the ball with Andre Miller around.

Defense: A rapidly improving defender who has the quickness to stay in front of almost any guard in the league. Has more success against point guards than shooting guards due to his size, but doesn’t always have that luxury. Uses his length effectively, gets in a good stance and move his feet well when defending the ball. Puts solid pressure on his man and plays with a high level of intensity when he wants to. Good man to man defender when dialed in, but can still improve on his team defense. Can’t always contest the shots of taller players due to his lack of height. Narrow frame means he’ll get caught behind screens on occasion. Creates a great deal of turnovers due to his length and terrific quickness. Poor rebounder for his position, especially considering that he often needs to play the 2. Will only get better on this end of the floor as he gets stronger and more experienced.

Thaddeus Young

Overview:Talented young lefty combo forward with excellent physical attributes. Undersized for the power forward slot, where he has seen most of his playing time thus far, but has the length and athleticism to compensate defensively and still emerge as a bigtime mismatch on the offensive end. Extremely fluid, explosive player who out-quicks opponents on a regular basis with his terrific activity level. Has a knack for making plays, even if his skill-level is still a work in progress. Very effective on the defensive end as well. One and done out of Georgia Tech, drafted at the end of the lottery and looked like a very nice find for Philadelphia in their up-tempo offense. Quickly became a 15 point per game scorer in his second NBA season, and is still just scratching the surface on his potential at age 21. Work ethic, intangibles are reportedly outstanding.

Offense: Versatile offensive player who is extremely efficient, yet still lacks polish on his all-around game. Knows his limitations and for the most part sticks to what he does best. Shoots a high percentage inside the arc, and makes a respectable amount of his outside attempts as well. Excellent in transition, regularly beats opponents down the floor. Very effective facing up from the perimeter and blowing by his opponent thanks to his terrific first step. Has all kinds of nifty spin-moves and pivots in his arsenal, as well as the touch to convert tough shots around the basket. Can post-up a bit, mostly by using his quickness to get around defenders, has a very nice jump-hook he likes to mix in with a variety of scoop shots and floaters, which he again can convert impressively. Not the most advanced ball-handler in the world, struggles changing directions with the ball and possesses very little ability to drive or finish with his right hand. Doesn’t get to the free throw line much. Makes a respectable percentage of his 3-pointers, albeit on just a few attempts each game. Has somewhat of an ugly, flat-footed stroke with a fairly slow release, not all that different from many left-handed players. Still expanding the range on his shot, but has made serious strides in that area. Not bad at all with his feet set, and capable of making some shots off the dribble. Seems to have the touch to develop into a solid perimeter shooter in time, which will only augment the rest of his fairly versatile game. Does not turn the ball over much, but is also an exceptionally poor passer.

Defense: Has prototypical tools for a small forward with his terrific size, length and lateral quickness, but has mostly been asked to defend the power forward position, which he lacks a bit of size for. Gets posted up a fair amount, and has some issues at times, especially against bigger, stronger power forwards. Puts a solid effort in, but lacks experience and fundamentals guarding the post. Seems to have many of the same issues on the perimeter, tends to lose his focus and get beaten off the dribble fairly easily. Too upright at times, out of position or flat-footed in others, Young can make plays thanks to his tremendous natural gifts, but he still has a ways to go before reaching his full potential on this end of the floor. He's also nowhere near as good of a rebounder as you might hope considering his length and athleticism combined with the amount of minutes he spends at the power forward position.

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